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Brochure Global Fine Foods

  1. 1. THE FARMa rustic foundation for our quality Alongside the small river the Angstel, in the green heart of Holland, a THE BUTCHERY beautiful farm is located. The sweet AND DRY-AGING PROCESS smell of hay comes from the typical Dutch haystack. The Gasconne cattle grazes in the fields and the bleating modern methods embedded in sheep are waiting for their water from the well. This is Lindenhoff. a traditional heritance In the butchery traditional craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology. After slaughtering, the meat of the different breeds is being dry aged on the bone in our aging cells. At four in the morning our butchers start to cut all meat exactly as our customers want it.
  2. 2. CHEESES MEETAND BEN TEDAIRY POTATOES, VOORTWISrich flavours, VEGETABLES, meet the foundingoriginated ina natural MUSHROOMS farmer of todays Lindenhoffenvironment AND FRUITS Get to know Ben te Voortwis who is, together with his sons sunlight-grown, direct ly Berend and Willem, the proudFarm Cheese is a typical owner of Lindenhoff.Dutch pure, natural product imported and selected on tastethat is made from raw, non-pasteurized milk. Our cheesesare traditionally produced and Karel, our greengrocer, selects Europe’s finestcome directly from farms. potatoes, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms from Holland, Italy and France. The products are from pure land, sun light-grown and directly imported from different farms.
  3. 3. THE FARM a r u s t i c fLindenhoff is a historical Dutch farm located in Baambrugge in the ‘green heart’ of Holland. The farm isowned by family te Voortwis, who have lived at the Lindenhoff for 5 generations. At the farm Ben and his sonDirco breed, raise and fatten Gasconne cattle. Beside the Gasconne beef and veal Lindenhoff is well-knownfor its Lozère lamb and Dutch Kamper lamb.Together with the products of the farm, Lindenhoff also selects authentic products that originate from highlyreputed and responsible other farms throughout Europe. This distribution enables Lindenhoff to provideEurope’s finest meat, cheeses, dairy, vegetables and fruits to the high end of the Dutch culinary marketincluding most of the one- and two star restaurants. Internationally our products are sold to various hotels inJapan, Swiss, Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris and New York.
  4. 4. c foundation for our quality
  5. 5. THE BUTCHERY AND DRY-AGING PROCESSmodern methods embedded in a traditional heritance
  6. 6. At Lindenhoff professional base down connective tissue to renderwe have developed a professional the beef and veal fork-tender.butchery process to produce portion When aged for up to three weeks,controlled fresh cut dry-aged meat. the meat’s appearance will change.The butchers who work here bone Within the dry-aging room, the meatthe meat, cut it according to our will develop a crust that seals thecustomers specifications and take meat and protects it from deterio-constantly care of the dry aging ration. The meat can lose from 25process. Originally, the dry aging to 30 percent of its overall weightprocess was used as a way to preserve due to dehydration during the agingmeat before refrigeration was process. That’s why a dry-agedinvented. Today - amidst the urgency piece of meat will be considerablyto bring cattle to market sooner, smaller than a piece of beef thatmodern freezing techniques and hasn’t been aged or one that hasdemand for fast, convenient food - been wet aged or needle tenderized.dry aging is almost a lost art; it takes Dry-aging produces meat that istime and it’s an expensive, labour- naturally tender and flavourful.intensive process. Lindenhoff is Nothing the cook does to add flavouramong the few practitioners in the kitchen is a substitute foranywhere of these old fashioned, starting with properly aged meat.dry-aging methods. After about three weeks of dry-aging, meat reaches it’s peak tendernessIn our own dry-aging rooms we and flavour, it has developed a deep,age our meat for up to 3 weeks. rich taste with nuances of butterDuring this period the meat is held and roasted nuts. This unique com-in coolers under tight temperature, bination of farming with exclusiveair-circulation, and humidity breeds and butchery enablescontrol. During this time, the Lindenhoff to provide the world’snatural action of enzymes breaks best fresh cut dry aged meat.
  7. 7. r i c h f l a v o u r s, originated in a natural environment CHEESES AND D
  8. 8. D DAIRY Lindenhoff buys farm cheeses specialists in Holland and far each season. Besides this, the their cheese. Only after a strict directly from a selection of Dutch abroad. These cheeses find their natural maturing process ensures selection these cheeses receive the farms where purity of ingredients way to people who know how to its special aroma. Lindenhoff label ‘Farm Cheese’. and a careful traditional rate real and honest quality. Lindenhoff selects only the highest Next to our product assortment production process are required. Farm cheese is a pure, natural quality farm cheese for export. The young and old Dutch Farm Compared to the taste of regular product that is being made of raw, cheese is freshly cut and cooperative Cheeses we also sell Dutch, Italian cheese the very refined, exquisite non-pasteurized milk. The use of farmers linked with the Lindenhoff and French soft rind, washed rind taste of raw farm cheese is being raw milk provides the cheese with work hard day and night to be and blue veined cheeses from received enthusiastically by dairy it’s own characteristics, varying able to guarantee the quality of different farms throughout Europe.
  9. 9. POTATOES,VEGETABLES,FRUITS ANDMUSHROOMSLindenhoff buys potatoes, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms originating from different Dutch, Italian and French farms.For Lindenhoff it is of utmost importance that these farms operate with respect for nature; that they look at culturalplants respectfully and that they value ethically motivated gardening and farming as a contribution to nature. We havea special passion for vegetables and fruits that have been forgotten or marginalized or are at risk of disappearingcompletely. All our products come from pure soil, sunlight-grown, directly imported and selected on taste. We alsosell all sorts of herbs, soft fruit and red fruit from the kitchen garden on the farm. s u n l i g h t - g r o w n , d i r e ct l y i m p o r t e d a n d s e l e ct e d o n t a s t e
  10. 10. MEET BENTE VOORTWIS EUROPE Ben te Voortwis is the founding farmer of today’s Lindenhoff. In Because of our craft 1987 he started to work with the Gasconne breed and the philosophy to produce guaranteed and the quality of our ‘healthy and tasteful’ meat. In Holland several butcheries and authentic products we chefs became interested and this resulted into today’s Lindenhoff: a professional company that sell and distribute to produces, imports, and exports high quality products with authentic taste. Today Ben imports and the high-end of the exports wines from organic French and Hungarian wine houses. Dutch Market, but also to Japan, Hong Kong, Dubai, Paris, Swiss and New York.“A cow that is not taken careof properly, tastes like nothing.”