Secrets To Belly Fat Lost Fast And Perminant


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Are you on a quest to learn how to get ripped abs? Losse those unwanted punds. Most people fail in their goal to reach that
elusive six pack, but I'm about to arm you with some golden tips on how to get ripped abs. Fast Effective Methods That Will Get You Looking Ripped And Hot!

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Secrets To Belly Fat Lost Fast And Perminant

  1. 1. How I Make Quick Cash From Betfair by Kristian JackmanIf youve been with me for even just a short period of time youll know Im obsessed with long termprofits.Its no use jumping from one thing to another. Youll never win anything that way. You have toinvest, not gamble.But sometimes all we really want is some quick cash.Im not talking thousands here (although it could be depending on your stakes), I just mean a quick£10-50 at a time for a few minutes “work”.And Betfair is perfect for this.Obviously Im talking about trading.This is more popular than it has ever been. And its simply because it can be a nice little earner.But most people associate trading with hours of watching Betfair screens scalping a few pounds at atime.Not much of a living!But it doesnt have to be that way.A few years ago I developed a strategy that literally took just a couple of minutes to execute, andworked time and time again.More on that later.But first lets talk about a more well-known trading strategy.When it comes to Betfair trading most people think of WOM (Weight Of Money).This strategy has been around since Betfair began and many punters still use it today. Otherstrategies have come and gone but WOM continues to be popular.However I have my doubts about WOM trading which Ill get into in a minute.First, for those of you that dont know, Ill explain the principles of WOM trading in more detail. What is WOM Trading?As youll know Betfair is a dynamic market and the odds for the horses are constantly changing,moving both up and down.
  2. 2. The reason for the change in price is simple – supply and demand.Lets look at an example to show how this works.The screen-shot below shows the Betfair screen for a race at Ripon. This screen-shot was taken 5minutes before the race was due to start:Take at look at the second favourite Hunterview.The current best odds to back this horse are 4.5 and the best odds to lay this horse are 4.7.To the untrained eye you wouldnt know which way the price was going to move would you?But lets look a little deeper.We can see that on the blue back side there is £958 in unmatched lay bets.Whilst on the pink lay side there is £335 in unmatched back bets.In other words there are more people trying to lay this horse than back it at this particular point intime.Obviously the punters laying the horse will want the lowest price possible, but if they request toolow a price they will not get matched.So these layers with unmatched bets will have to increase their asking price and stumble over oneanother in a bid to get matched.This will have an effect of pushing up the odds on the horse, temporarily at least.
  3. 3. To put it simply if more people are trying to lay a horse than back it then the price will rise and viceversa.The screen-shot below shows the Betfair screen for the same race less than a minute later:As you can see just as predicted the odds on Hunterview have increased so now the best backingprice is 5.5 and the best laying price is 5.6.In other situations there will be more people trying to back a horse than lay it and the price willcome down.WOM trading is simply about spotting these situations and profiting accordingly.If you think the price on a horse is going to rise then you would lay it first and then back it when theprice has gone up.On the other hand if you thought the price was going to fall you would back the horse first and lay itsecond.Lets use the above example to show the profit potential.We thought the odds on Hunterview were going to rise so we would have placed a lay bet first atodds of 4.7 for say £100.This would mean if the horse lost we would win £100 profit and if the horse won he would lose£370.When the price increases as in the second screen-shot we would then have placed a back bet at 5.5for also £100.
  4. 4. Taking this back bet in isolation we would lose £100 if the horse lost and win £450 profit if it won.Taking both these bets together:If the horse wins: We win £450 from our winning back bet and lose £370 from our losing lay bet =£80 profit.If the horse loses: We win £100 from our winning lay bet and lose £100 from our losing back bet =£0.As you can see in this scenario we have guaranteed ourselves a free bet and if we had altered thestakes slightly we could have guaranteed ourselves a profit on every horse in the race (this is calledGreening-Up.)So now that you’ve know how WOM trading works, you may be thinking...“Hey, Kris, I didnt think you were a fan of WOM trading…it looks pretty profitable to me.”Well like I said before many punters have made RIDICULOUS amount of money using thisstrategy over the past few years.But times change and what once worked several years ago is not going to have the same effecttoday for regular punters. Heres Why WOM Trading For The Regular Punter Is Doomed In Todays Betfair MarketFor all the profits that have been made by punters using this strategy there are still glaring problemswith this method of trading: 1. Increased Liquidity The Weight of Money indicator tells us the amount of money currently available in the market which we can use to make an educated guess at which way the price will move. However it doesnt tell us how much money is about to enter the market. The amount of punters using Betfair has risen dramatically over the past couple of years and this added liquidity makes the odds more volatile. The liquidity on Betfair is impossible to predict and all it takes is a big influx of money into the market for our trade to go completely against us. In the example I used above the two screen-shots were taken less than a minute apart, yet in that time over £200,000 flooded into the market. This amount of money could seriously have altered the pattern of the price movement and we could have been stuck with a bad lay bet.
