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  • Look up how to get email through spam filters. High bounce rate – bounce rate.

EM EM Presentation Transcript

  • Marketing Your Business Through E-Mail By Martin Brossman NCSmallBusinessTraining.com
  • Why do e-mail marketing? Aren’t people tired of e-mail? There’s too much already
  • Why e-mail marketing is a growing trend
    • Begins with “interruption” but becomes a dialogue that builds relationships
    • Primary audience is mature, college-educated
    • Gives you results you can track
    • Makes customer feel in control, safe, smart
    • Almost everyone has e-mail address
    • Optimizes marketing when combined with social media
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  • How Marketing Has Changed
    • Then
    • Mass production of products advertised through mass media
    • Same message sent to everyone
    • Now
    • Consumers are involved in the selling process
    • It’s a collaborative effort
    • Advertising is an interruption unless you are really dialing in to what customer wants
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  • Interruption Marketing
    • “ Interruption Marketing is the enemy of anyone trying to save time.” --Seth Godin
    • Consumers spend $ to save time
    • Marketers spend $ to get consumer’s attention
    • Use interruption marketing to draw attention to your e-mail marketing
  • Good E-mail Marketing Is Communication
    • It respects the customer
    • It speaks in a conversational style
    • It is personal, one-on-one
    • It builds trust and loyalty
    • It develops the maximum value from each customer vs. finding many new customers
  • Marketing With the Customer’s Permission
    • You receive permission from the customer-- the customer volunteers to be marketed to
    • You provide information at predetermined intervals
    • (ex. Monthly newsletter, weekly specials, daily menus)
    • “ Permission Marketing is the tool that unlocks the power of the internet.” -- Seth Godin
  • Explicit Permission is Required by Law
    • 2003 CAN-SPAM Act – response to abuses of spam
    • Spam defined as marketing messages sent without permission
    • Set penalties for Spammers and companies whose products were advertised in the spam
    • Without permission you risk penalties and losing customer goodwill
  • Earning the Right to Stay in Your Customer’s Attention
    • How are you rewarding your customers for paying attention?
    • Bad service, bad interaction can cancel permission permanently
    • Permission is a process, not a moment
    • Provide current, meaningful content that meets customers’ needs
  • Keys of E-mail Marketing
    • Must be Anticipated, Personal and Relevant
    • Give an Incentive for signing up
    • For example, Information over time (newsletter, reports)
    • Introduce new incentives from time to time to keep interest
    • Increase depth of permission when appropriate
  • How to get people to sign up
    • Get attention with other advertising
    • Have a sign-up sheet at your location or promotional events, trade shows
    • Website opt-in box asking for their e-mail address
    • Have your best customers/fans ask their friends to sign up
    • Ask directly: “Would you like to receive our tips every few weeks about how to ________?”
    • Add to your landing page on your Facebook
  • Rewards and Incentives
    • Without a reward the consumer will usually refuse to act
    • Examples: free gift or sample
    • Coupon or special discounts
    • Informational newsletter
    • Whitepaper or e-book
    • OneMinuteCoupon.com –lets you create a coupon and upload it to your site
  • Mobile E-mail Marketing Tips
    • Keep images small
    • Keep text short and to the point
    • Use a single column layout
    • Put logo and call to action at the top
    • Black font on white background is best
    • Use white space and bullet points to make text easy to read
    • Have a text version available
  • Key Email Programs
    • Constant Contact – 1st choice for small business users for ease of use and integration of social media for business.
    • Mail Chimp – Lets you have 1000 contacts and send out up to 6,000 emails per month FREE and works with Eventbrite. Very good for micro-business and groups with a very limited budget.
    • iContact – Direct competitor to Constant Contact with equal features, just not as much support and resources, but very good.
    • awebber - a professional high capacity email program used for high volume ‘list building’ by many top email marketers.
    • Swiftpage – It’s big plus is it fully integrates with ACT contact manager.  Reliable with a number of useful features but very challenging to use.
