IDT TelecomWholesale Voice Portfolio  Presentation for your company  Date: July 3, 2012                           CONFIDEN...
Agenda• About IDT• Voice Termination Overview• Getting Started                    Proprietary & Confidential    2
IDT is Financially Strong     Publicly traded company on the NYSE     ≈ 1300 employees across 6 continents     2010 Revenu...
IDT Telecom is distinctive •    Two core businesses - Wholesale and Retail •    Collaboration is a core strength •    Supp...
IDT Voice Termination provides flexibility and quality        Links you to a vast global partner network        Provides t...
IDT Has Global Reach                       Proprietary & Confidential    6
Wholesale Carrier ServicesPlatinum Routing     •   Direct route management      •   Extensive Routes     •   Transparency ...
Platinum Voice      All destinations terminate via directs and stable, high quality wholesale providers             •   Pr...
Platinum Voice - Customer Service Portal   Capabilities                                           Commercial   Technical  ...
IDT can support your business growth•   Appropriate Voice Termination•   Flexible Prepay option•   Suitable Outsourcing op...
Recent Research validates our strategic directionIDT is… 3. Capturing more minutes 5. Delivering quality termination 7. Pr...
Next Steps2. Identify quality/price offer best suited for your business4. Follow up with a deeper dive as needed6. Work to...
Thank YouProprietary & Confidential    13
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Voice termination


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  • 1)      IDT offers a rich portfolio of Voice and Payment products that leverage a common high volume transaction switching platform.   2)      Our multi-tier product and distribution strategy includes:       a) A wide variety of Voice Products for Carrier customers, Resellers and to end users    b) Payment Solutions available to IDT Carriers customers , specifically for Mobile Network Operators  and sold directly to Retailers, end users or through Distributors.   3) For the Voice industry, IDT offers products ranging from High Quality Voice Termination worldwide, industry-leading calling card products, and a portfolio of VoIP offerings including Broadband Telephony and Smartphone apps.   4) For the payment industry, IDT offers VISA Gift cards both single use and reloadable, International Mobile Top-up offering immigrants to top up their relative's wireless accounts in the Home country. IDT is also working on Mobile Money Transfer services offering the immigrants to send money to the mobile wallets of their relatives in their home country.    
  • Voice termination

    1. 1. IDT TelecomWholesale Voice Portfolio Presentation for your company Date: July 3, 2012 CONFIDENTIAL  This presentation and the contents hereof  constitute proprietary and confidential  1 information belonging to IDT
    2. 2. Agenda• About IDT• Voice Termination Overview• Getting Started Proprietary & Confidential  2
    3. 3. IDT is Financially Strong Publicly traded company on the NYSE ≈ 1300 employees across 6 continents 2010 Revenues > $1.4 billion Strong Balance Sheet > $250 million in  liquid assets IDT was the 2nd best performing stock in NYSE during 2010 Proprietary & Confidential  3
    4. 4. IDT Telecom is distinctive • Two core businesses - Wholesale and Retail • Collaboration is a core strength • Supported by Market Maker experts • IDT is a top 10 international carrier * Leveraging this synergy generates over 22 billion minutes annually Proprietary & Confidential  4* Telegeography rating 2009
    5. 5. IDT Voice Termination provides flexibility and quality Links you to a vast global partner network Provides the lowest available market rates Managed QoS at various levels to meet your  customer expectations • Platinum • Gold • Silver • Bronze • Increase revenue by delivering IDT traffic  directly to your network Platinum Voice delivers Tier 1 International voice quality to your customers Proprietary & Confidential  5more information in Appendix a
    6. 6. IDT Has Global Reach Proprietary & Confidential  6
    7. 7. Wholesale Carrier ServicesPlatinum Routing • Direct route management  • Extensive Routes • Transparency of ISUP signaling for roaming (OCN & RDN) • Proactive management of QoS parameters Gold Routing • All destinations terminate via stable, high-quality providers • CLI and signaling features supported on the IDT network • Proactive management of QoS parameters (benchmarked against IDT’s highest retail traffic standards)Silver Routing • Route stability with aggressive pricing • Proactive management of QoS parametersBronze Routing • Best available market price • Wide range of termination destinations with granular code level destinations Proprietary & Confidential  7
    8. 8. Platinum Voice All destinations terminate via directs and stable, high quality wholesale providers • Pro-active management of QoS parameters (ASR, ALOC, CCR) Direct Route Management • Managed to maximize termination to the appropriate In-Country Licensed Operator • 400+ Direct Partners (Mobile and Fixed Network Operators) • Direct routes in over 110 countries • Overflow only to highly reliable proven providers CLI Routes Over 500 Direct Routes  Over 200 CLI Certified Routes – extensive daily testing• Transparency of ISUP Signaling for Roaming (OCN & RDN)• Online QoS Reports • Special Routing Strings supported  Priority trouble ticket handling Proprietary & Confidential  8
    9. 9. Platinum Voice - Customer Service Portal  Capabilities Commercial Technical Users Users Monitor ASR, CCR and ALOC statistics by    destination (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Track Capacity Usage (Intraday, Daily)   View Trouble Ticket Status    Enter Trouble Tickets *  * Available for all accounts Proprietary & Confidential  9
    10. 10. IDT can support your business growth• Appropriate Voice Termination• Flexible Prepay option• Suitable Outsourcing opportunities• Immediate Revenue generating activities a. IMTU (International Minute Top Up) b. White label ILD services  c. Remittance services  Your account manager delivers the optimum solutions for you Proprietary & Confidential  10
    11. 11. Recent Research validates our strategic directionIDT is… 3. Capturing more minutes 5. Delivering quality termination 7. Providing superior account management  Customer Testimonial “I consider IDT a true strategic business partner who keeps promises, provides  committed quality and adds true value to our business portfolio. Their extended footprints  and flexibility of quality based routing make IDT a first choice carrier of voice  termination.” Tariq Siddique, Telenor Proprietary & Confidential  11
    12. 12. Next Steps2. Identify quality/price offer best suited for your business4. Follow up with a deeper dive as needed6. Work toward a two way commercial agreement – Review volumes and rates: mobile interconnect rates & IDT  voice termination – Interconnect specifications (TDM and IP supported)7. Build and test interconnect 8. Monitor route with sample live traffic9. Ramp traffic Proprietary & Confidential  12
    13. 13. Thank YouProprietary & Confidential  13