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  • Joke about Vzyatka for sat photos talkabout how easy it is to get detailed info on anything, period, including water and sewer and power
  • Figure 3a. Fibrolamellar HCC in a 19-year-old man. (a) Pretherapy transverse contrast-enhanced helical CT section obtained in the hepatic arterial phase. A large tumor (solid arrows) fills the left hepatic lobe. Central calcifications (open arrow) (also evident on nonenhanced scans [not shown]), hypervascularity, and heterogeneous enhancement are characteristic features, along with upper abdominal lymphadenopathy ( N ). (b) Pretherapy transverse contrast-enhanced helical CT section obtained in the hepatic arterial phase shows upper abdominal lymphadenopathy ( N ). The tumor and nodes were resected. (c) Surveillance contrast-enhanced transverse helical CT scan obtained 1 year later. Surgical clips (arrow) mark the edge of the liver along the line of resection. A huge recurrent tumor mass ( M ) occupies the mesentery and omentum. (d) Surveillance contrast-enhanced transverse helical CT scan obtained 1 year later. A huge recurrent tumor mass ( M ) occupies the mesentery and omentum, with malignant ascites and peritoneal tumor implants (arrow) also noted.  


  • 1. This situation can be a killer (sometimes literally) Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 2. This is what TETRAD does to change that situation
  • 3. TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.Richmond, VA (USA)Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Three divisions: Late-stage-mature Product Development and Commercialization Situation Awareness and Communications Planning and Strategic Consulting Focused Products and Expertise: Critical events, anomalies, intrusions, emergencies origins  Environment or People types  CBRNE, Cyber, or related Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 4. TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.Richmond, VA (USA)Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Products: Sensors and Sensing Systems (Chem, Explosives, Biopathogens) Bioprotection and Emergency Med (Protect & Respond) Software (SACS, Pattern Recognition, Communications, NIMD, DRMSO) Solutions: Operations and Technology: sim, eval, test, prototype Field-Test-Intro: design, manage, analyze, configure Innovation: discover, short-list, critique, spec, JAD, build, deliver, integrate, train,maintain Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 5. TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.Richmond, VA (USA)Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Today’s New Reality: Science and disruptive Tech outpace product deployment Intelligent creative opponents are on the leading edge Natural predators & pathogens are also there Solutions: Many providers, many new parts, players, systems A sharp, fast-moving, accurate, adaptive Solution Provider is extremely valuable Able to understand across multiple technologies, products, disciplines, highly organized, tuned to the Operational Needs, not only the research lab Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 6. TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.Richmond, VA (USA)Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Understanding Operations and Opposition is Critical: The Business Processes of Introducing, Testing, Organizing, Retooling, Retraining, Adapting What can break it down – natural, mechanical, digital, human intention Preserving Continuity, fault-tolerance, fail-safe, reducing false positives What we bring: Objective new solutions – CEBIT, CUBIT, Nomad Eyes Understanding the Non-linear, complex, asymmetric world and the minds of those who work against us Knowing where to find the best tools, people, and how to make it work right on time, exceeding expectations Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 7. TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.Richmond, VA (USA)Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Because in this business of borders and intruders: There is no more slack time for prolonged, archaic, dinosaur programs al Qaeda, SARS and H5N1 do not wait for four-year studies and overplanned projects Often the best solutions are Hybrids: Example: Nomad Eyes and counterIED, biopath sensing Ready today commercially? No. Implementable in field prototypes for civilian, military? Yes. Capable to provide deterrence and defence even at 50% accuracy of the sensors? Absolutely. It’s in the communications and the perception. (Read Sun Tzu!) Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 8. TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.Richmond, VA (USA)Toronto, Ontario (Canada) Are IEDs and viruses important at border crossings? Try PREDs in the Toronto Metro IEDs and TATP bombs are attractively easy to sympathetic minds Recall a young fellow named Andrew Speaker? How about these on which we have been working: Surface bioprotection for all commercial airplanes & trains Micro-optic video and sensors in walls and windows Intelligent sensible collection and integration of civilian data (not “TIA” albatross schemes but mathematically sound, intelligent intelligence) Asymmetric, pseudo-random deployment of diversified sensors and analytics that use what we know works super-well and is used also by criminals and terrorists – sensible GIS, GPS and Web technologies Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 9. Having an elaborate and richly decorated technology treasure chest is not a badthing. But it is insufficient and can be misleading. Software is an easy “Flash” andso are high-precision, high-dollar, and limited mobility/viability and usuallydelicate architectures.What is most important is in developing an Integration of operational Humint andTechnology that focuses on honing and refining the skills to find AnomaliesRather than spend a lot of time and money to find the proverbial needle in thehaystack, better to seek out haystacks that are just a little “not quite right.”It’s never quite this easy And never even like this either Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 10. It’s Not Only Hardware, Not Only Software• CMMC – robust anomaly detection• METI (Most Evident Topic of Interest)• Compound Eyes and compound, parallel, competitive-collaborative• Algorithms == Operational Processes (not only computers but people!)• Case in Point:• Inspection of car and occupants• Verbal, visual – human and cameras• External sensors for chem, rad, bio• Bioprotection – the best way to stop bugs from transmitting!• Wand/card sensor for pickup of chem in car interior, trunk• Camera/human observance of behavioral cues, reactions• RMS (DRMSO) HPC gives the ability to instantly coordinate observations with databases and data warehouses• PICK UP ON THE ANOMALIES – That is The Clue to More• ASSOCIATE – MINE – SEARCH – TEST - NOTIFY
  • 11. Where May the Bomb or the Bug Come?Probably none of these places at all. Would you?Hints: Fort Frances, Grand Portage, Sault Ste. Marie, Quetico(beautiful country by the way out there in No Man’s Land) Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 12. Which Lives will be affected by a Slip-On-Through? Where to look? Maybe the key is to look “lightly” in many more directions Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 13. Person Mail EFT Sensing SeeingLuggage Saying Cargo Sizing Wildlife Email Vehicle Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 14. TETRAD’s Sensing and Diagnostics Family• 1. “CB&E” - CEBIT™ – Chemicals – < 10 sec. PPB/PPT sensitivity, focus on explosives – Biopathogens also can be detected – Microcantilever technology foundation – Related “electronic nose” R&D, phase-2 level – Beta development (TR-level 4) with matching-fund opps• 2. “B” - ROW™ (ReliaScan) – Interferometric waveguide basis for < 10 min. immunoassay and nucleic acid testing – TB, influenza, hepatitis, salmonella, e.coli already tested – Adaptive to other biopathogens – Beta development (TR-level 4) with matching-fund opps• 3. “AOA” – Anti-oxidant analyzer – Chemical analysis of oxidative stress and anti-oxidant levels in foods, liquids, blood & other body fluids – Post-Beta, for sale• 4. “RN” - Radiation sensors – Gamma and neutron detection – Compatible for GPS-locatable mobile wireless (telephony and wi-fi) devices – Commercially available, ready for integration• 5. “EM” - MagnetEyes™ – Thin-film based magneto-optic sensing and imaging devices for desktop, industrial, and micro-scale applications in security, anti-counterfeiting, structural engineering, and biomedicine. – Post-Beta, manufacturing-ready Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 15. TETRAD’s Bioprotection Solutions• 1. Surfaces – Walls, ceilings, counters, handles, trays – Fully approved (EPA), commercially in use in US and Canada• 2. Textiles and Fabrics – Clothing, carpets, non-wovens – After-production treatment or during fiber production – Fully approved (EPA), commercially in use in US and Canada• 3. Plastics – Blended into resins prior to extrusion, injection, thermoforming – Fully approved (EPA), commercially in use in US and Canada• 4. Superior properties and qualities – Life-of-product duration – Non-harmful environmentally – Universal and highest log-kill effects – bacteria, viruses, molds, spores – Faster-acting than silver-based compounds – Economical for all levels of use – Straightforward after-care application by registered applicator professionals Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 16. References • Early Nomad Eyes prototype including online co-development experiment • Technical documents and notes available, on archived CDs • Early published paper on the neural net component • ADaM extract-transfer-load system, critical for the super-fast movement of image data, triggering of agents, and coordination of images within patient-specific and feature-specific database views • ADaM performance optimization, a key part of the system enabling massive throughput and parallelism for high-density imaging (not only for BioScan but more for MRI, CT, PET, 3d-ultrasound, digital x-ray) Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 17. And remember – You, the Human, are the Most Important Piece in Solving the Knowledge Puzzle Yo u Yo u Yo u u Yo Copyright ©2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 18. Contact• Program and Contract Administration• Carmella Angus, CEO – (416) 234-8824 – (647) 220-4453 – • Science and Technology • Martin Dudziak, PhD – (804) 740-0342 – (202) 415-7295 – (also TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc. 28 Chase Gayton Circle, Suite 736 Richmond, VA 23238-6533
