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Book review

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  • 1. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 1 The Cluetrain Manifesto Marlo la O’ De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
  • 2. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 2 Abstract This book review is about my own opinion and insights about how I feel and what are my reactions when I read the book title “The Cluetrain Manifesto” typically the concept of the book is almost the same as the concept of the 95 these written by Martin Lither about his opposing reaction to the teachings of the catholic church. But the only difference with The Cluetrain Manifesto is that this is about how the internet changes our everyday communication with each other and the other capabilities of social networks that we have ever anticipated, especially those people developed these networks. People have different reactions and opinions on every topic we discuss our minds never think and work the same in a 100% manner. This review of mine is particularly how I have experienced some of the amazing capabilities of social networks and what it can do to people who are using or interacting with one another in the internet. Some of the reviews I also tackle are about the difference between marketing through the internet and marketing by just commercializing through ads, commercials. Most of my reactions reflect also on the difference between what is happening between conversations inside a company or for the company itself, and the conversations that is happening outside the company. We do not realize that there is much more out there that is happening and is being talked about outside your own company. We should be really aware of what is happening out there.
  • 3. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 3 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #76: We’ve got some ideas for you too. Some new tools we need, some better services. Stuff we’d be willing to pay for. Got a minute? New ideas and new ways of doing business are all just out there. With limited resources and equipments to make everything possible companies need to open up their minds. Again I repeat this phrase of opening up your mind to new realities. Even though sometime reality really bites, it only bite if you let it, but you can often prevent it from biting you, or even make up for the bite that is has caused you. The only to do these is to have faith on other people believe that they themselves also have the ability to do things. In fact you do not have to believe if you really know it, everybody had his or her own uniqueness you just have to help that person, and by the time you know it helping that person will go a long way. I believe that success is not measured on how much you earn but how much you keep after you have earned. A minute might change your life if you let that person’s ideas and words and actions sink into your own self. I have experience this sometime that acquiring relationship and manpower is much more important, because if people respect you and you also respect them for who they are, they will help you along the way. This if from my point, that two nuts are better than one, and that when there is more nuts it is even more harder to remove or break the tie because of the bond. Integrative Questions: 1. How many friends do you have? 2. Have you ever served other people? 3. Do you listen to other people’s ideas? 4. Are you always too prideful of yourself? 5. Do you spare a minute of your time to others?
  • 4. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 4 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #77: you too busy “doing business” to answer our mail? Oh gosh, sorry, gee, will come back later. Maybe. Opportunities are just once in a life time. Speaking of once in a life time that is really true, because every time that clock ticks, every second it ticks, a another opportunity goes by and another one come. It is just a matter of grabbing the opportunity when it has arrived. But when the opportunity itself has gone close to you and you still do not realize it, that in fact it was an opportunity you will loos that opportunity because it was the one who went to you, and you just ignored it basically you are too stubborn and to attach to what you are doing that your are missing the some of the greatest experiences life ahs to give you. But we all know we do not know what is coming till their gone, do not live up to that, do not make regrets in life. Well if accept the fact the life is about grabbing those opportunities and making the most of them, well yes that maybe good. But once we let an opportunity pas us by, we just have to accept it and get on, we have to remain positive and wait for the next one, patience and perseverance are what I believe are also the key to success. Each an opportunity passes by learn form that mistake and, so for the next one that comes do not be too stubborn or ignorant just go and grab it, even though you might risk it or be risking something for it make those decisions and learn from them. Integrative Questions: 1. Have you ever let an opportunity pass you by? 2. How many opportunities you grabbed? 3. What is opportunity for you? 4. What do you do when you grabbed the opportunity? 5. What do you do when an opportunity passes you by?
