Martindudziak 26july2012 Url Sites Works Orgs List


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Martindudziak 26july2012 Url Sites Works Orgs List

  1. 1. Martin’s “Pretty Decent List” of what we/others can build-upon and extend Updated 26.July.2012 A Short Guide to some Projects and Initiatives – Accomplished, Underway or PlannedOriginal 24.November.2011, updated 1/2012, 4/2012 ---- Significant REVISION 26.July.2012[ COMMENT Jan. 26, 2012 – Depending upon your interests, you may want to ignore all the heavy-duty Science/Technology stuff that you’ll find here and focus on the educational & social items.What can be of value to some readers: we have a small but powerful, reliable team, a small staffwith diverse talents and skills and serious discipline who can really serve the interests of manytypes of business, public agency or special project.The items below. where I have made the “cell background” yellow color may be the mostinteresting (and those in lighter yellow background also of some interest), from the standpoint oftools as well as projects that can be rapidly borrowed, reconfigured, redesigned, and otherwiseused for Your Needs. ]Some annotations are here, brief and incomplete, with each URL, including those that are not a “website”per se but a directory full of files (papers, presentations, mainly).I do not expect you to dig into all of these, nor to spend much time on anything in particular. Pleaseexplore and survey as you would if you had come up onto a crest or ridge in the mountains and you haddiscovered a new landscape, one that you had perhaps heard about but not yet seen. Well, here it is.Take your pick, take your time, but get a “feel” for what is here and what is all easily Available and Readyor very nearly so. The general (not “strict”) motifs of each are indicated by background color codes.Yellow – stronger on human-service, social-development LightBlue – more on education/trainingGreen – stronger on tech, products, commercializable, for-profit Gray – more on defense/securityPurple – stronger on basic research (maths, physics, bio, energy) Red – more on medical/public-healthDarkBlue – more on space (exploration, power, colonization)Specific references to corporate entities that are spin-outs of TetraDyn are highlighted in green.[(from 26.Jan.12) This next paragraph was written for people with the science/tech interest, but I left ithere “for reference”] If you were to look at only a few links, I would suggest Four. One is the material onESB and EGIA under LEAPS under IIS (the Institute; everything connected with http://instinnovstudy.orgincluding the ECOADUNA Programme, ). No matter howelegantly we work out things for energy, security, space, education, and economy, we need health andwe need to be able to handle and adapt intelligently to changes - biologically, epidemiologically, and on aplanetary scale, regardless of what perturbations happen in climate, economics, politics. But I hope youcan find the time to explore the other materials. Second is what is really available or nearly so incommercializable products – TETRADYN (, and also,,, among others) . Third and Fourthare about what can work, what can do the work, in collaboration with other groups, including legitimatereligious and charitable organizations. These are PLANTER and the USCC: and, 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295, 505-926-1399 1
  2. 2. Martin’s “Pretty Decent List” of what we/others can build-upon and extend Updated 26.July.2012Where to go Codes What you’ll find Principal Sites and Sources of Material Basic intro information hereNon-Profit R&D and service focusParent organization - ECOADUNA Foundation X X The ECOADUNA Foundation - the primaryThe Primary Organization X X non-profit organization (501c(3) nonstockMultiple key sub-organizations and projects: X X entity) with the mission to initiate, coordinate,IIS (incl. Fab-Lab); support, foster and manage most of theETA (incl. several projects both terrestrial projects and activities that are eitherand space-based); explicitly/directly part of the Foundation orACADEMY (incl. Aletheia, Andalusia, ArsBio, related via the TetraDyn Group ofMuseo, FuturesGateway & UCAREMS (incl. Companies and the EcoSymbio EconomicsPlanter)); ESEP (EcoSymbioEconomicsPark) Park (ESEP) X X (older; Spring 2012) The key web portal for(specifically X X the Foundation. The original ECOADUNA X Programme developed with a focus on MOSES, HALO, ASTRIC) and has grown toMain portal/forum focused upon Earth and encompass the other projects now under theSpace projects (ETA within ECOADUNA) and umbrella of the Foundation, including the for-what is commercialized through the ANKI profit ventures of the TetraDyn Group andcompany (see ESEP) the ESEP as a whole.Basic Research FocusThe IIS branch and its LEAPS Lab X X IIS – Institute for Innovative Study – Martin’s X X scientific lifework; “what I want to completeThe Institute (IIS) - focus on very basic X and give to the world,” modeled directly aftertheoretical and long-term research the IAS ( which was started @ 1930 by just a little help from one pair of bright siblings. Now its dominant thrust is supporting all of the ECOADUNA scientific endeavors including the LEAPS Lab and within it the PBC and Cygnus Programs (main) and also ABORINT and PSD Programs (smaller in scope). X X About LEAPS – the Lab at the heart of IISThe LEAPS Lab X and its basic pure-research focus – PBC, Cygnus, ABORINT, PSD. X Some papers, mostly older ones – at the top is a link to a downloadable set of more titles X X A central focus of LEAPS and much current work. Go to “EGIA” link at center - you findThe Lab’s Major Project in Bio-Med very interesting materials. (Skip the “portal” listed at bottom –not started.). See “bigger picture” directory. X X Under development – slow-moving, quiet, very basic theoretical work, not yet public X Under development – future, when funding enables a return to these activities X Under development – future, when funding enables a return to these, 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295, 505-926-1399 2
  3. 3. Martin’s “Pretty Decent List” of what we/others can build-upon and extend Updated 26.July.2012Space Project FocusThe Ex Terra Ad Astra (ETA) branchhttp://eta.ecoaduna. org X X (original focus) on integrating PODs andEarth and Space projects (ETA within X X developing MOSES and ASTRIC (space-ECOADUNA) and what is commercialized X based energy & planetary protection, withthrough the ANKI company (see ESEP) prototyping and proof-of-concept work by the private sector, involving mentors, experts, students and youth from around the world. Key projects: CERES, TERRA, MOSES, HALO, ASTRIC, ECCOSEducation and Jobs-training Focus (on-hold, blending into IIS and ECOADUNA)The Academy branch X Getting back to a model of education thatThe Academy includes ancient Greece (Plato), India(related: – (Shankara), and the models of Oxford,focused on online courses) Cambridge and Sorbonne among others(Non-profit education, under ECOADUNA) X X ArsBio Project for the interactive and(new site: educational fine arts(project within ECOADUNA Foundation) X X IDEAS Internet-based Encyclopedia similar(project within The Academy, within to “Great Books” (Britannica)ECOADUNA Foundation) X X Futures Gateway youth-oriented online team(new site: education and STEM competition program(within Academy, in ECOADUNA Foundation) Publishing outlet for books – online and(new site: paper (in-print)(Non-profit publishing, under ECOADUNA) (Radiation X X Related as part of CIBI and within IIS but Medical Environmental Response) X X again with a stronger (now under IIS/Academy) X applied+social+educational emphasis (Severe Mental Stress/Disease Outreach “SOS”) Note that RMER is now getting well- (now under UCAREMS/Academy) underway, not described so much on any website, and with imminent fieldwork set to (STEM-focused “fab lab” – more down-to-earth begin @ the Four Corners area of the USA, than MIT’s and for many flavors of learners and @ Fukushima region, and @ Chernobyl. abilities) (now under IIS/Academy) Mindbots and StemFabLab are closely linked with RMER objectives.(Educational projects with robots for children and The Fab-Lab now aims to serve all adults) ECOADUNA incl. ESEP projects. (now under Academy) X X An education STEM effort to integrate(This is all now folded-into and absorbed X X basic research with applied R&D & also withwithin different aspects of ECOADUNA, kids from middle-school on up to adults –allprincipally within the IIS and the Academy, of this (and the components mentionedbut some also into UCAREMS and ESEP) below) are part of the IIS Institute above. Recent proposals: enhancing parent+children activities, esp. for split families, activities w youth & adult victims or perpetrators of abuse, bullying, crime,, 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295, 505-926-1399 3
