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Yipit Clone by NCrypted is a marketplace which aggregates deals from various websites onto one.

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Yipit Clone by NCrypted Websites

  1. 1. Get Complete Customized Yipit Clone with Various important Features by NCrypted
  2. 2. Group Buying and daily deals is a new trend on the web for internet business. Here unique and exclusive offers will be sent to specific users, by doing this seller can attract the buyer and by offering these type of unique deals they can sell their services or products. Yipit Clone is the Daily Deals aggregator, where it merges the other daily deals from other website and collects it into one place. So this kind of Daily Deals aggregator is very useful because you do not need to visit various websites to check the status or search the products. This type of Yipit Clone is very useful to consume time and effort to search particular products on the web.
  3. 3. This type of Daily Deals Aggregator Clone by NCrypted is very useful because it has complete rights on the website so the admin can manage all details from Back End side easily.
  4. 4. Yipit Clone by NCrypted has all the basic and important features of Yipit website Users are able to sign up with their existing Facebook, Twitter as well as their personal email id Yipit Clone by NCrypted will automatically fetch the deals from other various group-buying websites on the web Easy and user friendly Content Management System for admin Registered users who subscribed with the website can get notified from other group buying websites and more
  5. 5. Registration - Users can register for free, they also able to add their city, country, personal Details, etc. User will receive confirmation email to get registered successfully. My Account - Here Registered users are able to change their passwords, email address, can edit their Personal details. Deal Page - Here registered users can see the detailed page of the Deal, they can see the details of the deals like Deal Name, Price, Discount rate, value, etc, and they can also see the exclusive offers by the users.
  6. 6. Manage Users - Admin can manage registered users as they can add, edit or delete the users. Admin is able to edit users’ personal details if needed. Manage Countries, Cities - Country as well as Cities is manageable from the admin side, Admin can add new Cities or Countries name from admin. Admin is able to set the status of listed country names as they can block or edit the country from the list. Manage Categories - From Back end side admin can manage all parent and child categories. They can also edit categories from back end and also able block the listed categories from admin side.
  7. 7. Manage Affiliate Site - Affiliate websites are completely manageable from back end side as admin add edit or delete affiliate websites. Details like Website name, URL, import option, and also admin can define whether affiliate website is city based or not. Manage Deals - Admin is able to manage all deals from back end side of Yipit Clone. Various details like Deal name, Deal image, Start/End date, merchant URL and more things are able to change from admin side. Manage Content - Content Management System is very useful back end side feature to manage all content and details from back end side.
  8. 8. NCrypted Websites offers customized Website Clones and readymade website clone script such as eBay Clone, Yipit Clone, Elance Clone, Craigslist Clone, Pinterest Clone, YouTube Clone, Freelancer Clone, Shopping Clone, Shopzilla Clone and 80+ other Website Clones. We are also offering Custom Website Design for more than 70+ categories, for more details visit NCrypted Websites.
  9. 9. NCrypted Websites Email us at sales@ncrypted.com For More Details Daily Deals Aggregator Clone