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ZyXEL Telco 產品訓練

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  • This slides shows the global VoIP subscribers of 2006. The number of subscribers in Asia, Europe and north America are around the same number. The difference is that Telco and ISP account for 90% of the pies in Asia and Europe, while MSO and pure voice providers are the major player in North America. Our existing customer based in Europe are still the main drives for VoIP deployment.
  • ES-3124: L2+ Fast Ethernet managed switch (24 port 10/100BASE-TX ports + 2 GbE copper port + 2 shared interface (copper / mini-GBIC) Best edge switch for Enterprise and SMB
  • Simple & upgradeable architecture for future biz. Grow
  • ZyXEL Telco solution 200901b

    1. 1. ZyXELNetworking Solution 技術支援部 2009/01
    2. 2. Agenda 1. 合勤科技簡介 1. 合勤科技簡介 2. ZyXEL Success Story 2. ZyXEL Success Story 3. ZyXEL Telco Service Topology 3. ZyXEL Telco Service Topology 4. ZyXEL Networking Solution 4. ZyXEL Networking Solution 5. Q & A 5. Q & A
    3. 3. 合勤科技公司簡介>> The IP Networking Solution Provider
    4. 4. 全球運籌 在地服務 ZyXEL Worldwide Offices Santa Clara 中國無錫 台灣新竹 北歐 北歐 西歐 西歐 東歐 東歐 亞洲 亞洲 美洲 美洲 丹麥 丹麥 英國 英國 捷克 捷克 台灣 台灣 美國 美國 芬蘭 芬蘭 德國 德國 匈牙利 匈牙利 中國 中國 哥斯大黎加 哥斯大黎加 挪威 挪威 法國 法國 哈薩克 哈薩克 日本 日本 瑞典 瑞典 西班牙 西班牙 波蘭 波蘭 泰國 泰國 俄羅斯 俄羅斯 新加坡 新加坡 烏克蘭 烏克蘭 印度 印度全球研發設計中心 : 3 個研發設計中心全球營運據點 : 22 個子公司 /分公司全球銷售據點 : 70 餘國設有代理商 ,產品行銷 150 餘國
    5. 5. 領先技術創造核心競爭力 突破百億
    6. 6. 擁有高素質的研發團隊 研發人力配置 研發人力配置 研發人員學歷分佈 研發人員學歷分佈 High R&D Direct School Ph.D Labor College 31% 1% 1% 31% 7%G&A10% Manufacturing Bachelor Marketing 29% Master 17% 10% 62%
    7. 7. World Wide VDSL Market Share 合勤長年以 VDSL 技術見長並且是全球出貨量龍頭
    8. 8. World Wide IP-DSLAM Market Share 合勤不但台灣是唯一攻入全球主要 DSL 市場之網通設備廠商 ,更是國內少數主導全球市場的品牌業者 IP-DSLAM Ports Shipped IP-DSLAMs Shipped Market YoY Vendor Ports Market Share YoY Change Vendor DSLAM Share Change Huawei 12,717,815 32.86% 19.02% ZyXEL 122,469 28.44% 15.69% Alcatel 7,531,252 19.46% 13.78% Siemens 73,560 17.08% 179.49% ZTE 5,995,263 17.84% Alcatel 61,850 14.36% 773.69% Siemens 3,371,072 8.71% 26.66% NEC 60,720 14.10% 19.12% ZyXEL 2,996,605 7.74% 26.66% Sumitomo 56,391 13.10% 281.94% Other 6,089,255 15.73% 26.66% Other 55,586 12.91% 43.30%Grand Total 38,701,261 100.00% 46.08% Grand Total 430,575 100.00% 76.62% Source: DITTBERNER, 2007
    9. 9. 2007 WW #3 in Residential Gateway by shipment
    10. 10. 亞洲及台灣的綠色環保先驅依據亞洲公司治理協會與里昂證劵所進行的亞洲綠色企業調查 合勤科技排行為台灣第一 與 HSBC , NEC , Posco ,以及 Sharp 並列亞洲第二。
    11. 11. 全球無數專業媒體的推薦
    12. 12. Worldwide Experience
    13. 13. ZyXEL Success Story
    14. 14. CHT FTTx Broadband Access Network
    15. 15. Sparq 速博 Metro Ethernet 網路建置 Internet VPN Application: Add on service IP/MPLS L3 Switch L2 fiber L2 fiber Switch Switch Center Office Customer Customer CPE CPE L2 Access L2 Access Switch SwitchZyXEL 提供高效能的 Advanced Layer 2 Switch ,協助速博快速大量佈建 Metro Ethernet 的網路服務 。
    16. 16. MARKWELL Network ES-3124 ES-3124 ES-3124 ES-3124ES-3124-4F ES-3124-4F ES-3124 ES-3124 Alcatel ES-3124 ES-3124 ES-3124-4F ES-3124-4F GS-3012F
    17. 17. Success story- JapanApplication-FTTB ZyXEL Equipments
