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Tech savvy fitness-for4-12_pdf Tech savvy fitness-for4-12_pdf Presentation Transcript

  • Tech-Savvy Fitness Marc R. Stephens, MAED 1Friday, April 12, 13
  • Personal Informatics Using data such as heart rate, weight tracking, and other metrics to affect change in some aspect of one’s life. “Self-knowledge through numbers.” Marc’s weight data from mid-2008 through mid-October 2012 2Friday, April 12, 13
  • Examples •Workout tracking •Nutritional tracking •Heart rate monitoring •Blood pressure tracking •GPS tracking •Blood chemistry tracking •Weight & body •Mood tracking composition tracking •Sleep tracking ... just about any metric! 3Friday, April 12, 13
  • GEAR USED IN STUDENT ELECTIVE • Activity tracking • Heart rate monitoring • Food log • Sleep management • GPS tracking • Calories in/out • Workout manager • Sleep management 4Friday, April 12, 13
  • Sensor technology A device can be worn to record activity levels and other data through various means. Often associated with a website or smartphone app to analyze the data. Examples include BodyMedia Fitbit Nike Fuel Basis Watch GPS units 5Friday, April 12, 13
  • A Variety of Trackers FitBit BodyMedia Core Nike+ Fuelband Basis Watch Jawbone Up 6Friday, April 12, 13
  • Key features: - Functions as a digital watch - Syncs with heart rate monitor and other exercise equipment - GPS-enabled - Sophisticated features (more than we will use in this course!) 7Friday, April 12, 13
  • • How to wear the heart rate monitor – strap around chest, with hard plastic part facing outward and centered over your xiphoid process – dampen the plastic electrodes on back of strap to establish better connectivity • Sync the heart rate monitor – About 30 feet distance between sensors required while syncing to prevent other HR strap signals from interfering. Spread out! 8Friday, April 12, 13
  • Heart rate monitoring 220 - age = maximum heart rate is only a ROUGH estimate! Better calculation found here: 9Friday, April 12, 13
  • Uploaded to the Garmin Connect website 10Friday, April 12, 13
  • Introduction to 11Friday, April 12, 13
  • Data from the 12Friday, April 12, 13
  • Tools I Use 13Friday, April 12, 13
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) A network of satellites orbiting the Earth used to triangulate the exact position of a GPS receiver. 14Friday, April 12, 13
  • Google Earth and GPS data used together are a powerful tool 15Friday, April 12, 13
  • Mapping of fitness data gives one the ability to pinpoint the data to a specific time and place. Image shows heart rate data shown along side a GPS trail. Image from fitness tracking software rubiTrack 16Friday, April 12, 13
  • Route planning in Google Earth! 17Friday, April 12, 13
  • Exercise and Food Tracking 18Friday, April 12, 13
  • Workout and diet tracking tools such as MyFitnessPal 19Friday, April 12, 13
  • fitocracy 20Friday, April 12, 13
  • Nutrition and Exercise Education 21Friday, April 12, 13
  • How’s the weather? Weather websites & apps • Live doppler radar means we can monitor the website and head out when a window of opportunity presents itself. • Forecasts for longer-range planning WeatherBugElite 22Friday, April 12, 13
  • Blogs and other Internet information sites 23Friday, April 12, 13
  • FatWatch 24Friday, April 12, 13
  • Marc’s weight data from mid-2008 through mid-October 2012 25Friday, April 12, 13
  • Marc’s weight data from mid-October 2011 through mid-October 2012 26Friday, April 12, 13
  • Marc’s fat weight data from mid-October 2011 through mid-October 2012 27Friday, April 12, 13
  • Marc’s weight and fat data from mid-October 2011 through mid-October 2012 28Friday, April 12, 13
  • When tracking weight daily, trend lines help conquer the chaos Quarterly data for mid-July through mid-October 2012 29Friday, April 12, 13
  • Withings scale 30Friday, April 12, 13
  • Marc’s data as displayed by the Withings iPhone app 31Friday, April 12, 13
  • 32Friday, April 12, 13