Panaca's Task


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Panaca's Task

  1. 1. Panaca sabanaPresentated by : ronaldo arenales Wilman medina Frankin carvajalteacher: martha roci0 londoñosubject: englishshiFt: morning year: 2012
  2. 2. animals’ sPellingdogs: di,ou,gi,es.Pigs: Pi,ai,gi,es.Flames: eF,el.ei,em,i,es.sheeP: es,eich,i,i,Pi.cattle: ci,ei,ti,ti,el,i.bullFighting:bi,iu,el,el,eF,ai,gi,eich,ti,ai,en, gi.goats: gi,ou,ei,ti,es.horses:eich,ou,ei,ti,es.ostriches: ou,es,ti,ar,ai,ci,eich,i,es.ducks:di,iu,ci,key,es.
  3. 3. descriPtion oF the animals shrek donkey race is a Pinto. it has very long ears. it is White With black sPots. it has very long ears and likes aPPles.
  4. 4. luna luna is a giPsy horse race. ithas very big Feet. it has a verylong coat. it is black With White sPots. it is very large.
  5. 5. mac- Pek mac-Peck is bronks race. it has ahuge lead. it Weighs 1020 Pounds. itis Five years old and it is broWn.
  6. 6. salomonsalomon race is romosinuano. itWeighs 650 kilograms. it is 3 yearsold. it is black With broWn sPots.and it likes the grass.
  7. 7. homerohomero is race harton valley. ithas tWo very long horns. it is 20months old. it has 450 kilograms and likes the grass.
  8. 8. chato chato is charbray race. it has tWo large and White horns. itlikes the grass. it is 4 years old. it Weighs 950 kg.
  9. 9. PingüinoPingüino is race highlander. it has a very long tail. itlikes the grass. it is 2 years old and Weighs 200 kilograms.
  10. 10. tomas tomas is race oF has tWo very long horns. it likes the grass. it is 4 years old and Weighs 800 kilograms.
  11. 11. manzanamanzana is the chinese race santander. it has tWo very long ears. it likes aPPles. it is 9 years old and Weighs 550 kilograms.
  12. 12. mona mona is caq5ueta creolerace. it has tWo very longears. it likes the grass. it is 6 years old and Weighs 520 kilograms.
  13. 13. savannah animals Panacain Panaca sabana there are many animals and many diFFerent sPecies as:dogsPigsFlamessheePcattlebullFightinggoatshorsesostrichesducks
  14. 14. Personal oPiniónWhat We liked oF Panaca sabana Park Was thevery imPortant Pedagogical outPut Welearned things like caring animals, theirsPecies, such as Feeding.We did not like that some PeoPle do not resPectanimals and mistreat them and damage theirhabitat
  15. 15. Panaca sitesvehicular locker, keeP things muleteer bridge,railWay livestock, livestock coliseum, Wetlandstay, season Porsicultura, Porsiculturacoliseum, ecological station, ecological trail,season ,canines coliseum, the cauca Wetland,north Food, court season, minor sPecies , circuísvertigo, organic agriculture station,suPermarket organic Products, season equineequine arena, Plazoleetas southern Food,sugar cane mill, street artisans.
  16. 16. end