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  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA, VIRAL MARKETINGAND PUBLIC RELATIONS Joseph Martinelli Associate Dean for Academic Affairs College of Education & Human Services
  • 2. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS Twitter WordPress FaceBook Youtube Pinterest Linkedin Slideshare
  • 3. MASHUP!a mashup is a Web page or application that uses and combines data, presentation orfunctionality from two or more sources to create new services. active role in the evolution of social software and Web 2.0 Salad Bar vs Melting Pot
  • 4. THREE TYPES OF MASHUPS Business focus data into a single presentation and allow for collaborative action Consumercombines data from multiple public sources in the browser and organizes it through a simple browser user interface Datasimilar types of media and information from multiple sources to form a single representation…results in a new and unique Web Service.
  • 5. WHAT TOOLS DO I USE?• Leadership, thoughts, • Headlines, depth, reflection, ENGAGEMENT, sales, ENGAGEMENT, issue solving, insight linking, posts Blog Twitter LinkedIn Facebook • Social, Recruiting, • Engagement, Community building and networking and linking, blog, video, recruiting building friendships and Engagement
  • 6. SOCIAL MEDIA- HOW DO THEY ALL TOGETHER? Twitter LinkedIn FaceBook Viral Flickr Marketing YouTube WordPress SlideShare Blog
  • 7. SOCIAL MEDIA – ESTABLISHMENT OF AN IDEAS CALENDAR. THE IDEAS CALENDAR IS A FLUID DOCUMENT THAT ADDRESSES THECHANGING NEEDS AND CONDITIONS OF YOUR PROGRAM AND THE CROWD-SOURCED COMMUNITY. Goals and Focus Financial – Revenue, Expenses, Leads Customers or End Users Satisfaction, Support, Community Building Brand Awareness, Thought Leadership, Innovation Design a Program Specific to Your Goals
  • 8. DESIGN A PROGRAMSPECIFIC TO YOUR GOALS Industry Trends Key words and search terms Influencers to follow Competitors
  • 9. DEVELOPING A PLANTool Purpose & Strategy Priority (1-5) Key Focus on 1 & 2Monitoring ToolWordPress BlogTwitterCommunityFacebookLinkedInYoutubeSlideShare
  • 10. MEASURABLE GOALSGoals Social Media Application Tools to MeasureBetter insight & information Conversation monitoring Monitoring ToolShared and feedback Social MentionAwareness # of people reached Site Visitors Twitter Followers Blog CommentsQuicker Sales # of interactions Leads, Deals, RevenueCustomer Support and # issues addressed and CRM Tools such asSatisfaction solutions found Salesforce TwitterContinuous Innovation # of ideas implemented Monthly Assessment
  • 11. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS!Goals Social Media Application Tools to Measure
  • 12. WHAT TOOLS DO I USE? Monitoring ToolListening & Measurement Google Alerts Addict-o-Matic SocialMention HootSuite BlogPulse BoardReader
  • 13. RESOURCES & KEY TERMS Resources CRM Google Alerts Customer Relationship Management Addict-o-Matic ROI Trendistic Return on Investment Monitoring Tool SocialMention Measures how much buzz you are BlogPulse getting on the internet BoardReader