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SEO & Social Media, by Martha Gabriel
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SEO & Social Media, by Martha Gabriel


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Presentation on Search and Social Media, given by Martha Gabriel at HighEdWeb 2010 ( in the Red Stapler Track ( …

Presentation on Search and Social Media, given by Martha Gabriel at HighEdWeb 2010 ( in the Red Stapler Track (

The presentation covers a) the importance of search and its connection with social, b) the main concepts related to SEM and SEO (Search Marketing); c) SEO beyond the basics (Universal Search, SERP Domination, Mobile Search, Landing Pages, etc.), d) SEARCH & SOCIAL (Social Media Marketing and Social Search Optimization), e) Trends.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Search & Social Martha Gabriel Martha Gabriel
  • 2. Martha Gabriel Engineer Postgraduate in Marketing Postgraduate in Design Master’s Degree & pursuing PhD in Art Author of 2 books on Search Marketing (2008 & 2009) Professor in the MBA courses in BSP Business School São Paulo & Universidade Anhembi Morumbi Researcher at Universidade de São Paulo Consultant on digital marketing, NMD New Media Developers New Media Artist awarded at Florence Biennale 2009 @marthagabriel Martha Gabriel
  • 3. Agenda – The Search Era – SEM & SEO – Beyond the Basics – SEARCH & SOCIAL – Trends Martha Gabriel
  • 4. Martha Gabriel THE SEARCH ERA
  • 5. Search and Social have been always connected … in digital environments or not … we start searching since we are born Martha Gabriel
  • 6. Ways of Searching • Browsing: observing and following leads (things, people behaviors or links) – Getting more and more difficult due the raising of the web complexity • Asking: to systems or people – Search Engines – Peers in Social Networks Martha Gabriel
  • 7. If we have been always searching … why so much interest right now? why so much interest right now? Fonte da imagem: Martha Gabriel
  • 8. The Search Era • Information explosion – Web 2.0  Web Read/Write  exponential raising of the amount of amount of information (quality? / filters) – Long Tail x Paradox of Choice – The Attention Economy (Davenport) / The Purple Cow (Seth Godin) “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” • Proliferation of technologies and media – More platforms to search Martha Gabriel
  • 9. Search & Social More and more interconnected … Social get fed by Search & Search get fed by Social Martha Gabriel
  • 10. 2nd largest search engine Martha Gabriel
  • 11. Fast growing search engine Martha Gabriel
  • 12. 25% of the 1st SERP (search engine result page) for the Top 20 brands are links to Social Media content Martha Gabriel
  • 13. Target audience is not just target anymore – it’s target, but also has become media and content generator Fonte: Martha Gabriel
  • 14. Marketing Vector Inversion from Mass Media … from BRANDS to PEOPLE from PEOPLE to BRANDS … to My Media (Participation Era) Martha Gabriel
  • 15. Fonte: What’s Next in Marketing and Advertising – Paul Isakson - Martha Gabriel
  • 16. Fonte: What’s Next in Marketing and Advertising – Paul Isakson - Martha Gabriel
  • 17. The SEARCH Era iProspect Search Engine User Behavior Study: – 90% of online people use search engines – 87% of them declare that they found what they were looking for – Millions of people use search engines to choose school for their children, specialization courses, to by cars, travel, book hotels, etc. Martha Gabriel
  • 18. How much do YOU depend on search? Martha Gabriel
  • 19. Search Engine Power • The search engines are the MOST INFLUENT digital entities nowadays: – What is not found, does not exist! (Taxonomy  one of the Top 10 trends by – Test: try to not use any search engine for 1 week (or any Google’s product – search, blogger, maps, earth, gmail, etc.) – How many use Gmail? Martha Gabriel
  • 20. Digital Share-of-Mind Martha Gabriel
  • 21. Research Navigation Martha Gabriel
  • 22. Search Engine Power • Search Engine users habits: – Rarely go beyond the 1st page of results: 68% abandon the search after the 1st page – 90% don’t read beyond the 3rd page of results – 39% believe that the first results in the SERP are the market leader brands – More than 90% of the clicks concentrate in the first 10 results of search Martha Gabriel
  • 23. Search Engine Power • Top 10 Dictatorship – Necessity of being in the 1st page of results, among theTop 10 – Gold rush among companies to try to improve their website page rankings in the serach results for the most important keywords for their businesses – Solution  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Martha Gabriel
  • 24. Agenda – The Search Era – SEM & SEO – Beyond the Basics – SEARCH & SOCIAL – Trends Martha Gabriel
  • 25. SEM & SEO Martha Gabriel
  • 26. SEM – Search Engine Marketing • Off-page – Sponsored Links – WOMM, SMM & SMO – Link building – Appear in Directories SEO support – Affiliated programs – Press Releases – Link Bait • On-page (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) Martha Gabriel
  • 27. SEM Marketing Plan: 1) Preliminar Analysis & Objectives 2) Keywords selection 3) On-page & Off-page Optimization 4) Monitoring 5) Control & adjustments Martha Gabriel
  • 28. Poster SEO - Awarded at HighEdWeb 2008 - Available for download: - via QRcode - via SlideShare ( Martha Gabriel
  • 29. SEO – Search Engine Optimization • Two main factors affect SEO: • Relevance (importance of the page): “Birds of same kind flock together” • Keywords (vocation) It’s true for doing SEO to any king of digital object! Martha Gabriel
  • 30. SEO – Search Engine Optimization • The columns of on-page optimization: a) Page Code (keywords) b) Page Content (keywords) c) Website Structure Martha Gabriel
  • 31. • About 200 factors affect ranking (SEOmoz): 15% 35% Martha Gabriel
  • 32. SEO is like diet: the rules are easy, but the discipline necessary to follow them is hard. Martha Gabriel
  • 33. Agenda – The Search Era – SEM & SEO – SEO Beyond the Basics – SEARCH & SOCIAL – Trends Martha Gabriel
  • 34. SEO Beyond the Basics Martha Gabriel
  • 35. Beyond the Basics • Landing Pages • Mobile Optimization • Universal Search • SERP Domination • Behavioral Targeting Martha Gabriel
  • 36. Landing Pages Martha Gabriel
  • 37. Landing Pages “You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.” -- French Proverb Search Marketing (marketing + IT)  leads people to the page Landing Page (marketing + IT + design)  make people drink  Martha Gabriel
  • 38. Landing Pages New Google ranking criteria takes in account the landing page: navigation, bounce rate, usability. Martha Gabriel
  • 39. Mobile Optimization Martha Gabriel
  • 40. The future is mobile Martha Gabriel
  • 41. Mobile search • Screen size – Quantity of itens per page, ad visibility, characters limits • Speedy of access • Usabilility • Kind of content/ searched keywords: 50% of mobile search fit in 7 categories: – Music, localization, entertainment, sports, local information, shopping and references. Martha Gabriel
  • 42. Universal Search Martha Gabriel
  • 43. Maps News Videos Martha Gabriel
  • 44. Busca Universal • Requires optimization of ALL KINDS of indexed platforms (not only websites anymore): – Youtube – Google Maps – News – Blogs – Twitter (40 first characters) – Slideshare – Etc… Martha Gabriel
  • 45. Martha Gabriel
  • 46. Martha Gabriel
  • 47. SERP Domination Martha Gabriel
  • 48. SERP Domination Martha Gabriel
  • 49. Behavioral Targeting Martha Gabriel
  • 50. Behavioral Targeting • Behavioral targeting — process of targeting people based on their behaviors. • Involves several different plataforms, including search. Martha Gabriel
  • 51. Behavioral Targeting • Signed-in personalization >>> based on the user Web History. • Signed-out customization >>> based on browser cookie using information about previous searches and clicks. Martha Gabriel
  • 52. Agenda – The Search Era – SEM & SEO – Beyond the Basics – SEARCH & SOCIAL – Trends Martha Gabriel
  • 53. Martha Gabriel SEARCH & SOCIAL
  • 54. SEARCH & SOCIAL • Social Media Optimization • Social Search Optimization Martha Gabriel
  • 55. Social Media Optimization / Marketing Martha Gabriel
  • 56. Martha Gabriel
  • 57. Social Media Marketing • Social Media Marketing (SMM) increase two important factors for SEO: –Traffic –Links Martha Gabriel
  • 58. Martha Gabriel
  • 59. Social Media Marketing • Linkability – relevant content / link baits • Make bookmarking easy – digg, twitter, delicious, flickr, etc… • Incentivate mashups • Make it easy for your content to travel • Viral elements for contents (Dan Zarrella) • Relationship • Crisis blindage & management Martha Gabriel
  • 60. Social Media Marketing is not about technology, it’s about people. ―Relationship first, the rest falls into place‖ Martha Gabriel
  • 61. Martha Gabriel Social Search
  • 62. Social Search Optimization (SSO) SSO é the process of creating social profiles to leverage all your social objects with the purpose of increasing branding results. Social objects include anything that don’t reside only in your website. – Social media profiles – Blogs – Videos & images – Images – Press releases & news feed 62 Martha Gabriel
  • 63. Social Search • Social objects are the optimization tools and are contextualized by keywords, titles, descriptions, tags and/or links. • Understanding the social objects attributes is one of the most important aspects of a successful SSO. Martha Gabriel
  • 64. Social Search • Keywords Suggestion Tool – monitoring social networks is a great what of getting leads about which keywords must be optimized in SEM “Social Media is becoming a core product research channel.” -- Nielsen Martha Gabriel
  • 65. Agenda – The Search Era – SEM & SEO – Beyond the Basics – SEARCH & SOCIAL – Trends Martha Gabriel
  • 66. Trends Martha Gabriel
  • 67. SERP of the Future Martha Gabriel
  • 68. SEO vs. SEO 2.0 SEO SEO 2.0 On site optimization for spiders On site optimization for users Competition Cooperation keywords tags Optimization for links Optimization for traffic clicks, page views, visits conversions, ROI, branding DMOZ Delicious Main traffic sources: Main traffic sources: Google, Yahoo, MSN Social Media, StumbleUpon, niche social news sites, blogs undemocratic, who pays most is on democratic, who responds to popular top demand is on top 50% automated 10% automated technocratic emotional Martha Gabriel
  • 69. “All broadband will be useless if the mind is narrow." -- quote in a advertisement commercial from TIM, cell phone operator company Martha Gabriel
  • 70. Presentation at -- Martha Gabriel me, twitter, @marthagabriel Martha Gabriel