  • 5. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 5 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #78: You want us to pay? We want you to pay attention. A customer is always, based on my experience this was hard for me to accept. I never cheat my customers, and always I try in every way to please them and give them what they have requested. But once a customer’s says something whether it shouting at you or calling with different types of insult, I mean it is really irritating even when you feel like shouting at the customer back, you just have to say “I’m sorry man or sir, thank you… come again” though I know at back of my head, that my mind wants to explode and is saying bad things to the customer. The lesson there is I want to get more customers treat them the same way. But I really do not know if this is true but I have a couple of loyal customers who are always buying my products, does this loyalty of theirs tells me that I can shout at some of the customers who are not loyal to me, and tell them right in their face “who cares if you don’t come back, there are lots of people out there that are more polite than you are!” Well to tell you the truth even though you are polite to the customer, and he or she is just not that polite towards you, he or she is still a customer, and no matter what their attitude towards us is we still have to pay attention to them. Paying attention means getting the customer satisfaction. Integrative Questions: 1. Have you ever hated a customer? 2. Have you ever treated a sales person not politely even though he or she is already treating you politely? 3. How do you treat customer? 4. Do you have loyal customer? 5. What is your definition of a loyal customer?
  • 6. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 6 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #79: We want you to drop your trip, come out of your neurotic self-involvement, join the party. Have you ever been that type of person how is always shy and quiet towards other people, especially people whom you do not even know and you just met them? That person is just waiting for someone to go near him or her and make friends with that person, and when they are friends and that once quite shy person is already in the group, he or she is really relieved and that feeling of dark and deep emotional thought that you would never enjoy this party has all been reversed and are all gone. Get out of your self-involvement zone and join the self-involvement of everyone else that are in the party. Instead of waiting for a person to come near you, go out there and make some friends. There is nobody in their minds would not want to be friend with you, if they have just met you, not unless they are that type of person who is a resist to other kinds of races that is discrimination. Those people do not deserve your full attention they are just ashamed of whom they really are and they cannot face that fact that they are just the same as everyone else, because we are all one. That is the great beauty of it, we are all unique to learn how to appreciate one another. We all have different personalities and belief but we are only created by one God and that is God himself if you are disliking one kind you like disliking your own self. Integrative Questions: 1. Are you a shy type of person? 2. Are you the quiet towards other people? 3. Do wait for someone to talk to you before you talk to them? 4. What is your personality? 5. Do you always have your own world?
  • 7. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 7 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #80: Don’t worry, you can still make money. That is as long it’s the only thing on your mind. Making money, that is what should be only in my mind? I really do don’t know if can handle that or even believe it. Because to tell the truth for me their countless and hundreds of way to make money. For me if you just really love what you are doing, without even realizing it you are already making money. I just have heard it from my professor in my vertical solution course which is a requirement that I should take to pass my course, and he said that art itself is already money, some artist are just not making money because they are not just looking outside on the other side of their brain, they are just focused on the right side of the brain (correct me if I am wrong if it is on the left side of the brain) but whichever side it is, they must also keep up with the trend today in where our world is standing and focus their art on that, on what is really going on. I really did believe it, and in fact I never realize it that art is really money and your already one step ahead of those people who are trying hard to make money, all you just have to do is fit in the equation art + business = passive income, some may not believe it but art is like gas people need it and want it, you will never run out of clients or customers. It is an unending consumption by the people. Integrative Questions: 1. How do you make money? 2. What is your own way of making money? 3. Have you ever thought of a way to earn income and you would never run out of work? 4. Is making money always on your mind? 5. Are already earning?
  • 8. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 8 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #81: Have you ever noticed that, in itself, money is kind of one-dimensional and boring? What else can we talk about? Do you always talk about money? How to earn? How much are you earning? Where do you get you income from? How do you do it? How do you get rich? What is your secret to success? What kinds of earning do get? All these questions are somehow related to money, but money in itself can really be sometime a source of greed or just a source of relief and passion. Those people who have passions for money and love the game of it and loves learning form the game, are the person who makes the difference, they are those people, who are dedicated to making money their title as “for the love of the game” for them it is just a game and by the time you know it, they are risking all of their money, loosing or winning they are all going in both directions. But once they get the hang of the game, they are just now winning. I have read an article about, the difference between gambling and taking risk without gambling, and it is just simple if you are not learning from your mistakes and you still repeating the same old thing, then you are stupid, you are repeating the same old thing and not learning form it. It the same as gambling you are gambling at something which you do not know how to play it, learn from it, and try your best to play it right. Always think big, and believe in yourself no matter what people say. Integrative Questions: 1. Do you always talk about money? 2. Are you a fond of the game of money making? 3. Have you ever read about how rich people do it? 4. What is your secret to success? 5. Do you have your own motto for motivating yourself?
