Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Increase User Aquisition in Games
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Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Increase User Aquisition in Games



Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Tips to Increase User Acquisition in Games. For more info on Marmalade SDK, visit

Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Tips to Increase User Acquisition in Games. For more info on Marmalade SDK, visit



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Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Increase User Aquisition in Games Marmalade Webinar Series - GameHouse Increase User Aquisition in Games Presentation Transcript

  • GameHouse: Keys for Effective User Acquisition   4/16/14   ©  Marmalade.    Trademarks  belong  to  their  respec7ve  owners.    All  rights  reserved.  
  • Who is GameHouse? •  15+ years in game business and millions of monthly users •  80+ published iOS & Android titles •  GameHouse Promotion Network cross promotion & PPI network
  • GameHouse Mobile Publishing •  Over 10 years mobile publishing experience •  Global publishing to top app stores and websites •  Industry leading localization, monetization and analytics •  Dedicated account managers
  • GameHouse Promotion Network •  Cross promotion network to drive users to your app – PPI & monetization in Q2, 2014 •  Supports iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon stores) •  Start-up, trial-end and interstitial adverts •  Uber easy to integrate w/ Marmalade Native Extension •  Free to use for life!
  • Keys to Maximize User Acquisition 1.  App Store Optimization (ASO) 2.  Cross-Promotion & Building Your Own Network 3.  Pay Per Install Advertising
  • App Store Optimization (ASO) •  SEO for apps in an app store •  Rank determined by DLs, ratings and reviews •  Ranking high in app store matters…a lot! 65% of Consumers Discover Apps via App Store Search
  • ASO Ranking Factors •  Title – 10.3% ranking increase when title contains keyword •  Keywords •  Total # of downloads •  Trending in # of downloads •  Ratings and reviews
  • Why & Who? •  Why: GH has seen its organic installs increase by approximately 20% since implementing ASO strategies – –  Free, organic, users are your best and most profitable •  Who: Multiple companies can help you optimize here –  MobileDevHQ (our preference) –  SearchMan –  Appnique
  • Cross-Promotion •  Leverage your existing audience to drive users to your new titles •  These users are highly valuable as you are a known entity to them •  It costs nothing to move users from one app to another •  Find and partner with similar developers for traffic exchange
  • Cross-Promotion within Franchises •  Franchises benefit most from cross- promotion •  Example: Emily’s Wonder Wedding -> Emily’s Honeymoon Cruise – Up to 40% CTR and 50% install rate – Drove thousands of daily installs immediately •  Immediate boost up the chart at launch w/ out spending $$
  • Build Your Own Network/Audience •  Create a flywheel in your own apps with cross- promotion •  Engage your audience outside of app –  FB –  Twitter –  Instagram –  Email •  Don’t forget the mobile web – it’s growing and 20% of consumers (that’s a big number) find apps with mobile web search – create websites for your games – simple example •  Use analytics to track performance of each channel and where you get most bang for your buck
  • Pay Per Install Advertising •  Extremely valuable when done well – requires lots of data •  Can be effective if you don’t have large budget – need to be smart •  Higher value ad model –  PPI prices continue to rise & but provide more value than CPC and CPM based pricing –  FB estimates 20% savings to advertisers who opt for PPI
  • Making Pay-Per-Install Simple •  Set yourself up for success – Test your ad – Create simple, powerful message designed for mobile – Test, measure, learn. Lather, rinse repeat
  • Your Only User Acquisition Goal CLTV > eCPI Make more $$ / user than you spend to acquire them.
  • GameHouse Promotion Network Integration Demo
  • GameHouse Promotion Network Offer Integrate GameHouse Promotion Network into your app and get: •  A free 3 months Marmalade Indie license/ extension or •  A $50 Amazon gift voucher Your app must hit 250 daily ad impressions to qualify for the reward
  • Integrating GameHouse 1.  Sign up for the offer: 1.  Register your apps to obtain a GPN App ID for each 2.  Upload a few marketing assets to enable your app to be promoted in other GPN apps 3.  Integrate this SDK into your app to start showing ads for other GPN apps readme
  • What’s Next? •  HasOffers: The Realities of Mobile App Tracking & Attribution (Rebroadcast) –  4/30: 12:00PM PST (8:00PM GMT) •  Dolby: Improving The Audio In Your Marmalade Game –  5/7: 12:00PM PST (8:00PM GMT) •  Register Here: