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Annot Mjd Selected Present Course Train Aug07
Annot Mjd Selected Present Course Train Aug07
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Annot Mjd Selected Present Course Train Aug07


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  • 1. Annotated List of Selected MJD/TETRAD Presentations, Courses, Seminars, WorkshopsAnnotated List of selected MJD-authored (mainly) and TETRAD-relatedpresentations, trainings, courses, workshopsRevised, 31.August.2007, mjdMany of the annotated titles here can be downloaded from the web; others can be requested. This isprovided in order to give a brief birds-eye view of what can be provided as or used as the basis for futuretypes of courses, workshops, tutorials, trainings.Formal Courses Taught at Undergrad/Graduate LevelTopics and departments: Universities (1993 – Present, various):Mathematics Virginia Commonwealth Univ.Physics Medical College of VirginiaStatistics Univ. of Pittsburgh (adjunct)Biomedical Engineering Moscow State Univ. (adjunct)Computer Science Univ. of PhoenixBusiness Virginia Tech (adjunct)) TTG_CA_BorderSec_mjd22jun07.pps – Presentation (or the early draft, pre-edits) for Canadian Border Security directorate. (@ http://nomadaeyes/com/bordersec/TTG_CA_BorderSec_mjd22jun07.pps) Presentation at 17th World Conf. on Disaster Management (7/2007) – Rapid response and intervention techniques for high-impact, large-population emergencies. Invited presentation on Biothreat detection, intervention and treatment, delivered at Military Medicine and Virtual Reality conference (DARPA/Stanford/TATRC sponosors; 1/2006). cbrn_course_module_overview.pdf – Outline of course (workshop format available also) on CBRN threats, prevention, early warning, and response. Invitational presentation made at an EU counterterrorism conference (Paris, 09.2006). This covers some of the material that is found in more depth in the following three presentations. The public-release version of the other talk given (the full set has many high-res images and video clips including from the Hurricane Katrina aftermath and can be provided) - Connecting Dots to Locate and Intercept TerroristOperations and Operatives. This was at a conference sponsored in part by DTO (ARDA). This has realoperational foundations, including pertinent to the London subway attacks and to others done in Russia.prepared by MJD 9/6/2007 Copyright © 2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc. 1
  • 2. Annotated List of Selected MJD/TETRAD Presentations, Courses, Seminars, WorkshopsOriented toward social service, corporate responsibility, sustainability, humanitarian service andapplications of science and technology for disadvantaged communitiesThis material gives background on other projects for which workshops, tutorials, courses, andspecial seminars can be organized and provided to a variety of audiences.http://ecoasisnetwork.orgThe EcOasis Project and descriptions of the Pod (Installation) that incorporates several of theMJD/TETRAD+ technologies and products, plus those of certain partners, for use in emergency/disasterand chronic underdevelopment situations. The EcOasis Pod is also available commercially. There aremany photos, specs, and videoclips – make a point to see the Public documents section. on how Nomad Eyes can be applied domestically to the problems of gang violence,neighborhood safety, and family violence/abuse. Well-received in the community of women’ssafety/shelter groups, and also by some state legislators, this is very easy to implement as an “add-on” tothe basic Nomad Eyes. The operational economics have been carefully examined. of a program initiated while working for Intel and assigned to their ATM fab in San Jose, CostaRica, for the benefit of women and children in the impoverished communities. Intel-era project, a precursor to EcOasis. but resurrectable and reshapable project for internet gaming and education that grew to having 35schools in 10 countries – modeled after Intel and Westinghouse contests and other academic “Olympiad”events.prepared by MJD 9/6/2007 Copyright © 2007 TETRAD Technologies Group, Inc. 2