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MP CANNED FOOD is importing canned food from Estonia to the United Kingdom and sell them online, Facebook Store -, website - and in Leicesteri Estonian House.

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MP CANNED FOOD Business Plan presentation

  1. 1. Business PlanMP CANNED FOOD By Martin Pold
  2. 2. Executive summaryMy business idea is simple:MP CANNED FOOD is starting to import canned food(meat products and ready meals) from Estonia to UK andsell them to supermarkets and soon in Leicester Marketand also in Leicester Estonian House.My three big business values:* Quality products* Professional customer service* 100% recyclable products
  3. 3. PersonnelPrevious work experience:•Sales Manager, Footlock, April 2010 – April 2011•Sales Agent, Montana Marketing, June – July 2005•Team Leader (Sergeant), Estonian Army, 2004 – 2005•Head of the Shift, Filee Meat Factory, Estonia, 2003•Sales Agent/Team Leader, Estonian United Bank, 2002 – 2004Voluntary Work:•Business Expert, Working Knowledge in Nottingham Trent University,June 2012•Leicester and Leicestershire Coordinator, Let’s Do It! UK 2012, 2011 –Present
  4. 4. The Product / Service• I am going to sell high quality and value for money meat products, for example: Wild Boar, Elk, Venison, Turkey, Horse, Lamb, Chicken, Beef, and Pork in Its own Juice. These canned products can be eaten cold or hot as they are already cooked, alternatively the customer may add it to a dish. Those products are unique in the United Kingdom.
  5. 5. Marketing and SalesMarketing strategyWhat are you going to do? How much will it cost?1. Word of mouth. (Organizing products degustation events in Estonian 1. FREEHouse, Polish church and Jesus Army) 2. FREE2. Advertising in Yello Pages, on my website, online business listings. 3. £3.963. Business literature - 250 business cards. 4. FREE4. A story or newsworthy event in local or national papers, radio, TV or 5. FREEaward ceremonies. 6. Leaflets - £65, posters - £305. Social media - Facebook group, Twitter 7. £3.696. Leaflets - to Estonian House, Polish church and Jesus Army (1000 8. £8.56color double sided A5 leaflets), posters (100 color A3 posters). 9. FREE7. Printed T-shirt and a pen. 10. FREE8. Banner.9. Sample products.10. 1 day Test Trading in Leicester Market
  6. 6. Market RESEARCHOne of my key markets is citizens from Eastern Europe specifically “A8”citizens or people who have migrated from the eight Countries that joined theEuropean Union (EU) in May 2004: The A8 is made up of; Czech Republic,Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.This is a significantly large market within the UK. According to the MigrationObservatory based in the University of Oxford (2011) A8 citizens accounted forclose to 12% of total Long Term International Migration inflows to the UK in2009.Furthermore the Labour Force Survey conducted by the Office of NationalStatistics suggests that there was a stock of A8 citizens (16 and older) of over560,000 in 2009.Research conducted by the Office of National Statistics shows that theMidlands had the second highest number of A8 workers in the country (13%) orroughly 72,800 workers.I believe that this workforce combined with the estimated 14,560 A8 citizenswho are currently unemployed in the Midlands represents a significant marketfor my canned produce.
  7. 7. OperationsProduction:Transport from Estonia to UK will take about 1 week. I have to order minimumof 1 pallet of products and I have to pay upfront.Delivery:If customers are buying it from Leicester Market, then the delivery is included, ifthey want to deliver it to somewhere else, then transport costs will be extra.Payment:I am handling cash only if necessary I can bring in mobile card payments.Premises:Leicester Market and Leicester Estonian HouseTransport:Need to order a transport lorry which will pick up my stock from supplier inEstonia and deliver it to Leicester Market; it will cost around £300.
  8. 8. FinancialsCost item What is included and how you worked it out Total cost 1 pallet of several products of canned food Stock £2000 (meat products and ready meals) Transport from supplier (Estonia) to UK Transport £300 (Leicester Market). Storage space rent 1 month of storage space rent for 1 pallet. £66 6 days trading per week, first 6 week-period,
  9. 9. Exit StrategySale of equity to someone else through a trade sale or devise ways of recouping the capital invested.
  10. 10. Contact details• Mobile: +447726779223• E-mail/MSN:• Website:• Facebook Store: