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  • 1. Gerardo Molina Ramirez School Juan Manuel Chiriví Sichacá Presented to: Martha Rocio Londoño Grade:802 Year:2012
  • 2. 1.)cow: ci-ou-dabliu2.)horse: eich-ou-ar-es-i3.)Bull: bi-iu-el-el4.)sheep: es-eich-i-i-pi5.)Goat:yi-ou-ei-ti6.)Snail: es-en-ei-ai-el7.)Worm: dabliu-ov-ar-em8.)Buffalo:bi-iu-ef-ef-ei-el-ou9.)Dog: di-ou-yi10.)Rabbit: ar-ei-bi-bi-ar-ti11.)Goatee: yi-ou-ei-ti-i-i12.)Fish: ef-ai-es-eich
  • 3. Duck:di-iu-ci-key Alpaca: ei-el-pi-el-ci-ei Spider: es-pi-ai-di-ei-er Fly: ef-el-yi Pork: pi-ou-ar-keyDonkey: di-ou-en-key-va
  • 4. •The donkey is slow.•The donkey is resistent in the work. •The donkey is medium size. •The donkey is obedient. •The donkey is grey.
  • 5. •The llama is slow. •The llama is resistent.•The llama is herviborous. •The llama is white. •The llama is exotic.
  • 6. •The dog is yellow.•The dog is small and Long. •The dog is friendly. •The dog is obedient. •The dog is affectionate.
  • 7. •The cow gives milk •The cow gives meat. •The cow eats fodder.•The cow is medium size.•The cow does not work.
  • 8. •The sheep is small. •The sheep has wool. •The sheep has meats •The sheep is mammal.•The sheep is herviborous.
  • 9. •The snail is small. •The snail is slow.•The snail is resisten for his sheel. •The snail is grey and black.
  • 10. •The fish is acuatic. •The fish is small.•The fish is of differents colours.•The fish has the gelatine body.
  • 11. •The horse is tall. •The horse is strong. •The horse is agile. •The horse is brown.•The horse is resistant.
  • 12. •The buffalo is big and tall.•The buffalo has antlers in his head. •The buffalo is a wild animal. •The buffalo is hervoborous.
  • 13. •The goat jumps. •The goat is small. •The goat is a soft animal.•The goat gives milk and meat.
  • 14. 3.PlacesAll the animals were put in corrals Animals•There were sixteen cows.•There were eight horse.•There were ten buffaloes•There were Nine sheep.•There were Five goats.•There were Fifteen llamas.•There were Fourteen dogs.•There were Six fish.•There were Six donkeys.
  • 15. 4. LikedI liked the acrobatics of the horses. I liked the sheepbecause they are very soft. I liked the dog´s expositions.I liked the biggest pigs. I liked the buffaloes becausethey are very inoffensives.