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Thank you to Suffolk University for the opportunity to present to their interior and graphic design students during the environmental graphic design studio last night. I was excited to do so and also update one of my slides decks from 2009! This new deck was based on my "What is UX design" deck that has been on slide share for a while now.

The title of this talk "User Experience: It’s What's for Breakfast" relates to the importance of using user experience on any design project. Like breakfast, it should be the first thing any designer needs to think about before they get started.

Here are some fun stats I found about ux that I added to this deck

- 68% of users give up because they think you don't care about them [Des Traynor, Smashing Magazine]
- Every $1 invested in UX returns up to $100 []
- 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring.[Margin media]

Moving to how to focus on starting to design a good user experience, I gave them some pointers to think about. I believe all designers should focus on these four aspects of UX design.

- Know your users
- Know your competition
- Test everything
- Create prototypes

As a design and user experience professional I strongly believe a good user experience is a point of view…it is still design…just better.

Enjoy the slides.

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User Experience: It’s What's for Breakfast

  1. 1. adrian mendoza User Experience It’s What's for Breakfast Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  2. 2. long answer. What’s User Experience? ü  Is  the  field  of  crea>ng  architecture  and  interac>on  models   that  impact  use  of  space,  objects,  and  media.   ü  The  skill  of  UX  design  can  be  translated  into  architecture   (space),  industrial  (objects),  and  graphic  design  (media).   ü  UX  is  understanding  what  people  do  and  how  we  can  make  it   beHer.   Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  3. 3. short answer. its how people engage the world around them Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  4. 4. some stats Every $1 invested in UX returns up to $100 Source: Usability in the Real World: e ROI of Usability Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  5. 5. some stats 68% of users give up because they think you don't care about them Source: Taking A Customer From Like To Love: e UX Of Long-Term Relationships Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  6. 6. some stats 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn't working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. Source: Margin Media Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  7. 7. user experience so how do you start? Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  8. 8. user experience Start by calling people and customers Users Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  9. 9. user experience know YOUR users Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  10. 10. user experience you need to talk to them…ALLOT Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  11. 11. user experience real user responses Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  12. 12. user experience use the feedback as a starting point for design Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  13. 13. UX tip #1 avoid the crazy people ignore outliers and randomness Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  14. 14. these will help you define the different who's in the picture create archetypes/ personas Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  15. 15. UX tip #2 don’t try to design for everyone select who your users are first Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  16. 16. user experience know your competition Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  17. 17. user experience - What is different about them? - What makes them better? - What can you do better? Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  18. 18. user experience test everything and get feedback from real users Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  19. 19. user experience real users will tell you what’s wrong or right…and what hurts Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  20. 20. user experience create prototypes take them to go Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  21. 21. in closing Good UX = Good business Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  22. 22. in closing a good user experience is a point of view…its still design…just better. Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  23. 23. Questions? Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX  
  24. 24. adrian mendoza Adrian’s career is highlighted by over 12 years of design and user experience in the handheld, pharmaceutical, financial, and educational sectors.  His first studio, Synthesis3, worked with several Palm OS software companies in creating their brand for both a web and retail presence.  In the financial and education sector, customers included Sovereign Bank, Houghton Mifflin, MIT and Harvard.  Adrian consulted in UX and Information Architect lead roles for Fidelity’s E-business design group, omson Financial, and T.Rowe Price.  Adrian earned his BA from the University of Southern California and his Masters from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Read my new Mobile UX book: Mobile User Experience: Patterns to Make Sense of it All Marlin Mobile User  Experience:  It's  What's  for  Breakfast.   @marlinUX