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Published in: Education

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  • 1. SESSION 1 1. Which of these seas can you find in Europe? Where are they? Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Black Sea Mediterranean Sea Caspian Sea Red Sea 2. Can you name 6 historic cities in Europe? Where are they? _____________ in ___________ _____________ in ___________ _____________ in ___________ _____________ in ___________ _____________ in ___________ _____________ in ___________ 3. Can you name 2 rivers? __________ _____________ 4. Watch the video and answer the following:  The land in Europe is ________ which means that is: a) good for farming b) bad for farming  Europe's climate is mainly __________.  Europe's longest river is __________.  Europe can be divided into two: ___________ Europe and _________ Europe. 5. In groups, try to locate all the countries that belong to Europe:  Albania  Andorra  Armenia  Austria  Azerbaijan  Belarus  Belgium  Bosnia & Herzegovina  Bulgaria  Canada  Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia  Finland  France  Georgia  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Iceland  India  Ireland  Italy  Japan  Laos  Latvia  Liechtenstein  Lithuania  Luxembourg  Macedonia  Malta  Moldova  Monaco  Montenegro  The Netherlands  Norway  Poland  Portugal  Romania  Russia  San Marino  Serbia  Slovakia  Slovenia  Sri Lanka  Spain  Syria  Sweden  Switzerland  Turkey  Ukraine  United Kingdom  Vatican City 6. Now test your classmates knowledge! 7. How much do you know? Take the test in you can try as many times as you want, when you're happy with the result, take a screenshot of your highscore and send it to
  • 2. SESSION 2 1. Can you think of at least 3 landmarks in Europe? _____________ in __________________ _____________ in __________________ _____________ in __________________ 2. Watch the video and write down all the landmarks you can: Eiffel Tower in _____________ ____________ in ________________ ____________ in ________________ ____________ in __________, Italy ____________ in __________, Greece 3. In groups of 4, look for other European Landmarks. 1. find interesting facts about them 2. recommend them to people according to their likes 3. add them in our thinglink: Resources: SESSION 3 In groups, Plan the perfect trip! Listen you your client's likes and dislikes and plan the perfect holiday. Then, using voki record yourselves. Example: permalink: I'm from Russia. I want to travel around Europe. I want to see the Berlin wall and some castles. I also want to swim so a place near the coast would be nice. You could start by going to Germany to visit the Berlin Wall. Then, you could visit Scotland where there are lots of castles such as the Edinburgh castle. Finally, you could visit Spain's coast cities like Barcelona and Tarragona where you could enjoy the warm weather and the beaches..
  • 3. GROUP 1 GROUP 2 GROUP 3 I'm from Portugal. I want to travel around Europe. I want to see birds. I also want to go hiking so a place with mountains would be nice. I'm from Iceland. I don't want to travel too much. I want to relax in the beach and see some churches. I want to sunbath so a place with high temperatures would be nice. I'm from Greece. I want to travel around northern Europe. I want to see important buildings and museums. I don't want to go to the beach. A place with low temperatures would be nice.