Lightning Talk: This Is The Sound of All Of Us


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This is the sound of all of us
Singing with love and the will to trust
Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust
This is the sound of all of us
The Wailin' Jennies - One Voice

Often we talk about the power of small, self-organising groups of people, working collaboratively. Lyssa Adkins gives a beautiful example of a string quartet in her powerful book on coaching on how the quartet members work together and communicate constantly throughout a performance. Some of the most powerful music of the last century has come from pairs of writers and performers working intimately together - George and Ira Gershwin. Lennon and McCartney. Simon and Garfunkel.

But music, like software, often seeks to deliver work at a larger scale and with more complexity than a single, self-organising team can manage. And seeks to do so with unpredictable skill levels of the performers. What lessons can music teach us about the problems and potential workarounds of scaled delivery of creative work?

Using more musical examples than deserve to fit in 10 minutes, Martin Burns brings 40 years of musical experience and formal education from his first career to bear on the problems of his current day job.

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Lightning Talk: This Is The Sound of All Of Us

  1. 1. @MartinBurnsSV This is the sound of one voice One spirit, one voice The sound of one who makes a choice This is the sound of one voice This is the sound of all of us Singing with love and the will to trust Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust This is the sound of all of us This is the sound of voices two The sound of me singing with you Helping each other to make it through This is the sound of voices two This is the sound of voices three Singing together in harmony Surrendering to the mystery This is the sound of voices three I spent 3 years getting a Music Degree. It’s about time I used it for something. This is the Sound of All Of Us The Wailin' Jennys: One Voice
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  4. 4. @MartinBurnsSV 1. Creativity
  5. 5. @MartinBurnsSV Links & Media available at Eric Johnson: Cliffs of Dover Just what is it you want to do? We wanna be free We wanna be free to do what we wanna do And we wanna get loaded And we wanna have a good time That's what we're gonna do (No way baby let's go) We're gonna have a good time We're gonna have a party Peter Fonda The Wild Angels Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition source: Griff Hamlin: Blues Jam Track & Solo Tutorial
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  11. 11. @MartinBurnsSV 3. Co-ordination
  12. 12. @MartinBurnsSV Links & Media available at Total Freedom on your own Martin Carthy: January Man
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