The evolution of action film genre


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The evolution of action film genre

  1. 1. The evolution ofACTION GENRE Martelle Kumar
  2. 2. Over the years these high energy films have made some changes.
  3. 3. EARLY ACTION 1920’s- 1930’s1920s to the 1930s the predominant films were classic swashbuckling movies where heroes would battle villains with the swords. Heros like Douglas Fairbanks as a "Swashbuckler“ Swashbuckler films are an action-adventure subgenre often characterised by swordfighting and adventurous heroic characters.Mainly set in Western Europe in the period between the late Renaissance and the age of reason with appropriately lavish costumes. 1940’s-1950’s In the 40s and 50s War Movies, Cowboy Movies, and Spy Adventure Films took the stage as the top action films of the time.
  4. 4. Early action WHYThe leap from sword fighting to spy movies/western styled films in early action may be because of the change in culture. Spy and western were more realistic than sword fighting. The costumes became more normal and associated to the theme, it therefore became more realistic to the audience
  5. 5. EARLY ACTION 1960’sDuring the 60s it was Ian Flemings larger than life creation, James Bond.. Itwas inspired by movies like North by Northwest (A 1959 American thriller) andThe Guns of Navarone(a 1961 British-American Action/Adventure war film)The James Bond dominated the 60s.Part of their appeal were the larger than life characters (both heroes andvillains). A great feature of the Bond movies was that 007 was basically a "oneman army."He would dispatch his opponents with either fist fights, weapons or futuristicgadgetry.The Bond films were also adorned with many car chases and Martial Artscombat.
  6. 6. EARLY ACTION 1970’sThe 70’s introduced a gritty dectective and urban crime dramas shaped the anew ‘action style’Movies like Dirty Harry (1971) entailed featured the convention of intense carchase inspired by the popular stunt work in previous the Bond films. Moviesdismissed western themes and showed that the modern world offered just asmuch glamour, excitement, and potential for violence as the old west.These films brpught an end of the prolific "cowboys and Indians" era of filmwesterns.long with this change came the major introduction to Martial Arts Action. Movieslike You Only Live Twice, enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris
  7. 7. DEVELOPING ACTION 1970’S A gate way to a new culture wass exposed as audiences were facinated by martial art films in 1970’s The cross-pollenization of genres (such as spy-films and war movies, or westerns and detective dramas) would become the norm in the 1980s. It should also be notedhowever, that the 1970s saw the introduction of martial-arts film to western audiences.
  8. 8. DEVELOPING ACTION COW BOY TO COPS Again the genre made changes to cater to the far from niche audience. The gritty cop feel became popularbecause it was within belief. The bond era created a new field to see authority and underground villains. Theaudience mainly at this time was men 25+ as it attracted them a hard hitting edgy feeling.
  9. 9. SHAPING ACTION 1980’sThe 1980s would see the action film take over Hollywood to become a dominant form of summerblockbuster; literally "the action era" popularized by strong male. Movies like lethal weapons (1989)proved that low-budget plots could attract millions. The one man army attracted loads. Risingcomedian like Eddie Murphy smashed box office records with the action-comedy in 48hrs. Moreaction movies added comedy roles in the film. As more ethnicitys got introduced to action moviesmore audiences became bigger fans in general, more African Americans were more accepted inblock busters due to the culture change.Mors stunt were introduced, more explosions and bigger budgets became the norm.
  10. 10. Shaping ACTION More family friendly?The comedy elements in action has increased to attractmore audience. Action with comedy makes an action moviemore accessible for more females and a younger audienceas its takes less stress from the fast paced actionthroughout the film.More ethnic groups were introduced to action movies toattract more the one man army theme also attracted moreand more as well known Hollywood stars began appearingin films.
  11. 11. ACTION 1990’sThe 90’s became and era of sequels to the successful action movies from the 80’s.Hybrid action was also created; western films were joined by spy movies and urbanaction parody movies.The revolution in CGI (computer generated imagery) changed the “real-world" settingsbecome new futuristic environments.The success of the many Dirty Harry and James Bond sequels had proven that a singlesuccessful action film could lead to a continuing action franchise. Thus the 1980s and1990s saw a rise in both budgets and the number of sequels a film could generally have.Where in earlier decades, sequels were frowned upon by most filmmakers and filmgoersalike, the 1980s saw a serious effort on the part of studios and their stars to not onlyattempt to capture the magic one more time, but to continually top what had come before.This basic drive led to an increasing desire on the part of many filmmakers to create newtechnologies that would allow them to beat the competition by taking audiences to newheights of roller-coaster-like fantasy. The success of Batman (1989) led to a string offinancially successful sequels, and within a single decade, had proven the viability of anew sub-genre of action film; the comic-book movie.
  12. 12. ACTION 2000’s-present FemalesIn the 2000’s we saw woman starring in more action movies, these movies became majorblockbusters as they appealed to a greater audience. Earlier films in the 90’s had a fewhits with female leads in the 2000s females watched because the protagonist werewoman added a common sense of equality to films that are typically male dominated.Movies like Charlie angels (2000) starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liuand the hit in Lara Croft :The Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie (2001)Now its not ushockingto see a female lead but most still have a starring dominant malelead.
  13. 13. ACTIONand stunts 2000’s-present Villains, gadgetsOld action movies saw American gangsters or Russian villains because they were seenas the threat. In 2000’s after the 9/11 tragic terrorist attacks middle eastern charactersjoined the list to villains as were a new threat.Gadgets are becoming more futuristic, the gadgets have become symbolic. Stunts havebecome more exaggerated and with bigger budgets and new technology they havebecome bigger. With new technology the impossible became possible. Some actionmovies still use classic weapons and classic stunts to add different touch. More actionmovies include