    18. 18. Success story- GermanyApplication-FTTB VDSL2 Outdoor Remote FTTB VDSL2 Indoor Remote
    19. 19. ZyXEL Network Solution
    20. 20. 掌握核心技術平台
    21. 21. 產品與服務滿足不同的客戶需求 電信連網服務業者 企業 個人及家庭 >> L2/L3 Switch >> Network Security Appliance >> Security Alert Platform>> Multi-Service IP DSLAM >> ADSL/G.SHDSL/VDSL CPE >> Broadband Router >> Business WLAN Solution>> VDSL Switch >> VoIP CPE >> WLAN AP/Clients >> Hot Spot WLAN Solution>> Edge Switch >> Video/Multimedia CPE >> Desktop Switch >> Central Mgmt Software/Appliance>> GEPON >> Multimedia Auto >> VoIP Device >> Product & Service platform Provisioning Solution >> Central Mgmt Software
    22. 22. DLC 的演進 - 以前 用戶迴路距離限制 已鋪設的銅線維護 Central Office Voice Switch 5Km
    23. 23. DLC 的演進 – 現在 延伸服務範圍 – 因著不同的配置 , 中繼光纖可調整所需距 離長度 . 單一的高速中繼傳輸減少多路用戶設備佈設銅線的成本 Central Office Voice Switch 2 – 70 Km
    24. 24. ZyFLEX Product Line MSAP-CPE FOTRA 155 MSAP2000 OptiCore™ Integrated Fiber Optical Multi Service Element and Access Multiplexer Access Gateway Service Manager Device Prestige 660 ADSL2+ Router FORTA 155 MSAP 2000 4/8/12/16 E1, 240 POTS MSAP Ethernet, V.35 Stackable to 1890 POTS GSH-R Client-Server G.SHDSL – NMS V.35, E1, Ethernet
    25. 25. ZyFLEX DLC Features ZyFLEX MSAP2000 將各種電信局端設備整合在單一系統平台 上,提供電信業者ㄧ個寬頻接取的完整解決方案,透過 FTTx 光纖網路的佈建, MSAP2000 可提供 Voice 、 Data 、 Internet Access 、 Video on Demand 等服務 VoP L2 E1 IP DLC SDH DCS Gateway Switch MUX DSLAM (V5) ADM SDH Gigabit Ethernet TDM IP
    26. 26. ZyFLEX MSAP2000 DLC 產品外觀 19-inch 5U Height General Purpose Slot GBE/ MPM/ Power FXS/FXO/E&M/Pay phone/E1 EOSM/ EPM Supply ADSL/VDSL/G.SHDSL OIM/ Module Ethernet ELM MLTM/V5P/OIM
    27. 27. DLC 多樣性服務 Narrowband Services: POTS,2W/4W E&M, Pay phone ISDN, E1(Nx64 Kbps), G.SHDSL Leased line data service: ADSL, VDSL, G.SHDSL Fully xDSL Solutions: SDH STM-1,STM-4, E1, Gigabit Ethernet Trunking : ETH, ESM(8 ports switch) Ethernet ports: MPM, PSM, ELM, EPM V5P, EoSM, PVM Common modules: Special modules: POTS POTS 2W/4W E&M Pay phone E1  E1(Nx64 kbps)Ethernet SDH STM-1 G.SHDSL(TDM) STM-4 Ethernet V5.2  ADSL VoP Gateway Optical Gigabit Ethernet VDSL L2 Switch G.SHDSL(IP) Ethernet (100/1000M) Ethernet (100M) Ethernet over SDH Layer2 Switch TDM over Ethernet
    28. 28. ZyFLEX MSAP2000 彈性的組網結構
    29. 29. IP Access Network Topology
    30. 30. ZyXEL FTTx solution FTTx + VDSL will be the solution for access network in many areasArchitecture –FTTHSolution – PON Architecture – FTTB + Architecture – FTTC + DSL DSL Solution – ETTH + VDSL2 Solution – PON + VDSL2 (indoor) (outdoor or temperature hardened)
    31. 31. Carrier Ethernet Scope and Expansion 33
