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  2. 2. Agenda
  3. 3. Agenda Problems Two Different Economies Effective Vs Ineffective Job Search Methods What You Can Do Networking Skills Follow-Up
  4. 4. What Are the Problems No Jobs No One Hiring Not Getting Calls for Interviews Economy is Bad Jobs Going Overseas Too Many People Out of Work Jobs Don’t Pay
  5. 5. Effects of Unemployment No Money No Fun Worry and Fear Lose Sleep Can’t Pay Bills Can’t Look For Work Losing Possessions
  6. 6. I Can’t Get a Job Because… Too Old Too Young Too Much Experience Not Enough Experience No Skills No Training Physical Limitations Felony Conviction
  7. 7. A Different Thought
  8. 8. Then Versus Now
  9. 9. Two Different Economies Good Economy Bad EconomyUnemployment Rate below 5% Unemployment Rate 8% to 9%Employers Can’t Find People Many Qualified People UnemployedFast Food Paying $10/hour Too Much CompetitionNew Employees Sign On Bonus Get Good People at a Bargain
  10. 10. Job Hunting Then See Ad Apply Interview Get Job
  11. 11. Job Hunting Now See Ad? Apply?
  12. 12. What Happened to Then? Unemployment Rate10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  13. 13. Effective Methods to Find Work Other, 10 Agencies, 12 Informal - Contacts & Want Ads, 14 Networking, 63
  14. 14. Job Hunting Now Phone/Go Meet People Follow-Up Interview Follow-Up Offer
  15. 15. Follow-Up Thank You Note Person Calls Email
  16. 16. Job Hunting Now Phone/Go Meet People Follow-Up Interview Follow-Up Offer
  17. 17. Least Effective Methods
  18. 18. Least Effective Methods Applying online Filling out applications Dropping off resumes Temp Agencies/Recruiters Government Agencies
  19. 19. Common Thread Someone else will do the job hunt for you Someone else will find you a job Someone else will do this
  20. 20. You Must Take Responsibility Contacts Other Me Network Agencies
  21. 21. Most Effective Methods
  22. 22. Time to Do Something Different! You Can Do This Yourself! You Must Do This Yourself! If Someone Can Help You, Fine Has Anyone Done This For You?
  23. 23. Most Effective Methods Networking Contact Development Follow-Up
  24. 24. Networking Put the Word Out Friends, Family, and People You Know Develop a List of Everyone You Know Call or Email/Social Media or Go and See Them Networking Groups Job Fairs Professional Associations & Organizations Clubs and Social Groups Bring Your Positive! Don’t Bring Your Problems!
  25. 25. Contact Development LinkedIn Cold Calls Warm Calls In Person, Phone, Email Follow-Up
  26. 26. Job Hunting Now Phone/Go Meet People Follow-Up Interview Follow-Up Offer
  27. 27. Do Not Ask If They Are Hiring They All Say “No”
  28. 28. I Know You Are Not Hiring, But When might you be hiring? What do you look for when you are hiring? What skills and training? What experience and background? Do you have any turnover? Do you know when in the future you might? Do you have any suggestions for me?
  29. 29. Goal of the Contacts Build a Relationship! You Them
  30. 30. Networking Skills/Contact Skills Be Early Look Nice Smell Nice Act Positive Talk Positive Leave Your Negative at Home Do Your Homework
  31. 31. Networking Skills/Contact Skills
  32. 32. 30 Second Pitch Sometimes call Elevator Speech Position of Interest Years/Months Experience Education Skills Personality All Related to the Position of Interest
  33. 33. Networking Questions What do you look for in a good worker in this field? What skills are important for success in this field? What training and school would you suggest? What personality traits are important for success? How many people are employed here in this field? How often does this employer hire someone for this field? Is this industry expected to grow? What is the starting salary and after 1 year? What are the physical requirements? Can you give me the names of two other people in this field as knowledgeable as you? Based on my skills, how would a person like me fit into this field?
  34. 34. Follow-Up Email/Letter/Card Always ask, when should I check back? Check back Never take, we will call you
  35. 35. Keep Going
  36. 36. LinkedIn Grad Guide
  37. 37. LinkedIn Grad Guide
  38. 38. Keep Going Don’t Quit Don’t Give-Up Don’t Surrender Keep Trying One Day at a Time One Step at a Time One Thing at a Time
  39. 39. The End