  4. 4. Martin’s “Pretty Decent List” of what we/others can build-upon and extend Updated 26.July.2012Social and Community Service FocusThe UCAREMS branch of The Academy withinthe ECOADUNA Foundation X X Unified Community Awareness ResponseUCAREMS Emergency & Medical Services – science &(Non-profit service, under ECOADUNA) engineering in non-profit ways to real problems X X Building on Silicon Dominion’s Open Net,PLANTER – non-profit long-term open-ended Open Stream, vMessaging, and ePrsentsextensible project for urban, suburban, and rural products), this addresses Millennium-Gen,renovation and recovery – under UCAREMS global-culture telepresence social-network and social-gathering incl. mobile apps, videoconferencing, webinars, & more (via PC, tablet, smartphones). X X Related closely to UCAREMS functionally,(United States CARE Corps) X X operationally, in terms of purpose, tools, (portal for people. The USCC can be a practical, real-UCAREMS) world, disciplined, engineering-plus- (older prototype) dedicated-labor force for restoration and change and Stability. It ties in with the(see also related “PLANTER” project (see above) for jobs creation, for all types of skilled workers, close in many ways to 1930’s “CCC”, “WPA”.For-Profit business-focus, principallyTetraDyn and its Group (8 spin-out companies) XX Most everything is either phase-3 or beyond, XX Technical Readiness Level 4 or 5 or higher,The Primary Company, TetraDyn Ltd. X already commercialized, proven but on small[A for-profit parent/holding company with scale, needing modest capital to expand,branches and spin-outs into eight (8) distinct market.small businesses] [CyberMOD (focus: BioTetrad), CyberPODApplying COTS science into real-world devices, (focus: EcoPOD), CUBIT (focus: apps wproducts, systems (“hard” and “soft” wares). BioTetrad and CRAIDO-POD), ESXFocus: E2HS (Energy, Environment, Health, (software apps), ELS (consumer E2HS typeSecurity) and within that CBRIS (Chem-Bio- products), THERA (focus: energy, engines,Radiation-CyberInfoSecurity) vehicles), Kerberos iBank (focus: cybersec & data haven), ANKI (focus: space tech)] X WE – MyStory – Mistori – a truly new(new site: next-generation of social gathering mediaPart of TetraDyn’s broad product suite, the tools focused upon enabling people to createsoftware engines/apps, making up the ESX scripts and stories with photos and othercompany (see ESEP) media and to easily and securely share with select groups of friends and acquaintances. X X Critical Operations Preparedness andPart of the ESX company (see ESEP) X Procedures for Economic Resilience (also/earlier: Emergency Response) X X CUBIT and CRAIDO – public health, social(also and X sustainability during pandemics or WMD as variants on public attacks, social resilience, energy/food/waterhealth and esp. H1N1, pandemics) management. Making use esp. of BioTetradThe CUBIT company (see ESEP) CyberMOD and CRAIDO CyberPOD.,, X Adaptations of the basic core, 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295, 505-926-1399 4
  5. 5. Martin’s “Pretty Decent List” of what we/others can build-upon and extend Updated 26.July.2012 ESX algorithm technology (BNB, CoAD,Part of the ESX company (see ESEP) CoPAD, GDP) for mainly social and health applications X X One special dimension for security and(new site: medical apps of a TETRADYN technology (formerly “NomadEyes” by itself, this is part that grew out of the maths and physics usedof the CyberMOD company - see ESEP) in both high-energy particle accelerators, nuclear weapons, and medical imaging (e.g., ultrasound, IMRT & MRI). Current focus on the BioTetrad CyberMOD (X Prize projects). X X EcoPOD, EcOasis Pod, PodLab, CRAIDO(new site: X and all of that for both standardCyberPOD company (formerly EcOasis Pods analysis/testing, and for acute & chronicand Podlabs) – see ESEP emergencies (environment, water, health, communications, energy infrastructures)THERA, ANKI, ELS, Kerberos iBank Currently all described