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    Twitterville review Twitterville review Presentation Transcript

    • Twitterville: How Businesses can Thrive in the New Global Neighbourhoodsby Shel Israel
      • James Buck “Arrested”
      • Economic Constraints
      • Dwindling results of Marketing Programmes
      • Global Neighbourhoods
    • TWTTR
      Odeo – Ev Williams – ‘blogger’
      Internal use of 12 employees
      3 years & 2 months = 32 million
      “Fail Whale”
      “Better to stick to the flawed community you know than to join a flawed community you don’t”
    • Fail Whale
    • SXSW –Interactive Festival 2007
      Dodgeball – Google’s Twitter competitor
      Twitter- No advertising, no PR
      Live tweets
      Longest and largest experiment in collaborative journalism
      Herding power of Twitter
      Communications tool
      Coupon Codes
      €2 million dollars in Dell online store
      Customers felt big companies were listening
      No longer a need for focus groups
    • Why Comcast Cares
      Provided support at lower cost
      Reduced waiting time
      Twitter suggestions improve efficiency
      Collective knowledge – greater impact
      Customers trust friends’ recommendations
      Pepsi Max Germany
    • Global Companies, Local Touch “Service company that just happens to sell shoes”
      Company Culture
      Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit – Live Tweets
      PR for Hospital – innovators
      YouTube & TwitPics
    • Logo Tweeters
      problem of identity - tweeting with human or with bottle of coke?
      do you know Brad Nelson? and what about Starbucks?
      difference between personal / impersonal approach
      is there a right way how to do it? (do not expect answer from this book)
          Two ways how to do it
      hiding identity of tweeter
      logo tweeter with signature of human
      brands ARE represented by people
      Good Reasons - Authority, Boundaries, Continuity
      ...and bunch of examples...
    • The Story of IBM
      one of the most tweeting company is IBM - it seems that every IBM employee uses twitter...BUT not to communicate with customers, but between each other
      IBM utopia? I think so...
      just try to search ONE official IBM twitter account
      maybe wrong example of nationwide company using twitter for B2B communication
       ONE, good message of my part is:
      Companies are using twitter as a tool for real-time communication between business and customers.
      author: But do not ask me, if they are doing wrong...
      ...and much more of examples..
    • Twitter in Political Campaigns
      Obama’s Change Campaign
      Direct connection between politician & citizen
      Fast reaction time
    • Twitter and Charity
      Social Projects
      Instructions by Kanter;
      • Have Credibility
      • Build in Urgency
      • Raise a little from many
      • Use the ChipIn Widget
      • Show Recognition & Gratitude
      • Keep Updating
      • Use Multiple Tools
    • Twitter Abuse
      Spam – usually an attractive woman
      Bots- Used for various types
      Phishing – Personal, sensitive information
      Jokers – Distributing Disinformation
      Stalkers and Identity Thieves – Love to abuse users
    • Twitter tips, metrics and finer points
      Authors eight tips:
      Show yourself!
      Read first. Talk later.
      Post second. Fallow later.
      Friends over Stars
      Avoid spammer stats
      Have favorites
      Take your time
      Think Neighbourhood
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      Is this book beneficial for marketers?
      Is there anything new and interesting in this book?