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Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3
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Sales Insights, Volumes 1 2 And 3


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Sales Insights, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, by Marshall W. Northcott

Sales Insights, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, by Marshall W. Northcott

Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • "Sales Insights is an excellent read for any
    • person in business.  Read this book and
    • you too will find powerful principles and
    • insightful questions that are woven
    • together with simple, practical and
    • inspirational messages.  Without a doubt,
    • my business has benefited because of
    • it.  Thank you!“
    • Darren Henry,
    • Professional Speaker
    • 2001, 2002 World Clydesdale
    • Triathlon Champion
  • 2. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • “ Marshall’s introduction to AirBoss Rubber
    • Compounding occurred at the same time that we were
    • researching sales training from the Canadian
    • Professional Sales Association. We were impressed
    • that he had served as a facilitator for their Skills for
    • Sales Success Course at Durham College. Quoting
    • from Tom Peters’ latest book, “Re-Imagine”,
    • Marshall gets it! He brings hands on knowledge that
    • cuts to the essential elements of sales and personal
    • relationships. Attend his training seminars and you
    • will find the hours flow by before you know it, due to
    • his unique and interesting delivery. Quoting again
    • from Peters’ book, “this guy is cool.” He will help
    • any individual or company that is striving to improve
    • their sales efforts”
    • John Tomins, Vice President Sales & Marketing
    • AirBoss Rubber Compounding
  • 3. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ Marshall’s passion and introspect
    • for sales excellence shines through
    • in his latest book Sales Insights,
    • Volume 3. Any sales professional
    • dedicated to continuous skill
    • refinement and personal
    • improvement will benefit from the
    • easy-to-use format that keeps you
    • focused on your goals of balanced
    • success.”
    • Elliot C. Bender, VP Business
    • Development, NAVASTONE Inc.
  • 4. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • "Marshall's vision and courage, his
    • ability to prevail coupled with his
    • desire to share his many years of
    • insightful knowledge is finally
    • disclosed within.  Accept this as a
    • rare stone and enjoy the wealth of
    • knowledge."
    • Bill Zinger, President
    • The Kissner Group
  • 5. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • "Sales Insights, Vol. 2 is the perfect tool for any
    • sales professional to carry with them.  Whether you
    • are waiting for an appointment, early to meet a
    • client, or getting ready for a presentation, Sales
    • Insights will give you the tools you need to get into
    • the right frame of mind to build your success in
    • sales.  For the competitive advantage you are
    • seeking, carry a copy of Sales Insights, Vol. 2
    • around with you!"
    • Rory Sheehan, B.A., B.Ed., M.B.A.
    • Senior Trainer, Positive Strategies Inc.
    • Author of Beyond Conscious Awareness
  • 6. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ Sales Insights Volume 3 will launch your selling
    • career! A mega-hit book with page after page of
    • valuable information guaranteed to help you serve
    • more and sell more! Marshall shares realistic sales
    • insights and rock solid recommendations to
    • sharpen your competitive edge. It triggers your
    • creative genius, keeps you on your toes and
    • motivates you to maximize your potential.  It’s
    • hard-hitting, down-to-earth and entertaining – a
    • book you’ll read again and again to map out your
    • personal road to success. Armed with added drive,
    • determination and knowledge this book is a must-
    • read and a keeper!”
    • Iona Rodricks, Marketing Director
    • SQL Systems Inc.
  • 7. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • "Whether through his sales training
    • presentations or his writing, Marshall
    • Northcott inspires people to reach their
    • goals!"
    • Nick Manioudakis
    • National Sales Manager
    • Stoeger Canada
    • (2003 Canadian National Champion,
    • Practical Pistol Shooting, Master Class
    • Shooter and Instructor)
  • 8. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • "The Reid's Heritage Group utilizes a
    • number of consultants and institutions for
    • our training needs.  Marshall Northcott is
    • among the best and staff who have
    • attended his sessions have come away
    • motivated and inspired."
    • Jackie Krysko
    • Director, Marketing & Sales
    • Reid’s Heritage Group
  • 9. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ Sales Insights, Volume 3, follows in the same
    • vein as Volumes 1 and 2. It provides great
    • tips and helpful reminders that any sales
    • person can use to be more successful. As a
    • Certified Sales Professional, I can honestly
    • say that Marshall has hit a home run with
    • Sales Insights, Volume 3. Sales people should
    • take a moment to read one of these insights
    • each day. It will definitely have a positive
    • impact on their productivity and success.”