  • Keeping your email from becoming SPAM
    • Avoid these to reduce the chance of being in the SPAM filter:
    • Using spammy phrases , like "Click here!" or "Once in a lifetime opportunity!” or “Free”
    • Lots of exclamation points!!!!!!
    • USING ALL CAPS , WHICH IS LIKE YELLING IN EMAIL (especially in the subject)
    • Coloring fonts bright red , or green
    • Coding sloppy HTML caused by a thing like pasting a Word file to HTML. Never just paste a Word document into an email.
    • Creating an HTML email that's nothing but one big image , with little or no text (since spam filters can't read images, they assume you're a spammer that's trying to trick 'em).
    • Using the word "Test" in the subject line (agencies run into this all the time, when sending drafts to clients for approval)
  • Getting Higher Open Rates
    • Keep the subject line short & relevant
      • Experiment and learn what works best. E.g. Top 10 ways to get more email.
    • Include your main benefit
    • Customize the from field so they can see who it is from fast. Also make sure to add your from email address.
    • Men like news and Women like discount offers.
    • Have it go out at the best time for your customers. (could ask them the best).
    • Open rates are up to ~30%
  • Inspire readers to action through engagement
    • Social media has redefined the way consumers interact with brands and businesses
    • Get their interest with a question, contest or special promotion
    • Create a two-way dialogue
    • Use action verbs like call, click, read….keep copy short and conversational
    • Focus on one objective per e-mail message
    • Have a clear call to action
  • Exercise: E-mail Call to Action
    • What is a call to action?—Asking the reader to do something. Offer value, not a sales pitch
    • Write a call to action that would be effective in your e-mail marketing
    • Use action phrases: Register now and receive ______; sign up here to _______; watch our video and _________.
    • Find out about your neighbor’s business and write a call to action for their e-mail marketing
  • Exercise: An Effective Heading
    • Instead of “March Newsletter”…..
    • “Spring Cleaning Time and Money Savers”
    • Write a creative heading for your e-mail marketing campaign
    • It can be a question, or a humorous statement—let it match the personality of your business
    • The goal is to inspire the reader open it!
  • Timing for Email Campaigns
    • The best time is when your customers want them…ask them what time is best
    • Try different times / days and see what your open rate is
  • Adding an email signup to your website using Constant Contact
    • From the Home page: Join My Mailing List, and it will be under the first option that says "Add a Join My Mailing List box to my website”
    • Follow the steps to generate the HTML code
    • Copy the code to your website. With Wordpress, copy into a Text widget with no title.
  • Sign in and click ‘Home’
  • Add a Join My Mailing List Box
  • Pick one
  • Customize
  • Copy the code
  • Paste in a Text box if using WordPress
  • Here it is on the website
  • What they see if they click on it.
  • What they see after Submit That’s it!
  • Integrating E-Mail with Social Media
    • Always include a link to your social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs
    • Use your e-mail to encourage conversation within social media
    • Give your customer easy ways to engage with you
    • Use social media sites to target and add new subscribers
  • Content and Interaction
    • “ Email lights the fire, social media fans it.” —Eric Groves, Constant Contact Sr. VP
    • Goal is to get readers engaged beyond just reading or clicking
    • Use e-mail content to start dialogue and then ask people to comment and share their experiences on Facebook and Twitter where the conversation can continue to grow
  • Close the loop
    • Social media conversation happens out in the open
    • As your customers interact with you on Facebook, Twitter, etc. their friends and followers see the activity and often take action
    • As new people follow you/join conversation remember to drive them to your e-mail list
    • Promote your e-mail options and make people aware of the content that you offer to subscribers
  • E-mail & Social Media = Engagement Marketing Success
    • Engage customers, members, prospects through all available channels
    • Offer great products, services, content and discussions
    • Don’t sit back and watch conversations happening in and around your social media sites---Join in and add your thoughts!