  5. 5. 2. The Need For Speed This naturally follows on from number one. As mentioned previously the liquidity in the market can change in an instant. You may be watching the price rise slowly waiting for your chance to place a back bet and then all of a sudden the odds could move in the opposite direction. You have to be very quick when WOM trading and sometimes you will have to open a close a trade in a matter of seconds. This is not really feasible for a human being and most punters now use betting bots to close their trades. However the most successful punters can now program their betting bots to do all the work for them, by using complicated Visual Basic and Excel formulas. Its hard enough to compete against other people when trading but if youre up against bots it becomes almost impossible. And the majority of regular punters wont have the know-how to program the bots for themselves.3. Market Manipulators Some people have learnt how they can manipulate the market in order to boost their own profits. A market manipulator will try to influence the current odds by entering a large amount of money into one side of the market. He makes sure these bets remain unmatched but still show up on the main Betfair screen. Other traders will then react to this sudden influx of money and the price will either rise or fall. The market manipulator can then back the horse at an artificially raised priced, or lay it an artificially lowered price. Once he has got his real bet matched, he will remove his initial bet from the market, causing the price to tumble back in.4. Boredom For me this is one of the main drawbacks to WOM trading. Even if you manage to overcome the other drawbacks this one will still get you. You see, when WOM trading you basically have to spend your day staring at the Betfair
  6. 6. screen watching all the prices move up and down. Its easy to do for 10 minutes or so but it quickly becomes very tedious. I dont know about you but I would rather spend my spare time doing something other than studying the Betfair screen for profit opportunities.I knew trading was something I wanted to add to my portfolio but I didnt want to spend hours infront of the Betfair screen.I wanted a trading system with laser guided precision... I Wanted To Know Exactly Which Horses I Was Going To Trade On In Advance AND I Wanted To Know Exactly Which Way The Odds Were Going To MoveThis was the tricky piece of the puzzle.I spent several months researching different strategies and I was glued to the Betfair screen for morehours than I would like to admit.Most strategies I came up with fell by the wayside.Either they werent profitable or they took too long to execute.I was about to give up when a very simple idea came to me.At first I thought it was too obvious to work so I nearly didnt even research it.But in the end I decided it was worth a look and I began the laborious process of watching theBetfair screen.The results stunned me.Not only did it work the first time I specifically looked for it but it worked EVERY TIME I watchedthe Betfair screen on that first day.I couldnt quite believe it because it seemed far too simple an idea to have any merit.I suppressed my excitement and told myself it was probably a fluke.But then it worked the next day. And the next day after that.After weeks of paper trading then fully committing money, the strategy was working over 90% ofthe time.The results were incredible.Whats more the amount of time I had to spend on the strategy was getting less and less.
  7. 7. I designed a set methodology for the strategy and I was done in minutes rather than hours. The Best Thing Was I Knew Exactly Which Horses I Was Going To Be Trading In The MorningThere was no need to be at the computer all day.I was blown away by how successful and easy it was to implement.I used the strategy myself for a couple of years and then after much persuading from my inner circleI decided to write the methodology down and release it to a few select punters.That was two years ago now and Ive not taught it since.(And the strategy works just as well today as it did when I first discovered it. In fact its even moreprofitable today due to the increased liquidity on Betfair.)Recently Ive received quite a number of enquiries from my students wanting to know a way ofmaking quick cash from Betfair.And I knew my trading strategy was perfect for this.So Ive decided its time to teach the strategy again.But as ever this will be limited.Im only going to be offering this to my personal customers. This wont be on offer anywhere else.And whats more Im going to have to limit the number I teach the strategy to.If too many people enter the market with the same strategy at the same time the odds could beaffected.So Ive decided to teach the method to just 100 punters.I pretty much always trade on the favourite, where most of the liquidity is, so 100 extra punterswont make a difference. *NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART*Ill be making manuals detailing the methodology available on Monday 9th January at 11am.I dont know how long it will take for the 100 copies to go, so I cant give you any time frame here,but when they are sold out I will remove the payment link.Keep an eye on your in-boxes over the weekend and be in touch with some more details.Until then happy punting,Kris