  • 9. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 9 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #82: Your product broke. Why? We’d like to ask the guy who made it. Your corporate strategy makes no sense. We’d like to have a chat with your CEO. What do you mean she’s not in? Having a chat with the CEO of the company and your talk is about business, I really do not think that would be possible or they would even consider it formal. Well that is what they think, see and believe. But how can their markets appreciate the beauty of the company, and the openness of the company to consider even the ideas of their markets? Forget about what you were taught and about the right way to do it, there is no right way anymore, in today’s world there are countless of ways to arrive at a solution, and one of those countless of ways in to consider every part or every application and software as a to reach out to other people. Every talk, and every time you give your time to your markets is another way of showing them that you can let go of your informality, and bring your mind and yourself into their position or into their level. In fact, stop doing what you are doing right now, just step donw be the one to do it do not wait for them to come near you until you step down go down and talk to them, even thos you might feel this is not my job; in fact it is you job! Listen maybe they can help you out, be part of their groups and know what they know, and give them gratitude if they have done it. Appraisal is a strong word, use it for the purpose. Integrative Questions: 1. What is your strategy? 2. Who does it fell when you product breaks? 3. Who do you blame when something goes wrong? 4. Did you ever consider breaking the rules? 5. Do you your own rules?
  • 10. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 10 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #83: We want you to take 50 million of us seriously as you take one reporter from The Wall Street Journal. What does it really mean having a job on the Wall Street? Have you ever dreamed of getting in the wall street journal? I have watched the movie the devil wares Prada? No wonder why she was called the devil, because she always treats other people who are not part of her company, like disgusting fools. All she ever cares is about fame, which is all that matters to her nothing more. At the end of the movie one thing she realized was that fame and fortune, and the life she had were all nothing important. But what is really important is how people look at her, her character and her attitude. the same thing also… almost happened to the girl who her dream job was to get into the wall street, but she never realized that she started to change, and slowly she is louring her friends who are most dear to her, and she was their friends for a long time, and her only real fiends away from her all because of fame and her dream. Those were all self-centred acts that both her boss and she made. They never considered millions of people who are trying talk to them and they are just not taking them for granted. Taking 50 million of people seriously will really boost more than you can imagine than taking only 1 person or reporter seriously. And the fast way to and get the attention of 50 million of people is to go to the internet and use its power. Integrative Questions: 1. What is your dream job? 2. Do you know The Wall Street Journal? 3. Have you seen the movie the devil wears Prada? 4. What do you consider more important your friends relationship or your dreams? 5. Are you a self-centred person?
  • 11. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 11 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #84: we know some people from your company. They’re pretty cool online. Do you have any more like you’re hiding? Can they come out and play? Play online and be cool, there is also something behind this little things that people often refer to as cool, I really do not know why people are considered as cool and as keeping up with the trend in today’s world if you have a social network. If you do not have one how can you survive in this world. As much as I would like to say, my professor in my course told me that I am engage in a computer course, and yet I do not have my own site? Come on, how could I be in this course without having my own site? It is like how can one survive right know in today’s world and keep with all the updates and what is happening around, if you do not have a computer in your home or even worse your own social network account. Everything is happening online all the news and the latest one’s are already online, even the one’s that are not yet out in the market and are not yet there are all online already they are here online even before they get out the market. Want to know something in advance, go online. Some people still wake up in the morning get their coffee and read the news papers. If you want to know what happened yesterday then go ahead read the news paper, but if you want to know what will happen tomorrow read online. In today’s world people do not wake up and read the newspaper, instead they wake up and go to their computer open their account, and read the post of people. Integrative Questions: 1. Do you have your own website? 2. Do have your own social network account? 3. Do you have your own computer? 4. Are you in facebook? 5. Do you know facebook?
