Affirmations to help you move forward


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Affirmations from Louise Hay to help you move forward and become a mover and shaker, based on a blog article by Louise Hay.
Be inspired and copy the affirmations to index cards to keep in front of you get you moving.

Affirmations to help you move forward

  1. 1. This is the beginning of a new phase of my life
  2. 2. I am honest, honorable, and act with integrity. Life loves me
  3. 3. I bless the gift of disappointment
  4. 4. Any mistakes I make are merely stepping stones on my pathway
  5. 5. I allow myself to think big dreams
  6. 6. Giving service is my highest priority
  7. 7. Patience is my spiritual practice
  8. 8. All my work is of the highest quality
  9. 9. I have faith in myself and the process I am going through
  10. 10. I am finding my own voice
  11. 11. I teach only what I have learned for myself
  12. 12. I am becoming an expert in my field
  13. 13. I am incredibly successful
  14. 14. It is easy for me to walk through new doors and I am always welcome
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