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Catalan traditions and customs
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Catalan traditions and customs


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presentation by Aina M. in Meeting 3 in Sweden

presentation by Aina M. in Meeting 3 in Sweden

Published in: Technology, Travel
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  • 1. True or False? Topics and myths about Catalan traditions
  • 2. True or False?
    • The typical Catalan dance is Flamenco...
  • 3. False!
    • Our traditional dance is Sardana!
  • 4. True or False?
    • Our traditional pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) has the tomato cut on it
  • 5. False!
    • The tomato is just rubbed!
  • 6. True or False?
    • An old tradition for celebrations is to dress up as a devil and dance under fireworks
  • 7. True!
    • We call it "correfoc" and it's very popular!
  • 8. True or False?
    • We've got bullfighting as an optional subject at school.
  • 9. False!
    • Bullfighting is forbidden in Catalonia, and the last show will be at the end of this year.
  • 10. True or False?
    • The national day, 11th of September, commemorates a defeat.
  • 11. True!
    • It was the day in 1974 when Catalonia lost its independence against Spain. We celebrate it to remind us that we can lose but we'll keep on fighting.
  • 12. True or False?
    • Our flag has a bloody origin...
  • 13. True!
    • There's a medieval legend which says that Guifré el Pilós (Wilfred the hairy), Earl of Barcelona, was injured of death after a great battle. But he fought bravely, and the French king asked him what did he want. Guifré said "I want a flag for my people", so the king put four fingers in the wound of the Earl and marked forever our history in Guifré's golden shield.
  • 14. True or False?
    • The most popular football team in Catalonia is RCD Espanyol...
  • 15. False!
    • Of course, it's the Barça!
  • 16. True or False?
    • Our typical hat is this:
  • 17. False!
    • It's this, it is called Barretina.
  • 18. True or False?
    • In Vic we have the best llangonissa (cold sausage) of the world...
  • 19. True!
    • No comments, just come and taste it!
  • 20. True or False?
    • In the traditional parties, we drink directly from the bottles.
  • 21. False!
    • We use a porró, it looks like this...
    And you drink like this...
  • 22.