  • 12. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 12 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #85: When we have questions we turn to each other for answers. If you didn’t have such a tight rein on “your people” maybe they’d be among the people we’d turn to. Where do you go look for the answers to your questions? If you ask me that and a bunch of other people they would say they go online and look for their answers there. Have you heard of Google? That is the world’s most power search engine on the planet. Want to know something go there and type what you want to search for. Everything is just basically in Google. If you’re the owner of your company, do not strain your people like each one of them has his or her own leash, set them free let do, say, and rome around where ever they want to go to. Let them have that freedom and people will go near to them, because if they have a leash people will find it hard to go to them, for plenty of reasons. One of the reason why some dogs are on a leash is because they bite people, but if your employee are like on a leash, people or your markets will feel uncomfortable going near them. In fact, if you say they are” your people” then again you pay them but once, they quit the job you do not anymore own them, and they can do whatever they want with your company, if they have that much information in their hands. Let be loose trust them to do their jobs, let them join the group of people so that your markets will come near them and be comfortable around them talking and asking to them. Integrative Questions: 1. Who do turn to if you have questions to ask? 2. Where do you go look to the answers to your questions? 3. Do you know Google? 4. Do you use goggle? 5. Do you tie a leash on your employees?
  • 13. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 13 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #86: When we’re not busy being your ‘target market”, many of us are your people. We’d rather be talking to friends online than watching the clock. That would get your name around better than your million dollar web site. But you tell us speaking to the market is Marketing’s job. Have you ever tried stopping and just taking things easy and slow? Well, the way I understand the first sentence is your target markets can also be your friends, how is that possible? Well one way I think is by starting to treat target markets us one of your own, when is I say one of your own I mean you own employees or people in your company. There is as I believe a really huge difference between the way yu treat your target markets and you people in your company. But based on what I have noticed either way of treating them is not that well, for instance let us say you treat your employees like dogs with a leash o their neck or like a prisoner monitoring and dictating everything they should do and say. Sometime as an employee I really experience not doing anything for at the least 30 min, or more or less what the company asks me to do is quite boring somehow, so I just seat and watch the clock pas by and wait for my next job. I could not use the internet to view my social networks or to just simply chat to other people around the globe because I am not allowed to do that. Sometime the way I view popularity is simply by talking to other people rather than spending plenty of your assets and they just go to waste and become your liability, with all your money you cannot really think of the simplest way o earn money. Integrative Questions: 1. Do you make your own web site? 2. Do you have your own company? 3. Do like talking to your friends online? 4. Do you like talking to strangers online? 5. Do you have a web site?
  • 14. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 14 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #87: We’d like it if you got what’s going on here. That’ a be real nice. But it would be a big mistake to think we’re holding our breath. Understanding your own markets is a really big step in making your reputation go out, or making your company well known to them. But underestimating them is the exact opposite. You might have plenty of customers, and people who can help you out. But once you put on the fire and play with it, it will be hard to turn off the fire. You’re the one who started the fire, but your markets are like the gas, that can and will spread the fire rapidly when provoked. The only difference is they control the outcome not you, your company. Gambling is part of business but really without proper knowledge on such thing that you are going to engage on and take big risk, I suggest you start doing your homework and play safe for a while if you do not know anything, once you get the hang of it, then go ahead and take the risk. This are just my opinion, if this offend anybody or anybody will judge negatively, I apologize for this I am just stating really how I fell and my reactions to what I have read. But truly appreciating what your markets opinion on something instead being to high on pride because of the name your company is already having, but if majority of these people complain about you, then I think it is really a good idea that you start paying attention to them and lower your pride or defence, because we all make mistakes. Integrative Questions: 1. What is your target market? 2. How big is your target market? 3. Are you a big company? 4. Do you have different braches worldwide? 5. Are you taking pride of your company?