    • John C. Rich, CSP, CPC, DTM,
    • President, Affordable Personnel Services
    • Author of Beyond Relationship Selling
  • 10. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • I have enjoyed reading your "Sales
    • Insights." Your topics have been
    • well chosen and serve as useful
    • reminders of generic skills required
    • to be successful in sales.
    • Peter Knee, C.F.O.
    • Citicapital Canada
  • 11. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • "Marshall Northcott is a highly motivated,
    • energetic and enthusiastic individual who uses
    • those personality traits to motivate others.
    • Marshall’s wisdom and use of humor in each of
    • his insights will inspire you. I am positive that
    • Sales Insights, Volume 2 will exceed your
    • expectations to the very end!"
    • Eric O'Grady, Director of Financing
    • Two Stage Innovation Inc.
    • Recipient of The Business Development Bank of
    • Canada’s (2003)Young Entrepreneur of the Year
    • Award for Ontario
  • 12. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ The success of any business is dependent on
    • the execution of a well-formulated plan. I was
    • always taught this, but the more my career
    • progressed the more I realized its importance on
    • my own. Sales Insights, Volume 3 provides the
    • fundamental tools for people in sales, and
    • people within every department of an
    • organization for that matter, to plan and
    • succeed. Congratulations Marshall on
    • Continuously illustrating those tools in an easy-
    • to-read manner. This volume, in addition to the
    • first two of the series, is a “must have!” Thank
    • you.”
    • Tasos Stathopoulos, Canadian Reg. Sls. Mgr.
    • Bessey Tools North America
  • 13. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • As President of an engineering firm I
    • wear many hats.  Your Sales Insights
    • have benefited me in many ways both
    • personally and professionally.  I have
    • learned many techniques and ideas
    • about working with customers, which
    • have made me a more successful
    • entrepreneur.  Thanks for sharing your
    • Insights, keep up the great job!
    • Ross Corindia, President
    • floMATION Engineering
  • 14. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • As someone who is new to sales the
    • information contained within Sales
    • Insights has been invaluable to
    • me.  Each article is concise and neatly
    • packaged which makes it easy to put to
    • immediate use.  The concepts in this
    • book have helped me to raise my performance
    • and have quickly helped me to become a valued
    • member of our sales team.
    • Mark Stevens
    • Technical Sales Representative,
    • Industrial Products
    • Airboss Rubber Compounding
  • 15. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ A career in sales is filled with hills
    • and valleys.  Keeping a positive attitude
    • at all times, making and keeping a plan
    • are integral parts to a salesperson's
    • success.  Sales Insights, Volume 3, like
    • the first two, is full of bullets to
    • reinforce these two key principles.  It’s
    • a great handbook for people who want
    • to differentiate themselves.  Keep up the
    • good work, Marshall!”
    • Keith Church, Broker/Owner
    • Prudential Grand Valley Realty
  • 16. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • Every body is selling something, whether it is a
    • newborn infant that is hungry or cold looking
    • for attention from its mother, to the young man
    • proposing to his fiancé or a highly skilled sales
    • agent at the pinnacle of his career.  Sales
    • Insights, is the pocket play book for all
    • business people, it contains all the nuggets you
    • would need for learning for the first time,
    • developing and honing your business style, or a
    • refresher for a valuable skill set that you already
    • possess.
    • Good work Marshall on a fresh new vision... A
    • must read for Independent Business People.
    • Jeff Piper
    • InterBIZ Business Systems
  • 17. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • I have read a lot of motivational and business books
    • written by many authors. Many of them you are
    • very familiar with from Napoleon Hill to Robert
    • Kiyosaki plus many others. All of them are very
    • successful and well known. It must have been a
    • great challenge to come up with a book, which
    • captures readers in a different way.......You have
    • done it!
    • I can see people reaching for this book any time
    • they have doubts. It is inspiring and straight
    • forward. It can bring people on the right track and
    • help them to stay focused. The short chapters are
    • very clever.....a page or two can change our
    • attitude.......Great Job!
    • Sebastian Pawlak, Account Manager
    • Kissner Group
  • 18. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • says all the things you
    • wish you had time to tell
    • your team!”
    • Robin Todd, President
    • Marks Supply Inc.  
  • 19. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • Sales Insights, Volume 1 is gold! Not one ounce of
    • "fluff" just the honest to goodness truth. All sales
    • people should read and master these techniques even
    • the old pro's who just need a refresher. It's all about
    • attitude and behavior which when properly channeled, is an
    • unstoppable force.  You lay these techniques out in a logical
    • and motivating way and to be honest, your book is a guide
    • for quality of life beyond business. No it's not easy
    • becoming successful, it’s a process and in the end, it is the
    • process with its ups and downs that we really enjoy not the
    • end goal. Over the past fifteen years in business, we have
    • modeled our company after your system. We are on track
    • to reach new targets, which has been a challenge in
    • somewhat questionable economy. Keep up the good work!
