Build Python CMS The Plone Way
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Build Python CMS The Plone Way



A short talk at Taipei Python User Group gathering on 2012/11/29.

A short talk at Taipei Python User Group gathering on 2012/11/29.



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Build Python CMS The Plone Way Build Python CMS The Plone Way Presentation Transcript

  • Build Python CMS The Plone Way 胡崇偉 marr @
  • Common Ways to Have Your Sites 1. Building Them with Frameworks 2. Building Them with CMSesYou are here Your Website here
  • Please Guide Me …
  • Plone = Python based CMS CMS = Contents in Database Added/Edited by User/Group Managed via Workflow Searchable with Index/Catalog or simply… Forms in Database
  • Installation Options 1. Unified Installer 2. /usr/bin/python 3. VirtualEnv
  • Quality Assurance
  • Solid Core• Proven Migration Path• Good approximation of Security Track Records of All Stack Components
  • Undo, Transaction, Versioning How Plone Database Interacts with ApplicationsPython’s dynamic nature allowsdevelopers to quickly develop applications,avoiding the compile cycle and statictyping declarations required by otherlanguages. The ZODB offers a similarbenefit: developers who use the ZODB canstore their objects transparently withoutany cumbersome mapping of objets torelational database tables.
  • Welcome to Plone College • Announcement • About Us • People
  • Default Content Types Page Folder Item News Collection Event• Announcement Image• About Us File Link• People
  • Editinga Page• Title• Summary• Body Text
  • Sharing Setting•Can Add•Can Edit•Can Review•Can View
  • One Folder Different Display
  • News Item Listing #1
  • News Item Listing #2
  • Content Rule
  • More ThanOut-Of-The-Box Functionalities Needed? With a Little Help from My Friends
  • Python Building BlocksPython Packages are distributed as Eggs Python Package Index Example: easy_install docutils pip docutils
  • How Plone Add-ons Workzc.buildout helps to install addons
  • Extend Plone with Add-onsPlone Addon (Product) =~ Python Package (Egg)
  • Forms are Common in CMS Form = Content Type
  • Form = CMS CoreContent Type = Schema = Fields + Widgets
  • ArcheTypes Content FrameworkATNewsItemSchema = ATCTSchema.copy() + Schema(( TextField(text‘, required = False, widget = RichWidget(label=‘Body Text’) ), ImageField(‘image‘, required = False, widget = ImageWidget(label=‘Lead Image’) ),
  • From Archetypes To DexterityImproved Content Type Building Framework
  • Fields and Widgets
  • Dexterity BehaviorsReusable components that can be enabled on a per-type basis through enumeration in the FTI.
  • Dexterity Behaviors Example Reusable components that can be enabled on a per-type basis through enumeration in the FTI.
  • Deco is Coming
  • Diazo : Theming Engine
  • Diazo Concept
  • Diazo In Action
  • Plone API 1. Portal 3. Users 2. Content 4. Groupsfrom plone import apiportal = api.portal.get()catalog = api.portal.get_tool(name="portal_catalog")user = api.user.create(
  • SQL Integration1. Database Adapter + Z SQL Method • mysqldbda / psycopg2. ORM (SQLAlchemy) • ContentMirror3. Pickle • RelStorage
  • Considerations1. Product vs Framework2. ZODB: a Double-edged Knife3. Positioned as Enterprise Grade4. Resource Availability5. Integration Issues
  • Try It – website using the Plone Create a CMS in less than 10 seconds. Free with basic features or pay to get more features and storage.
  • Thank You