Medical assistant job what to expect


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This Document explains about what to expect in a Medical assistant job

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Medical assistant job what to expect

  1. 1. If you are interested in pursuing your dream job as a medical assistant, you will need to know more about the jobdescription. The duties required may or may not be to your liking so it is important to learn more about it. This job isvery rewarding when it comes to yearly salad and even social aspects of the job. Helping people when they are sickand less fortunate as you are can really make you grateful for what you have in life. This is why you see so manyupbeat medical nurses and assistants walking around the clinic.Did you know that by 2018, healthcare is expected to rise at an incredible rate? The United States Bureau of LaborStatistics have determined this and therefore, you should try to get into your medical career as soon as possible. Thefield will quickly begin to expand and there will always be the need for having assistants, doctors, and so on. Dontworry about finding a job after college because with the high need for medical assistants, a job will come naturally.All you need to do is attend the interviews.Medical Assistant Job DescriptionScheduling appointments with patients that come in.
  2. 2. Answering the phone to check up on appointments, make cancellations, talk with patients regarding questions orconcerns.Work closely with an experienced doctor. Your job is to take the patients weight and check their heart rate as well.This is always done before the doctor comes in to evaluate the patient. It saves them time from doing thisthemselves.Enter date into the computers system, recording important dates and times for appointments. Youll also need tomake notes on certain patients. The history of the patients health is critical for the doctors to find out what is wrongwith them or how to help their health. A medical assistant is always needed to keep record of practically everythingthat goes on in the hospital so this is very important.Take care of any billing. When a patient is finished with their medical exam, they can pay at the desk and youllneed to create a receipt that they have paid. Also, youll be required to enter this into the system.Some medical assistants or nurses will clean and properly sanitize the examination rooms. This is especially true ifthe cleaning crew at the hospital only cleans halls, windows, and the lobby. Sometimes the janitors arent allowedinto the patient examination rooms because of hospital policy so it will be up to the medical staff that works there.As you can see, there are many things you can do when it comes to the medical assistant job description. You mighteven have to take the vital signs of patients and talk to them about why they are there. This information will bepassed onto the doctor who has more experience when it comes to viral infections, cancer, disease, stomach aches,and so on.Those who are seeking to become a medical assistant who wants to transition to a nurse gradually within theircareer, should learn everything when it comes to job duties. This is what college will prepare you for so this wayyou know what to expect.