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Current Issues class at Post Graduate program at Universitas Pelita Harapan Jakarta
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  • Marketing trends 2014:
    Oreo black out:
    Twitter as second screen:
  • 1. Nike Fuel Band VS Jawbone Up VS Fitbit
    Nike Fuel Band- a new way to get to know your customers?
    “Technically, there’s no reason why we couldn’t create the capability so that when you walk into a store, we’ll know you’re there and can give you better service,”
    Nike fuel band sharing data to its customers:
    2. Real time data
    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)- used for automobile, pets/livestock, pharmaceutical, warehouse, wife tracking (
    Mobile location data capture- starbucks survey, mobile promotion instead of credit card in Japan
  • Crowdsourcing
    Redbull:how redbull takes content marketing to the extreme
    Go Pro:
    How to use pinterest:
    Visual Micro sharing platform :
  • More than 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram.
    With an average of 55 million uploaded each day, that's a lot of selfies.
    But it also means a lot of money for brands who figure out how to use the fast-growing social network.
    According to a recent report released by research firm L2 Instagram touts the most engagement and the highest conversion from browser to shopper.
    The report also shows that 92% of luxury brands who post an average of 5.5 times a week on Instagram increase their customer base.
  • Current Issues in Marketing

    1. 1. Current Issues in Marketing July 2014- marlinsugama
    2. 2. marketing broadcasting printing digital events and activations
    3. 3. companies content developers agencies market digital marketing players
    4. 4. shift of trends year content development 2008 content developers 2011 companies and agencies 2013 market
    5. 5. marketing trends for 2014 end of desktop prime time 2 real time snackable content
    6. 6. marketing trends for 2014 wearable tech data is so yesterday more meet-ups
    7. 7. mobile coupon promotion
    8. 8. marketing trends for 2014 crowd sourcing no banner, video only
    9. 9. “how to” online marketing Top B2B content marketing strategies social media, articles on a business’s website, eNewsletters, case studies, videos and articles on other websites Diversity of Social Media Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter Google+ Tumblr Instagram  Image-Centric Content Will Rule Buzzfeed Pinterest Visual Micro sharing Platform   Less Will be More Simplified customer’s experience
    10. 10. successful brands utilizing instragram behind the scenesbehind the scenes projects and contestsprojects and contests selfiesselfies promote new productspromote new products
    11. 11. employing socmed for the 1st time
    12. 12. employing socmed for 1-2 years
    13. 13. employing socmed for 5 years
    14. 14. employing socmed B2B , B2C
    15. 15. we are all visual slaves
    16. 16. best video ads 2013 other sources