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Article android application_development

  1. 1. Keywords: Android application development, Android application Development India Why Android is better that iOS?There is no doubt in the fact that Android and iOS are the two cut-throat competitors of thesmartphone market. Both the operating systems are hugely popular among mobile users and havethe fan following of their own. Everyone has their own opinion as to which OS is better than theother. Here are few of the reasonsn why iOS should be worried because of Android especiallyafter the launch of Android’s Icecream Sandwich. • New UI: o The main UI edge Android has since initial times are the navigation buttons that all android phones have and iphone lacks. iPhone just has single Home button for navigation while Android has back, menu and multi tasking buttons. o Android phones provide separate home screen and application menu. While in iPhone the application menu itself is the home screen which always remains full leaving no space for user to optimize it. But in Android can optimize multiple home screens. • Widgets: o Widget feature is something which is exclusive to Android and lacks in any of the iOS devices. As described earlier how home screens on Android phones can be customized, a user can embed live application content directly through interactive widgets. With the new Android ICS these widgets are even more fun because it can be resized. • Quick response: o Now with advanced Android ICS one can do a lot more than accepting or rejecting the call when there is an incoming call. During an incoming call one has to just swipe to see the list of text responses and then tap to send and end the call. You can also add your own responses. • Improved spell-checking: o The already swift keyboard experience is even more faster and accurate with Android ICS. Spell-checker is included which underlines the typos in the text you have entered. Moreover, one has to tap once to get spelling suggestions, delete the word or add it to the dictionary.
  2. 2. • Smart network data control: o Put an end to downloading third-party applications for reviewing the network usage on your device. Now the Settings in Android show total data usage over all network types be it Wi-fi or mobile. You can also set warning levels or hard limits to disable the mobile data after reaches at a certain level. • Advanced Google Maps: o If you love visiting unknown destinations then Google Maps Navigation provides the best experience on Android ICS. Google has also included free voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation. It also provides directions for transiting through different ways like walking, cycling, by car or public transport.With a 50.1% market share as Smartphones in USA Android has proved that it is here to stay andgrow. With the growing market share of Android the demand of applications for Android is alsoincreasing as the user preferences change. Android application development is gaining impetusnowadays.Author: Smartkathy says that there are many advanced developers catching the limelight withdeveloping good apps. Outsourcing of such work has increased and so android applicationdevelopment India is in demand today because of highly advanced developers creating userfriendly apps in stipulated time.