Tate Membership by Martin Barden
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Tate Membership by Martin Barden



Presentation at MuseumNext 27 May 2011

Presentation at MuseumNext 27 May 2011



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  • Thanks for having me along today – not looking particularly at Tate’s social networking but at Tate Members’ CRM programme and a particular data segmentation exercise we undertook recently
  • Four galleries >7m visitors a year, around 2 million ticketed One website >18m unique hits Big numbers mean little if there is no traction
  • Membership is not primarily an audience development tool. We pick up from first engagement. Members do however bring in other non-Members. People have already said yes Membership and ticketing together – one pathway to engagement Membership scheme covers all 4 sites Comms programme develops the journey Feeder to higher level development programme
  • Principal benefit is free admission. Members’ Rooms. Regular print and e-comms.
  • Heart of our audiences – most engaged, most communicated with.
  • Need to have a degree of engagement. This is benefit led, not philanthropic at this stage. Subscription scheme External advertising and DMail does not sell membership. Phone, in-gallery, website It’s a sieve – task to make holes as small as we can, and to make the sieve bigger.
  • Previously there was no clear ID. One of the main benefits is to get in-gallery real estate . Fallon already Tate’s primary creative agency (brand via Wolff Olins) Challenge: Bring art into the product Commissioned artist from shortlist Make it tangible
  • Male Scot in his 40s Triangular relationship Memory box and other tools from Fallon – David populated them Goal – make membership more tangible, better gift, POS, box of memories, fun and lighter – and visual . Some controversy Internal market for gallery space – gave us more presence.
  • Another Male Scot in his 40s – Turner Prize nominated Popular culture – rock groups, famous for his floors
  • Neither Scottish nor male. But in her 40s, Turner Prize nominated. Join the scheme to find out!
  • In response to falling renewal rates, down from around 90% - nirvana. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING. Triple whammy of economic downturn, previous strong growth, weaker exhibition programme Appointed TMW in London to do some major data crunching (next slide)
  • These were then further grouped into four groups as a first step to developing a new approach to comms.
  • 3, 4 5 = benefit: – get them back into the gallery 5, 6, 7 = philanthropy – BLAKE campaign – story telling. Most successful DM campaign. Left segment 8 alone. Left 1&2 alone for first year.
  • “Lapse” is not in the member’s mind for quite some time – don’t give up on them too soon
  • 84% in 2009 88% in 2010 December = xmas gifts
  • Triggered emails to invite post-exhibition reviews on facebook twitter tate blog. – engagement – two way activity – not just broadcast – greater media mix

Tate Membership by Martin Barden Tate Membership by Martin Barden Presentation Transcript

  • Tate Members and customer relationship management
    • 27 May 2011
    • with Martin Barden
  • Tate's mission
    • to promote public knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of British, modern and contemporary art
  • The journey
    • First visit – virtual or physical
    • Free collection
    • -------------------------------------------
    • Paid exhibition
    • Second gallery
    • Ancillary programme
    • Membership
    • Donation
    • -------------------------------------------
    • Donor/patron
    • Specific fundraising asks
    • Regular Giving
    • Legacy
  • What Tate Members does
    • A charity founded in 1958
    • Supports Tate’s fundamental purpose
    • Has helped to acquire 400+ works
    • Funds c.10% of Tate’s activity
  • Levels of Membership
    • A modular scheme
    • 97,500 Memberships
    • Individual 21%
    • Member and Guest 67%
    • Member and Guest x2 12%
    • = 195,000 Members
  • The twin pillars
    • Acquisition: point of sale
    • Retention: communications programme and customer service
  • Brand identity
    • Appointed Fallon Spring 2007 to develop Members’ brand identity.
  • David Shrigley 2007-2009
  • Jim Lambie 2009-2011
    • 2011 to 2013…
  • Retention: the challenge
    • A : Retention fell 4% in 2009:
    • B : Could more Members become Patrons?
    • How can we speak to Members individually?
  • Data Segmentation Project
    • Summer 2009: DM agency analysed Members’ data to build:
      • Propensity model (likelihood to lapse)
      • Segmentation model (cluster Members into like-minded groups, suitable for DM activity)
      • Patron prospects
  • 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Outcome: the eight segments Likelihood to lapse HIGH LOW
  • 1 2 1 & 2 New and not sure… Likelihood to lapse HIGH LOW
    • Under two years as a Member
    • Low visits – nearly half of segment 1 have never visited
    • Lapse score = 93 out of 100
    3.5k 5.6k
  • 3 4 5 3, 4 & 5 Fence-sitters Likelihood to lapse HIGH LOW
    • High number of visits – up to 8 to 9 times a year
    • But still have a high lapse score: 58/44 out of 100
    9k 5.5k 20.7k
  • 6 7 6 & 7 Loyal Likelihood to lapse HIGH LOW
    • 5+ years of membership
    • Medium number of visits
    • Prefer TB but visit all 4 galleries
    • Aged 31-60 yrs
    • Lapse score: 19-32 out of 100
    18k 19.4k
  • 8 8 Die-hard Likelihood to lapse HIGH LOW
    • High loyalty – all 10+ yrs
    • Medium/low number of visits
    • Prefer TB but visit all 4 galleries
    • Aged 31-60 yrs
    • Lapse score = 6 out of 100
  • What we did next
    • Focus on segments 3, 4, 5:
      • at risk but winnable
    • Focus on 5, 6, 7:
      • greater support.
    • Seasonal refreshment of model
  • Frequency and activity
    • Increased renewal messages by 100%
    • Comms mix of e, mail, phone, postcard
    • Drip-feed of benevolence messages
    • Programme: introduced new events
  • Retention rate before and after
  • The future
    • Deeper engagement
    • Enhanced offer
    • One-to-one conversations
    • Moving through the journey
    • New facilities: TM2 and TTB
    • New technology
  • Thank you
    • [email_address]
    • Find me on linkedin
    • @tyrannosaurusx on twitter