    32. 32. MEF Specifications OverviewMEF 9 Abstract Test Suite for Ethernet Services at the UNI Defines the test suite for conformance of Ethernet services and equipment whenPurpose deployed at the UNI Equipment Manufacturers building devices that are designed to conform to MEFAudience Specifications. Service Providers who want to assure their end customers that their services comply with MEF Specifications. Technical Committee Test and Measurement AreaMEF 14 Abstract Test Suite for Traffic Management Phase 1 Defines the requirements and corresponding test procedures for Service PerformancePurpose and Bandwidth Profile Service Attributes that may be specified as part of a Service Level Specification (SLS) for an Ethernet Service Equipment Manufacturers building devices that are designed to conform to MEF Specifications.Audience Service Providers conducting who require that their services comply to MEF Specifications Technical Committee Test and Measurement Area Contents Carrier Ethernet Technical Future Work Marketing Certification Membership 34
    33. 33. ZyXEL 為台灣最早投入並完成 MEF 認證之廠商 90+ 17 Service Providers (MEF 9, 14) Certified Services 320+ Certified Systems 45 Vendors (MEF 9, MEF 14) TM MEFCertification Lab MEF Certified Companies 2008, Q1 35
    34. 34. Typical 10G Ring with XGS-4728F Application
    35. 35. MGS Series Key Features and Benefits Physical Appearance Interface: LEDs: 8 1000Base-T Gigabit copper in MGS-3712 PWR: Green 8 Gigabit SFP in MGS-3712F SYS: Green 4-port dual personality GbE (GbE SFP + 1000Base-T) Alarm Status: Red One 100Base-TX port for out band mgmt, RJ-45 SFP: Green External Alarm Block (4 inputs, 1 output) LNK/ACT: Bi-ColorPower: Temperture:AC/DC dual input Operating: 0 ~ 65℃(100V~240v AC, 50~60Hz, 48V DC) Storage: -10 ~ 70℃
    36. 36. MES-3728 Key Features and Benefits Physical Appearance Interface: LEDs: 24 100Base-T PWR: Green 2-port Gbe Fiber port SYS: Green 2-port dual personality GbE (GbE SFP + 1000Base-T) Alarm Status: Red One 100Base-TX port for out band mgmt, RJ-45 SFP: Green External Alarm Block (4 inputs, 1 output) LNK/ACT: Bi-ColorPower: Temperture:AC/DC dual input Operating: 0 ~ 65℃(100V~240v AC, 50~60Hz, 48V DC) Storage: -10 ~ 70℃
    37. 37. XGS-4728F Key Features and Benefits Physical Appearance Power:Interface: AC or DC Power input24 ports Dual Personality (1000Base-T & 1000BASE SFP) (100V~240V AC, 50~60Hz, -48V DC)2-port 12G Stacking Port Backup power inlet (BPS-120) Stacking indicator up to 19 24 x GbE Dual Personality Optional 10G uplink module Backup power inlet by BPS-12010G Uplink Slot 2 x 12G built-in Out-band management stacking ports EM-422 (2 x port XFP) EM-412 (2 x port CX4)
    38. 38. Riding the Broadband Wave with ZyXEL Multi-Service Access Solutions
    39. 39. EPON Deployment Building/Apartment Resident User 10/100/1000 VoIP/Internet Base-T/SX/LX UNIBroadcast ONU FTTB Broadcast /CDN /CDN FTT ONU H Splitter IP IPNetwork Network OLT VDSL modem L2-VPN L2-VPN VDSL modem VLAN VDSL Priority Queue ONU IGMP MDU
    40. 40. EPON Product Portfolios- Part I OLT Chassis: OLT-2300-12 OLT Pizza box: OLT-1308H (w/o L2 switch) OLT-1308 (w/ L2 switch) ONU-Bridge: ONU-631HA-11/12 ONU-634HA-11/12
    41. 41. EPON Product Portfolios- Part II OLT Pizza box: OLT-1308S-22 ONU-Bridge: ONU-6100B-21/22 ONU-6040B-21/22 ONU-5100B-22 ONU-LAN (MDU): ONU-2024-21
    42. 42. OLT-1308/1308H Fully comply to IEEE802.3ah Max.128 subscribers support 20KM reach distance Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Advanced L2 Switch support (OLT-1308) Remote management Multicast support 802.1x security support