    • Ron Maizis, CPC, General Manager
    • Maizis & Miller Consultants
  • 20. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • Please accept my congratulations on a great book! This
    • book in not only for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and
    • Sales Professionals as stated on the cover, but is for anyone
    • in any type of sales environment. I am the Parts Manager
    • in an automobile dealership and after reading your book, I
    • can see many topics that can and will be advantageous to
    • myself as well as my staff in order to help increase sales in
    • my department.
    • This is a well thought out book and very easy to read,
    • understand and apply. Each topic is full of common sense
    • and practical information. This is a great book for anybody
    • who has been in sales for any length of time to use as a
    • refresher or for the first time sales person to understand the
    • important day to day practices that are needed to become
    • successful.
    • Glenn Holtzhauer, Parts Manager
    • Cambridge Toyota
  • 21. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ I have thoroughly enjoyed all three volumes of Sales
    • Insights from Marshall. I found them to be very easy to
    • read, to the point and very motivational for all people
    • involved in a sales organization. Even experienced sales
    • professionals will gain valuable information and reminders
    • from these books that we all need, to help us grow both
    • professionally and in our personal lives.
    • Sales Insights are now standard issue for any new employee
    • that joins our company in both our sales and internal
    • departments. We then use the books in Marshall’s ongoing
    • motivational seminar program as part of our training,
    • support and commitment to our staff.
    • Another winner, Marshall!”
    • Jerry Dunn, President & CEO
    • Burkert Contromatic Inc.
  • 22. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • The articles in Sales Insights are
    • as much inspirational as they are
    • entertaining and informative.
    • Thank-you for your support and
    • for making a wonderful
    • difference in my life and the lives
    • of many others. Keep up the good
    • work!
    • Ron Downey, President
    • Total Performance Ltd.
  • 23. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • I have subscribed to Marshall Northcott’s, “Weekly Sales
    • Insights” for over a year. I’m a member of Toastmasters
    • International, an organization dedicated to helping its members
    • learn the arts of speaking, listening and thinking more effectively.
    • When it seems most needed a subject that will help members of my
    • club pops up in my mail box. I’ve been able to share the insights
    • to encourage, motivate and inspire individuals to apply the
    • knowledge they have to achieve their goals.
    • I purchased two copies of “Sales Insights, Volume 1”; one for
    • myself and one for my son who is in the marketing field. I’ve read
    • the book and on each page found a gem of information. It’s easy
    • to read and a great reference source.
    • I'm delighted that Volume 2 is now published.  Marshall's insights
    • are truly inspirational, easy to apply and will help anyone realize
    • their dreams."
    • Judy Laythorpe, DTM
    • Fort St. John, British Columbia
  • 24. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • "Being an entrepreneur can be challenging to
    • say the least. The structured approach to
    • breaking down selling and the sales process
    • shines through from start to finish in Sales
    • Insights, Volume 3. An engaging and
    • enlightening read with simple ideas and easy
    • to follow systematic approaches that will
    • certainly help business owners and sales
    • professionals excel in business. An excellent
    • sales professional’s guide and reference that
    • warrants a decisive two thumbs up! A must
    • read for both the novice and veteran
    • salesperson alike.”
    • Stephen M. Kane, President, CEO
    • Direct Office Equipment Inc.
  • 25. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • Your Sales Insights are great and we
    • would appreciate your permission to
    • share them via our internal resource
    • centre with our Print Three
    • franchisees. We have 70 print shop
    • locations across Canada. We are
    • certain that your sales tips would be
    • beneficial to everyone in our network.
    • Marlane Davis
    • Print Three Franchising Corporation
  • 26. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • "Sales Insights, Volume 2, is a powerfully
    • written and easy to follow guide for sales
    • techniques and life in general.  It's brief,
    • yet information packed chapters make it
    • not only enjoyable to read, but they make
    • it simple to train and educate yourself
    • daily.  Marshall has done it once
    • again!  He has made Sales Insights 2 a
    • winner, just like Volume 1"
    • Rob J. Nickel C.T.M./C.L.
    • President/C.E.O. - LegalTunes
  • 27. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ Marshall Northcott is filled
    • with talent and tenacity. In his
    • latest book Sales Insights, Vol.
    • 3, he offers 61 opportunities to
    • get focused on what matters in
    • sales. Read one a day or
    • devour it all at'll
    • hunger for more!”
