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A complete presentation of my careering journey.

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Martha Botezatu career facts

  2. 2. Located in: Bucuresti/ BrasovNationality: RomanianDate of birth: February 1985Driver’s licence: type B
  3. 3. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Elan Agency  Media Image Factory  V for Vintage  Student Film Weekend  V for Verde  The GeneratiaS Caravan  The Guerilla Verde Caravan  Inimi pentru alte inimi The REPER21 Association  Spitalul de Urgenta  Societal  Tales from the Golden Age  The “Non-Profit, dar Pro- Dezvoltarea Durabila!” video  campaign  Tuesday’s debates  Chic & Ethic Manifesto
  4. 4. V FOR VINTAGE PR & EVENTS MANAGER Main responsibilities  creative concept  press visibility  organizing  coordinating Achievements  reaching a record-number of tickets sold: over 3.500 during the 9th edition, 1.000 more than other V for Vintage editions or any other similar fairs  initiating a portfolio competition aimed at young designers  growing the fair’s Facebook page from 6.000 to more than 10.000 likesElan Agency V for Vintage is the biggest, most important vintage and fair in Romania. With 2 editions per year (in spring and fall), brings together over 100 brands from the Romanian vintage, designer (clothes, jewelry & accessories), food & treats and art &January - May 2012 deco areas. A photo gallery from the 9th edition is available here.May - September 2012
  5. 5. V FOR VERDE PR & EVENTS MANAGER Main responsibilities  creative concept  press visibility  organizing  coordinating Achievements  consolidating V for Verde on the Romanian fairs market  exceeding the number of expected tickets sold by over 100%  creating the first fun and artistic Romanian green fairElan Agency V for Verde is a urban-green online platform designed to a healthy lifestyle. In fall 2012, the team organized the first of the fair for open-minded people, bringing together over 30 brands from the bio, organic, health and design areas.May – September 2012
  6. 6. MAGAZINUL DE BRAZI PR CONSULTANT Main responsibilities  media visibility  partnership coordination  press monitoring  coordinating the “Imparte Bucurie” campaign Achievements  reaching an appropriate tone in communicating with the public  orienting activity to CSR-inspired initiatives such as “Imparte Bucurie”, a campaign designed to encourage tree donations for orphanages, retirement and foster homesMagazinul de Brazi is an online platform designed promoting and selling natural Christmas trees. Cut or in ready to be replanted, the trees are available in a variety of colors and sizes, bringing premium quality to those who want to enjoy aDeBrazi perfect Christmas.November – December 2011
  7. 7. SOCIETAL PROJECT ASSISTANT Main responsibilities  management & administration  event organizing  networking Achievements  balancing an administrative agenda with self-assumed PR responsibilities  organizing focus groups in 8 major Romanian cities and keeping contact with all authorities involvedThe REPER21 Association Societal strives to connect NGOs and civil society concerned about issues such as climate change and pollution. For this, they have created an online debate platform where dialogue, ideas exchange and experience become1/188557781191940 educational tools for all involved.March – November 2011
  8. 8. THE “NON-PROFIT, DAR PRO-DEZVOLTAREA DURABILA!” VIDEO CAMPAIGN ASSISTANT COORDINATOR Main responsibilities  planning & administering  media visibility  press monitoring Achievements  promoting the campaign in all relevant online channels and securing a strong number of media partners  collaborating tightly with the interviewed organisations in order to ensure coherence and consistency to the campaignThe REPER21 Association The “Non-profit, dar pro-dezvoltarea durabila” video was designed as a series of interviews with leading NGO and society representatives. During the over 40 episodes, we are taken on a short tour of their activity and vision on issues such asJune - September 2011 sustainable development and climate change.
  9. 9. TUESDAY’S DEBATES COORDINATOR Main responsibilities  planning & administering  media visibility  press monitoring  networking Achievements  progressively increasing the number of attendants  seizeing the opportunity to create new contactsThe REPER21 Association Tuesday’s debates are a series of meetings initiated and by the REPER21 Association in order to encourage the of ideas within Romanian civil society. Every week, a chosen theme is moderated by a NGO representative, in a friendly andMarch - August 2011 open dialogue with citizens and press.
  10. 10. CHIC & ETHIC MANIFESTO PROJECT ASSISTANT Main responsibilities  event organizing  coordinating the volunteer team  media visibility  press monitoring Achievements  attracting a large number of visitors to the event  training, coordinating and encouraging the models in the show – many of which were unexperienced and shy  balancing the demands of all 7 teamsThe REPER21 Association The Chic & Ethic Manifesto is the event which marked the of the international Chic & Ethic project. Designer teams from European countries came to Bucharest for the Manifesto, showing to the public their fashionable but also responsible collections.Ethic/107640202595786 The video from the Manifesto can be seen here, photo galleryApril – June 2011 available here.
