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Agency analysis sw 180

  1. 1. Mission Statement The Mission of the Woodlake Family Resource Center is to increase our childrens chances of success in school and life by providing a system of services which are easily accessible, comprehensive, culturally sensitive, and responsive to our children and their families “unique needs”.
  2. 2. WFRC Organizational Structure Superintendant Supervisors Therapist 1. ASW 2. MFT Public Health Nurse (PHN) 5 Social Workers/Case Managers Child Development specialist Secretary
  3. 3. Community Context of Agency There are many support programs offered This resource center is there to help with the well being of both students in this community and their families. Different services and activities are offered for both parents and children. These resources help parents obtain the knowledge and resources they need to raise and educate their children.
  4. 4. WFRC Population at Risk Low -income families Pregnant Teens Undocumented immigrants Troubled teens Single parents Elderly
  5. 5. Agencies Services Family services include: family case management, Parent ed. And skills training, gang awareness and prevention, teenage parenting program (TAPP), school readiness and Child development classes. Counseling: Individual and Family alcohol/drugs, Women support groups (La Mujer Puede) and both family and individual counseling. Practical Assistance: Clothing and basic needs, job training, Medical/Healthy families, eligibility food, car seat and stroller programs, unemployment, WIC, emergency shelter resources,. Health: Birthing classes (Comenzando Bien), immunization referrals, nutrition and health education.
  6. 6. Social Justice, Social Work Values andHuman Rights This agency was purposely created by thinking in the children and their families in the community, to enhance human well being and alleviate oppression, poverty and any other form of social injustice. These programs advocate with families for services and systems that are fair, responsive and accountable to the families served. These programs strengthen families both culturally and racially to enhance their ability to function. This is made easy when both family and staff work together in relationships based on equality and respect. WFRC Human Rights: Equal treatment, Fair distribution of services, Diversity sensitive, Cultural awareness, and to advocate for the community.
  7. 7. WFRC is linked to many resources Woodlake Public Schools Department Tulare County Child Care Woodlake Police(Tulare County Sheriff) Family Health Care Food pantry Tulare County WIC Tulare County Transit Head start Proteus Turning Point Youth Sequoia Recovery Services Tulare County Probation Rape Crisis services C-set Battered Women shelter Among others…..
  8. 8. Services cont: These services offered to the Woodlake community are great, the amount of people that walk into the agency for services every day is incredible. There is a variety of certified personnel to help the families. Great collaboration with other agencies since they all work together because the main concern here is the well being of the families.
  9. 9. Contact Information  Woodlake Family Resource Center 168 N. Valencia Woodlake Ca. 93286 Phone: (559) 564-5212