    43. 43. OLT-2300Fully comply to IEEE802.3ahMax. 16 PON ports supportMax. 512 subscribers support20KM reach distanceHot-swappable supportPower redundancyDynamic Bandwidth AllocationRemote managementMulticast support802.1x security support
    44. 44. ONU-634HA-11/12, ONU-631HA-11/12 1* SC type Giga Optical Interface(IEEE802.3ah) Distance:10km(ONU-631HA-11), 20km(ONU-631HA-12) Distance:10km(ONU-634HA-11), 20km(ONU-634HA-12) 1/4* 10/100/1000BASE Ethernet Interface Support OAM or data loop back test Support remote control from OAM channel Fiber Tray (ONU-634HA-11/12) IEEE 802.1x port authentication IEEE 802.1Q VLAN IEEE 802.1p QoS
    45. 45. OLT-1308S-22 Front View Uplink ports (2 GE Out of band RJ45 + 2 GE management Removable Two embedded Combo ports DC module PON ports Alarm Input Hot swappable PON module Console port Hot swappable FAN module
    46. 46. OLT-1308S-22 Introduction OLT-1308S H/W Overview  Mini EPON Chassis (Three PON Modules)  Fan/PON/DC modules are hot swappable  AC/DC redundant power input (optional)  One out of band fast Ethernet management  Completed aggregation switch features  Comply CTC/CNC 2006/6/8 YD/T 1475-2006 EPON specification  Optical link budget : 28 dB  Total OLT-1308S can support up to 256 users
    47. 47. VDSL2 Remote Product Mix  Target market • Target FTTB and FTTC deployment for tier one carriers  Street cabinet, building telecom room, pole, etc.  Product mix IP-based IP/ATM-based In-door VDSL2 VDSL2 24/16-port 24/16-port Temperature hardened Temperature hardened Out-door VDSL2 VDSL2 16/8-port 16/8-port Environmental hardened Environmental hardened
    48. 48. ZyXEL IP Access Product Line-up
    49. 49. ZyXEL MSAN Product Portfolio
    50. 50. FTTN/Ex with IES-5000/5005 SeriesInterface:MSC ( Slot 1 ~ 2): 2 * Management and Switch cards, MSC card redundancy and auto fail overUplink/Subtending: 4 * 100/1000 Base-T or SFP combo design for uplink and subtendingxDSL (Slot 3 ~ 10): Hybrid DSL services – 48-ports & 72-ports ADSL/ADSL2 /ADSL2+, 48-portsSHDSL/SHDSL.bis, 24-ports VDSL2, 48-ports VoIP supportedModules: All Hot-swappableBackplane: Gigabit Backplane design -12G non-blocking switching fabric6.5U 3.5U IES-5005 IES-5000 Interface: Power: MSC (Slot 1): 1 * Management and Switch card Two -36/72V DC power input with Uplink/Subtending: 4 * 100/1000 Base-T or SFP switch for power redundancy xDSL (Slot 2 ~ 5): same as IES-5000
    51. 51. IES-6000 Physical Appearance
    52. 52. MSAN Technology Direction Legacy Network Migration Next Generation Network PSTN V5/G Trunking NMS IPTV R 303 Gateway DDN PSTN Switch Softswitch Voice E1 IP Network V5.2 Edge Router Internet ATM/TDM 10G Ring Networks H.248/SIP 1OG Chassis MSAN STM1/4 Remote MSAN Existing SDH ADM E1 IMA Remote MSAN GE 1G Ring POTS Pay phone FAX SHDSL.Bis ADSL2+ VDSL2 Ethernet PON ONU POTS DSL Fiber
    53. 53. 合勤 高 / 低容量 MSAN 解決方案 高容量 MSAN 低容量 MSAN ALC1248-51 x 13 > 600 ports; ALC1248-51 x 5  240 ports; VLC1324 x 13 > 300 ports; VLC1324 x5  120 ports; VOP1248-61 x 13 > 600 ports VOP1248-61 x5  240 ports
    54. 54. Thanks !