  11. 11. STUDENT FILM WEEKEND PROJECT ASSISTANT Main responsibilities  organizing  coordinating the volunteer team Achievements  attracting a large number of viewers to the screenings, of all ages and classes  creating a civilized, well-organized environment for people to enjoy a night out  solving various problems on the spot  maintaining a good relation with the club and garden owners surrounding the event locationMedia Image Factory Student Film Weekend are a series of film projections for students which took place in Costinesti during a period of weekends in 2010. Entrance was free and the viewings program included blockbusters such as Avatar, Sherlock Holmes andeekend Inglorious Basterds.July – September 2010
  12. 12. THE GENERATIA S CARAVAN COLLABORATOR Main responsibilities  organizing  supervising Achievements  solving various problems on the spot  offering support to the overstressed organising teamMedia Image Factory GeneratiaS is the first educational health-related movie and is part of the pilot-project Better Education Innovation. Aimed at a public of 4.000 students and their teachers, the caravan travels twice a year in major RomanianiaS/111512612224877 cities.May 2010
  13. 13. THE GUERILLA VERDE CARAVAN PR OFFICER Main responsibilities  organizing  partnership coordination  media visibility Achievements  solving various problems on the spot  ensuring a large number of students and teachers attend the screenings  selecting and keeping contact with a local NGO representative to moderate the debates which preceded the viewings  contacting and negociating with potential sponsors for the eventMedia Image Factory Guerilla Verde, the eco-themed movie caravan, is part of a pilot-project called Better Education Through Innovation, aims at educating tomorrow’s generation with the aid of movies as an alternative learning method. The caravan travels twice aMarch - May 2009 year in major Romanian cities.July - November 2009January - March 2010
  14. 14. INIMI PENTRU ALTE INIMI PR OFFICER Main Responsibilities  project coordination  partnership coordination  media visibility Achievements  releasing a well-designed, coherent, well packaged high-quality product  promoting the album in all relevant online channels and securing a strong number of media partnersMedia Image Factory Inimi pentru alte inimi is a musical collaboration album by Dan Helciug (Spitalul de Urgenta) in order to help the Heart Children Association with their fundraising activities. The album featured duets with various artists, including Paula Seling, NicuJanuary – March 2010 Alifantis, Andra, Byron, LU Cozma and many more…Client: Dan Helciug
  15. 15. SPITALUL DE URGENTA PR OFFICER Main responsibilities  event organizing  partnership coordination  media visibility Achievements  promoting the album and launch event in all relevant online channels and securing a strong number of media partners  promoting the album and launch event in all relevant media channels, including TV, print and radio  attracting a large number of people to the launch eventMedia Image Factory Spitalul de Urgenta is a Romanian pop band integrating of traditional Romanian music into a sometimes hard-edged rocknta sound. Dan Helciugs lyrics often feature a bitter wit that does not lend itself to easy translation, especially because of his tendencyOctober - December 2009 to paraphrase pieces of well known traditional songs.Client: the Spitalul de Urgenta band
  16. 16. TALES FROM THE GOLDEN AGE PR OFFICER Main responsibilities  partnership coordination  media visibility  press monitoring Achievements  promoting the movie through collaborations with local media and town halls in all major Romanian cities  reaching a visibility value estimated at cca. 500.000 Euros, despite the severely limited budgetMedia Image Factory Tales from the Golden Age adapts for screen the most urban myths of the communist period. It combines several stories to portray an era during which food was more important than money, freedom more important than love and survivalocadeaur.1 more important than principles.June - September 2009Client: Mobra Films
  17. 17. STOP CO2 PROJECT COORDINATOR Main responsibilities  activities management  coordinating the volunteer team  partnership coordination  media visibility Achievements  promoting the website and carbon footprint calculator in all relevant online channels and securing a strong number of media and NGO partners  creating a strong and loyal volunteer StopCO2 is a project dedicated to offering information to all interested in protecting the environment. offers first carbon footprint calculator in Romania, designed based on data collected from national suppliers.March – December 2009
  18. 18.  The Hospice “Casa Sperantei” Bucuresti Foundation November 2009 – January 2010 The CharityGift Association January 2009 – September 2010 The World Vision Romania Organization April – May 2008 May 2007
  19. 19. 2004 - 2008 The Journalism and Science of Communications College, Univ. of Bucharest Specialization: Public Relations and Advertising2007 - 2008 Univ. du Bourgogne, Dijon, France Erasmus scholarship1998 - 2004 Member of the “Demostene” Iasi debates club (Karl-Popper)
  20. 20. SKILLSSOCIAL ORGANIZING IT communicative  responsible  Microsoft Office  Word  Excel team spirit  prioritized  Power Point  Outlook creative  efficient concise
  21. 21. Facebook 1024711353295/postsTwitter!/FataMosuluiLastFM feature=mheeLinkedIn 093574&trk=tab_proBlog
  22. 22. Elan Agency - Laura Calin, General DirectorMagazinul de Brazi - Stefan Voicu, General DirectorThe REPER 21 Association - Bogdan Gioara, PresidentMedia Image Factory - Nicoleta Talpes, General - Alexandru Popescu, Project initiator