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Handheld best practice at Apply Serious Games/ ANGILS Best Practice Symposium in Serious Games

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Affinity Talk2008

  1. 1. Brian Rodway Managing Director Affinity Studios Ltd 10 Reasons Why Mobile Games Rock!
  2. 2. You always have your phone on you. When I leave the house I check to see if I have my keys, wallet and phone. It’s a personal device. Most people have personalised the ringtone and theme. Have all their friends numbers, and maybe pictures of their family. People have an Affinity to their phone. Reason 1
  3. 3. The games can be played anywhere. They can be played while waiting for a bus, or while in transit. This is literally miles away from the traditional console couch potato. Reason 2
  4. 4. Reason 3 The best mobile games are designed for short sessions of play. Ideally a game can be played in 10 to 15 minute periods.
  5. 5. Reason 4 Open Platform - Anyone can develop any J2ME game or application they want to. Just download the tools and sdk’s and away you go. Other games platforms are closed, you need to be a registered developer to get access to the development tools and devices. Compete against the platform holders titles. 3rd Q 2007, Wii 14 > Million, 11 were from Nintendo. For DS, 50 > Million, 28 were from Nintendo.
  6. 6. Reason 5 Digital Distribution - No boxed product. Games are loaded onto the phone by: Over The Air (OTA), via a link. The link can be received in an SMS or clicked on in a WAP/Web page. Side Loaded. The game is downloaded onto a PC and then transferred via cable or Bluetooth to the phone.
  7. 7. Reason 6 Cheap to purchase - £3.00 to £5.00 Pocket Money prices, compared to console. Also relatively cheap to develop. The cost incurred in developing for a J2ME mobile phone is FAR less than for a handheld console. Developed apps from £20,000 up to £110,000.
  8. 8. Reason 7 Diversity of product. Consoles are dominated by the defined genres of Racing, Sports, & Shootem-up’s. Since the Mobile game playing audience is more diverse (52% women) this allows new and original ideas to flourish.
  9. 9. Reason 8 The Convergent Device. Less and less public payphones Killed the pager device Killing the low end digital camera market Integrated web browsing Radio Mobile Games Next Developments: Mobile TV - currently struggling MP3 player - hello iPhone GPS devices - Nokia aquire NAVTEQ
  10. 10. Reason 9 Always New Opportunities Apple releasing iPhone SDK Google Android Nokia N-Gage (2) 3D UI/Applications Location Based Applications Mobile Social Networking: M:Metrics US UK MySpace 3.7 million 440,000 Facebook 2 million 307,000 Bebo 288,000
  11. 11. Reason 10 Because I say so. Affinity have developed over 30 games/apps for mobile.
  12. 12. Email: 10 Reasons Why Mobile Games Rock! Questions? 1) Always have your phone 2) Games/Apps can be used anywhere 3) Designed for short periods of interaction 4) Open platform 5) Digital distribution 6) Cheap to purchase & develop 7) Diverse products 8) The convergent device 9) Always new opportunities 10) Six years mobile experience cant be wrong 10 Reasons Why Mobile Games Rock!
  13. 13. Email: 10 Reasons Why Mobile Games Rock! Questions?