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Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
Communication with our_clients
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Communication with our_clients


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Communication with our clients …

Communication with our clients
The Topic are:
-Conference call
-Role Play (to understand and ilustrate problems)
-Showing disagreement

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Communication with our clients Gabriela Isnardi Martin Cabrera
  • 2.  
  • 3.
    • If you ever felt like doing what the participants of the meeting you have just  watched did ... you are not alone !
    • Si alguna vez sentiste ganas de hacer lo que los participantes de esta meeting hicieron, entonces no estás solo/a… a todos alguna vez nos ha pasado…
  • 4. Introduction 1
      • Gian said "face to face has more bandwidth" .. it's true. Our goal is to get as close to this kind of communication as possible
      • happiness = perception - expectations
      •   Why do we need Conference Calls?
        • Because Moove-IT is in Uruguay, and many of our clients are not!
  • 5. Introduction 2
      • What is a conference call (CC) ?
      • Importance of the CC
        • Sharing a moment
        • Opportunity
      •   Communication... understanding our clients' needs, working with our customers' expectations
      • We use meetings for ...
        • status or updates
        • questions
        • planning
        • sales
  • 6. Role Play
    • A continuación vas a observar una apequeña representación de una meeting  en la que van a  participan  4 personas. 1 cliente (Martin) y 3 miembros de la prestigiosa empresa Moove-IT.
    • La situación es la siguiente.
    • El Cliente Peter quiere charlar con el equipo de Moove-IT (ya conoce al equipo pero no sabe bien quien estará en la reunión).
    • Han marcado una meeting por skype a esta hora.
    • El cliente tiene que elegir 1 logo para su nueva Web, y no sabe cual elegir. Pide opinión a los expertos (nosotros) para ver que pensamos sobre las distintas opciones planteadas y lo ayudemos a elegir la mejor opción.
    • Peter les envió un mail a los tres miembros con los distintos logos. 
    • Cada integrante de moove-iT tendrá un rol asignado de antemano.
    • Por favor, mientras los actores se preparan, vos también preparate para observar todo lo que puedas de esa meeting…
  • 7. Option 1 - Star Option 2 - Triangle Option 3 - Spiral
  • 8. checklist ...
      • Did they introduce themselves?
      • How did they sound (positive, angry, upset)?
      • Did they mention their names before speaking?
      • Do you think the client had a good idea of who was talking?
      • Did they back up each other?
      • Did they show assertiveness, gimmicks, competitiveness or humor?
      • Did they arrive at a conclusion?
      • How many times did the speakers mention the client’s name?
      • If you were the client, what would you think?
  • 9. Process ... K&P-SEE
      • Know the objectives of the CC
      • Planning the call (be ready! ... from one minute to sixty)
        • best result
        • worst result 
      •   Start the CC
        • How do I introduce myself ?
        • How do I introduce someone else?
        • How do we manage conflicts?
      • End the CC
      • Evaluate the CC
  • 10. The language of meetings
      • Be positive - Use positive words such as
        • Sure
        • Great!
        • Sounds good
      • always say 
        • "please"
        • "thank you"
        • "we will do that"
      • Show passion for your job 
      • Show that you (group) can to the job better than anyone else!
      • I and You (whenever possible use the I language)
  • 11. How do we manage conflicts?
      • Conflicts ... why?
          • Two or more people do not understand each other. 
          • Two or more people cannot reach an agreement
          • If sb undermines peers or clients (being disrespectful)
  • 12. Showing disagreement
      • Show support before you disagree.
      • Disagree but ask for more information.
      • Check you have understood correctly.
      • Be specific about your disagreement.
      • Disagree but offer an alternative.
  • 13. Conclusion
      • Never show problems in the group
      • We can (and must) think in a different way. But with respect!
      • Back up each other
  • 14. The Lion and the Four Oxen
    • A lion used to walk near a field in which Four Oxen used to live. Many a time he tried to attack them; but whenever he came near they turned their tails to one another, so that whichever way he approached them he was met by the horns of one of them. At last, however, they had a big argument among themselves, and each went off to pasture alone in the separate corner of the field. Then the Lion attacked them one by one and soon made an end of all four.