  • 15. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 15 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #88: We have better things to do than worry about whether you’ll change in time to get our business. Business in only a part of our lives. It seems to be all of yours. Think about it: who needs whom? If you really treasure your business then share it with that rest of your markets who also love your company. You it that deep inside of you your market really loves you, but have you ever wondered that there is just something missing in you strategy? I really do not know if these is the missing key, but I really do believe that letting your market become part of your business and letting them in the business, is really a huge difference between the both. If you really need your business then don’t you think you also need your markets? Where is the best place you can get your markets from? The best place is form your markets themselves. They are the really only ones who knows who. Since you are too busy putting up your own business, make it a choice to let them in your business. Think about the part where your markets do not really care if you business goes down, and you go down with it. Because you are part of your business it is like an extension part of your body, the moment it get wrecked, you also feel the pain and get hurt. Yet you know this, but is still to ignorant to face your markets and tell them that they are right, when you know that you are wrong. Come one wake up, and stop it, it is not just healthy for your to be alone running you company even though you have directors helping you our, you markets are your directors! Integrative Questions: 1. Do you consider you business as part of your body? 2. Did you know that your business is like the extension of your body? 3. Have you ever felt that you need to change your own strategy? 4. What do you do when something is missing? 5. How do you react to it?
  • 16. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 16 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #89: We have real power and we know it. If you don’t quite see the light, some other outfits will come along that’s more attractive, more interesting, more fun to play with. The real power are in your opponents and in your markets, you may control the outcome, but your markets at the end of the day are the ones who choose what is more attractive interesting, and fun for them to play with. They are the only real ones, who really control their lives, and sometime they tell you what to do but nevertheless you disobey them once more, and by the time you realize it they are long gone already. Do not shelter you self to much and hide in the dark, go out in the light and let your markets see you for who you really are, instead of trying to hide yourself, go out there and search for the real you and make yourself feel the power of the light. Wheat it is really capable off. You may own your company, but who really uses it, it is not your job your only job is the financially assist them and to see if they are doing the job, you only real job is approval and firing of your employees. But they are all the ones who do the job and get the job done. Your markets are like the food you eat without them you get hungry, and you start looking for them. When you do not have money to buy food it also like saying you do not have money to change the directions of where your company headed at, all your long term goals are all just a waste. Integrative Questions: 1. Who really has the power? 2. Do you know where the light is? 3. Are you afraid of the light? 4. Does the light shine too bright? 5. What is food for you?
  • 17. THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO 17 The Cluetrain Manifesto Theses #90: Even at its worst, our newfound conversation is more interesting than most trade shows, more entertaining than any TV sitcom, and certainly more true-to-life than the corporate web sites we’ve been seeing. Conversations are always interesting even when they are at their worst, because they are full of imaginations and full of thoughts form different people that just never run out anything to say, and when one is bored the other one will try to spark up the conversation. Either way both side of the conversation is a win-win, it is like a phone that rings even though you know that the call is not for you, but you just have to answer the call once the phone rang. The same ways goes when somebody post’s something on the internet, someone will just have to comment about it. More interesting because they are not really or should I say the y do not look serious when they are talking but they mean what they say, and are really true to what they say. There are no boundaries to hat they are allowed to say as long as they say form their own mouth and the words they use is coming directly from them, and not something that tells them exactly what they should say. People barely watch TV shows now a days, everything they do in just in front of the computer, and sometimes because their work is there, their attention is also there. Web sites are just useless, if all people are to do is to admire the look and feel of the website, but if you cannot really do anything that you want and need on the site, then it is considered useless. Integrative Questions: 1. What is the purpose of your web site? 2. Have you ever considered the real purpose of you web site? 3. Do you still watch TV more than staying in front of the computer? 4. How often do you watch TV? 5. What is conversation for you?