  • 19. BACKUP MATERIAL –NOT part of Presentation
  • 20. EcOasis mainly
  • 21. EcOasis – the Pod, the NestChemBio Public Health &Environmental Situation Awareness Ventilators, Computer, respirators, monitors,and medical supplies wireless/satellite internet Biosensors and chem monitors (food,Community Online Information Water purification liquid, bodily fluids)& Education Resources system for 20k+ gal/day (rev osm, bottling options) Indiv/passive Multi-fuel Solar panels water purification (biomass, petrol, power supplement (ceramic filters) wood, other) generator andIndiv water bagsfor local transport drive engine All in one integrated, modular, turnkey simple package – just add Water
  • 22. Inform Add WATER Breathe Protect Health Energy Power Work DRINK
  • 23. The EcOasis is a Community Life Support Pod(At least that is how it is starting out, and its primary purpose. But it doesn’t necessarily end there.)The Pod or Nest is a Lego-like, modular set of components for many of the basic needs,starting with WATER, for both places that need because of under-development andprimitive conditions, or because of emergencies and disasters, or because of being at-risk for such.The “EcOases” go into villages and towns and cities. Into use directly or into storage forwhenever needed.They serve basic elemental needs in pure water, power, health, information, andcommunication, for people who need it because of:- an emergency, a catastrophe- the likelihood or probability of such an emergency- underdeveloped and diminished resources and infrastructures- microeconomic growth needs and opportunities- the need to learn and understand better how to live in a sustainable, renewable andecologically healthy way
  • 24. What goes into it, how does it work, what do people get?Water purification (multi-scale capability)high-end system, 10K+ gal/day, optional bottling, reverse osmosis, semi-automated,<800 lbs., @ 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m, 15/20A, salt removal, up to 1,000 µmhos/cm2low-end individual ceramic filtration, anti-microbial, 16-20 gal/day/filter, 1 yr.+ lifespanMulti-fuel external combustion high-performance engine for power generator, drivesPolymer-film photovoltaic power generationAnti-microbial surface bioprotectants for community use applicationsBiopathogen immunoassay, nanofilm catalysis and microcantilever sensors for food,liquids, bodily fluids (e.coli, tularemia, salmonella, TB, MRSA, clostridium, more)Satellite-link high-speed internet with webcast and e-learning software for diversifiedcommunity usesVentilators and assisted respiratory emergency devicesAdditional medical and community aid tools (high-tech, low-tech) bundled together ina prefab custom container module based upon standard shipping container designShip to site by truck, boat or helicopter; assemble in < 5 hrs., turnkey operationwithout special calibration or trained staff or operating environment required
  • 25. The EcOasis Mobile Pod Have Oasis, Go Anywhere Water purification system Solar panels Transceiver Antenna, DishMulti-fuelgenerator-engineBioprotectant surface treatment supplies, equipment Computing equipment Ceramic water filtration Biosensors/meters units Burn relief & medical supplies Water bag supplies Designer eco-fashion clothing & apparel samplers
  • 26. I3, CMMC, DRMSO mainly
  • 27. Ambitious QuestHow to map an organization of individuals and their operations (verified orsuspected, with different degrees of certainty – but that is up to the analysts creating the “datafeed” for us – that is knowledge acquisition) into a geometry?We have a learning experience every time we stand in front of a mirror. A face hasmultiple scales of feature sets that can be used to recognize or discard a patternfitting operation. As biological observers we obtain sets and supersets of featuresand do trimming and filtering in parallel at different scales. Just ponder how wedistinguish and what comes to mind first about differences and samenesses:
  • 28. A Process “Geometry” Literally, “what’s their angle” becomes an angle in a volume representing a cadre,an organization, and what they are doing – the data points coming from intelreports, sensors, and what is input into this model.
  • 29. Dynamic, not Static
  • 30. Tangible Targets Make for Better PracticeBiological (natural) – e.g., H5N1Chemical (terrorist) – e.g., TATP, HMTDBoth involve from 1..m “cells” (ci), each consisting of 1..n ofoperative agents (pi). There are indeterminate relations between thecells (Rj, defined by (ci R ci+e)) and between agents who may haveboth intracellular (Rk, defined by (pk R pk+e)) and extracellularrelations (Rk, defined by (pk(ci) R pk+e(ci))). Rq ????
  • 31. CEBIT (JEDI)
  • 32. The big leap is in moving to different types of networks that are not images, not NSCIP Example physical volumes, but network descriptions of organizations and traffic within and among those organizationsOrganizational Network 1 Organizational Network 2O1 – one year later O2 - one year later
  • 33. Coordinated Unified Biothreat Intervention and Tracking CHAIN Overview Chain API Web Monitor Monitor V Monitor Monitor Clients Agents Monitor Agents I Agents Agents Agents E Analysis Analysis W Fat Analysis Clients Agents Agents Agents Intelligent Services C Layer (ISL) N CMD T Line Notification L Agents Chain Chain Chain Agents AgentsUtilizes ISL for Agent Agents Intelligent Workflow Multiple Comm Protocols Management - SOAP/HTTPCoordination - RMI/IIOP CHAIN Implement Plans which Operate on Events & Operator Direction Engine Communicate Knowledge Across Monitor, Analysis, Notification Activities - Query Databases, Repositories, Web Pages, & Sensors Execute External Processes - Monitor Critical Events Across the Globe Based on Results - Intelligently Notify Users of Critical EventsCopyright 2006 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc.
  • 34. *** Advanced Visualizations *** CASE Applications GUI CASE Evaluation Tools Common Look and Feel Quantitative AnalysisPortal - Distributed Collaborative Content Sharing Workflow Manager *** CASE Web Services Analyst Activity and Agents Components Logger Core Services and Agents ** Knowledge RepresentationCommon Infrastructure Components Mediator (e.g. OWL, KIF, CL, OKBC) Information Sharing Policy Manager - Per-agency or per-analyst Security Guard - (e.g. ISSE Guard, Radiant Mercury, InfoPump) Grid Enabled Integration Framework - Plug-and Play of ALL componentsDocuments Message Streams Knowledge Logger RDBMS WWW Repositories Repository
  • 35. ISL Architecture CMDRS Weather Data Fire/Rescue Desktop Law Enforcement Intelligent Services D-COP Layer (ISL) Data Data Master Schedule Wrappe Wrappe rr Unit Locations Data Data Wrapper Wrapper Data Data Wrapper Wrapper Health Services Traffic Data GeologicalNational Guard Data Coast Guard Public Services
  • 36. LumINT: Knowledge Discovery Intelligent Agents Analyst Portal Federated Search GIS Search Le Monde Al Jazeera >> and Person… or Organization Ettelaat Location not Keyword Search Clear Reset Save as Search Agent Search AgentsKnowledge Organizer Concept Analysis Agent and Service based Integration Framework Best of Breeds COTS Translation Visualization Link Analysis
  • 37. LumINT Information Flow Verity Chiliad CHAIN Search Federated Agents Search Document Collection Indexes Yahoo LumINT News J2EE KStore Mediator WebAppsVerona GoogleNotebook Search Tool Mediator QuickTime™ and a Discovery TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. Service Workflow Controller Concept Agent Analysis Engine Concept Database