in papers,companies – the other spin-outs from presentations and websites for TetraDynTetraDyn itself, the parent company – these are partially developed but await modest funding to resume moving forward in earnest. ELS BioProt Kits, ECLEAR Packs, EcOasis Tools, LifePro Instruments Kerberos iBank Distributed, bot-protected, meta-encryption- enabled transnational Data Haven THERA Hybrid hydrogen fuel-cell power systems with innovative in-frame design for vehicles and structures ANKI Primarily the commercial development and implementation of HALO, MOSES, ASTRIC, ECCOS X Creative business park comprising incubator(new (future) site: level through mature companies, organized more as a “portfolio” than merely a collectionThis is the prototype and early-start of of firms. Ready to jumpstart, focused onESEP – EcoSymbio Economics Park (not community enabling and involvement asjust a “business park” in the traditional sense) well, incl. opps for students from HS throughCompanies can include agri-business, biomed- post-grad. TETRADYN and its eight (8) spin-tech, computing/IT, civil engineering, space, outs will be one of the components – usingenergy, analytical instruments, environment, both traditional and radically novel modelseducation, electronics, robotics, security-tech, getting past the now-becoming-inappropriateand services for those tenant-resident firms startup investment models.Martin’s CV and supportive documents For your information or Martin’s CV and various “subset” resume versions, along with references, auxiliary supportive documents, and commendations.Experiments, Trials, Semi-DORMANT, or These projects are now (2012) folded-intoawaiting-starts – files available upon request - and blended into the scope of themost not accessible presently but if the topics ECOADUNA Foundation and its maininterest you, papers can be provided components (branches), 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295, 505-926-1399 5
  6. 6. Martin’s “Pretty Decent List” of what we/others can build-upon and extend Updated 26.July.2012 X X Past experiment - almost-materializedarmstrong-hs-project and the newer project to turn an abandoned 150,000 sq. ft. high school into community center of(concepts and plans folded-into Loudoun, excellence here in Richmond – it would beFauquier and Front Royal developments) wonderful to use this facility or do it elsewhere (e.g., Front Royal) X X Foundation intended to be funded by $ from my late sister’s estate. X X Prototype of HealthNVest, a healthcare and(fits under ESX company) personal finance focused system/product for helping people to better plan for future health expenses and to do proactive wellness and disease-management education in the process (focus on engaging banks, insurers, providers) X X Social program contemplated to be both(new site: onsite and online for creating eco-(project within ECOADUNA Foundation; fits constructive socioeconomic bridges andunder The Academy) communications between cultures esp. among Jewish, Christian, and Muslim peoples. X X Not yet started – an interactive,(fits under The Academy) online+onsite Museum for learning and doing, linked with the Fab-Lab, ArsBio, and other activities of ECOADUNA Foundation and its subordinate/offshoot entities X Experimental approach, not developed further yet, for a different consumer/civilian- oriented method of lending, credit, banking. X X UCAREMS portal (this will be moved afterUCAREMS Web Portal 4.Aug.2012)Elements that can feed into primarily the For-Profit Businesses X Be Alive – focus on eco-sensitive healthy(will be moved to another site after 3.Aug.12) lifestyles and products/practices that support this – food, fashion, exercise, meditationBlack Sable, Blue Fox, Equalizers, Expert X Experimental business and social activityWitness, Green Dragon, Grey Wolf, Palais projects that were done or could be done, allVitale, Red Tiger in the general service of healthier, sounder living, homes, finances, personal safety X SHUMERU and Z-World – now part of ESX (see TetraDyn and ESX) X A background-business-activity intended toWHITE OX Construction and Renovation generate cash-flow by making use ofServices TetraDyn key staff and their skills in home/office construction, renovation, rehab,, 804-740-0342, 202-415-7295, 505-926-1399 6