    • Wendy Baetz, District Sales
    • Manager (former)
    • Verizon SUPERPAGES
  • 28. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • Marshall, I am fairly new to
    • enterprising and of all the different
    • resources available to me, I find
    • your articles immensely helpful
    • because they are important, to the
    • point and clearly defined.
    • Pavel Zeman, President
    • Remoska InterTrade Avenue Inc.
  • 29. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • Sales Insights is such a treat. Marshall has
    • captured what we need; a book filled with “the 5
    • minute read” to get us going on a grey day. It’s
    • simple, direct and on target. The insights are
    • motivational, inspirational and sometimes simply a
    • reminder. I suggest all Sales Managers use this
    • tool for their team. Give it as a reward to new
    • sales trainees, or as a thank you to an experienced
    • pro. We all can use and benefit from this sharing.
    • Glenn Cunningham, Broker/Manager
    • Realty Executives Plus Ltd., Wasaga Beach ON
  • 30. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ As I read through Sales Insights, Volume 3, I came to
    • one conclusion, strange as it may sound, but, "Sales“
    • is not your #1 focus!  Your main focus is "changing
    • lives" and "helping people to help themselves" which
    • has happened to me personally. You turned the light
    • on! Now I can clearly and truthfully see and
    • evaluate actions, consequently, control and adjust
    • reactions and my mind setting is: "I'm in
    • Control" thanks to you Marshall.  As you always say,
    • "People will forget what you said or did, but they will
    • always remember how you made them feel".  You and
    • your books make people feel that they are destined for
    • success, and provide the means to achieve it as well.”
    • Sahar Abdel Sayed, Sales Representative
    • Prudential Grand Valley Realty
  • 31. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • Thank you for your Sales Insights.
    • Sales can be frustrating & your
    • articles seem to give me a boost to
    • press on & not give up!!!
    • Alison Whittaker
    • Account Manager
    • EHC Inc.
  • 32. Sales Insights, Volume 2
    • “ I loved both books, they were very
    • enjoyable to read and the concepts were
    • easy to understand. Sales Insights,
    • Volumes 1 and 2 were very informative
    • and inspiring. The knowledge doesn’t just
    • apply to sales so it can be applied in both
    • your personal and professional life. A
    • great refresher for anyone involved in
    • sales!”
    • Lisa Collier, Sales Coordinator
    • In-House Solutions Inc.
  • 33. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • "Sales Insights is more than
    • just sales and business
    • practices!  It is about personal
    • leadership and effective
    • working relationships.  It is a
    • great handbook for people in
    • all fields!
    • Debbie Wang, M.S.W.,
    • R.S.W. – Social
    • Worker/Counsellor
  • 34. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ I was pleasantly surprised that Sales Insights, Volume
    • 2 was such an easy read. I work at an international
    • thrift store and was overwhelmed with tidbits of very
    • useful information about customer service and sales.
    • The book does not necessarily need to be solely for
    • salespeople but has great philosophies for living
    • personal lives as well. The main line of sales is
    • customers and from your book I learned so much. I
    • know the customer is our bread and butter. If a
    • customer leaves your place of business feeling like they
    • were treated as THE customer rather than a customer
    • they would most assuredly tell others how great they
    • were treated. A satisfied customer is great free
    • advertising. Thank you for such a great book, I look
    • forward to Volume 3!”
    • Joe Lethbridge
  • 35. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • “ Your articles are insightful and full of practical
    • information that should be either second nature or
    • common sense to anyone in the sales (or other
    • business) field. Courtesy, good manners and
    • common sense are the underlying foundation for
    • many of your strategies.  The first two are learned
    • behaviors, which aren't offered as part of an MBA
    • and common sense is NOT all that common.  Your
    • strategies introduce and reinforce good habits or
    • ideas, which always leave me with a more positive
    • outlook.  Thank you and keep up the good work!”
    • Veronica A. (Ronnie) Levasseur
  • 36. Sales Insights, Volume 3
    • “ How does one become a seasoned pro in
    • the sales industry? How does one get real
    • enjoyment from their work and make the
    • kind of income that will meet their
    • objectives? It is through a success
    • attitude followed by good sales skills and
    • a strong motivation to action. I have
    • found Marshall’s material to help in all
    • three areas. His thoughts are clear, basic
    • and insightful. Good work Marshall!”
    • Bob Adams, CFP MTS
    • L’eau Vivante Inc.
  • 37. Sales Insights, Volume 1
    • These are well written articles that
    • make people think about how it
    • affects their day-to-day practices.
    • I'm sure that your sales insights have
    • made us all a little better at what we
    • do, no matter if it is sales,
    • management or any other career.
    • Bob MacLeod, Quality Manager
    • Advance Precision Ltd.