Idt carrier connection north america issue 2


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Idt carrier connection north america issue 2

  1. 1. In this issue:u Keeping Crews Connectedu Latest Resultsu Uncover a Marketu IDT and Globe Telecomu Meet JonathanCARRIERCONNECTION November 2012 North America
  2. 2. Case Study To request the full Welcome to North America AND Group with IDT - AND group and IDT Carrier Connection case study, talk to your Keeping Crews IDT contact or email Welcome to the IDT North American Carrier Connection Connected newsletter. Allowing on board Launched in January 2012, Managing the virtual ships’ crews to the Amigo Crew Calling calling cards through In this newsletter, you’ll find several articles about IDT service is a perfect way the IDT Beyond platform Beyond. IDT Beyond is one of the ways we are innovating make phone for crew to stay in touch means Amigo cards are in the areas that mean the most to our customers so we calls is a difficult while at sea and is already easy to use, have flexible can continue to uncover opportunities and grow with them. telephony challenge. generating thousands of denominations, and carry no That approach has helped IDT Telecom achieve another Marine satellite calls every month. credit risk. year of impressive growth. Not only have we grown our communications international minutes again by double-digits, our sales IDT is one of the world’s experts, AND Group, largest international of International Mobile Top Ups (IMTU) continue to break records. and IDT have joined carriers, so calls are always together to provide an of high quality and value. ideal solution: the new Amigo Crew Calling Nick Ford Card. President, IDT Carrier Wholesaleu Contents u Contents
  3. 3. IDT at a Glance IDT’s Latest Results Show Continued Growth IDT Telecom’s latest Revenue also saw double Howard Jonas, IDT’s annual results showed digit growth and is $1.5bn Chairman and CEO, said, per year. Growth in Boss “We intend to build on this that in the year to July Revolution pin-less calling success while investing in 2012, IDT terminated more than offset declines in several long term growth 30.8 billion minutes – 30 billion annual minutes World’s leading prepaid 1300 staff traditional disposable calling initiatives. We will add an annual increase of cards. Payment services to our portfolio of retail That’s a two hour call for everyone in calling card company In over 30 offices across 6 continents the world living away from their Over 350,000 distribution outlets over 17%. revenue grew by almost products, [and] enhance home country across the globe 30%, driven by increases our retail presence in in International Mobile Top underserved immigrant Ups (IMTU). communities.” For more information, see the Investor Relations site on IDT Carrier services are also now on twitter. Over 500 direct routes $1.5 billion revenue Tier 1 network quality Please follow us Giving the best quality connectivity And listed on the NYSE (Ticker: IDT) Capacity for 5bn minutes per month @idtcarrier in 147 countries and 449k simultaneous callsu Contents u Contents
  4. 4. Case Study To request the full Globe and IDT case Uncover a market of 256 million people. IDT and Globe Telecom study, talk to your IDT contact or email There are 256 It is a big, diverse market revenues streams from Philippine leading The Globe tipIDD card million people in the that demands special skills, untapped markets that can telecommunications delivers great quality and expertise and experience to help to grow businesses. It value to those wanting to world today living in company Globe reach. also give operators access connect with loved ones countries other than Telecom, a known IDT Beyond’s flexible, to IDT’s global presence and friends overseas. Globe those they were born innovator that has API driven platform can and distribution as well teamed up with IDT to in. That’s a potential as marketing know-how, transformed and offer affordable rates and help telecom operators market’s bigger than enabling operators to export enriched Filipinos’ superior quality, thanks uncover opportunities the entire population in this massive market. their domestic success. IDT lives worldwide, to IDT’s global scale and of Brazil. IDT Beyond delivers Beyond will help you to launched its Globe buying power. Since its international communication uncover new opportunities tipIDD prepaid card in 2008 launch, usage has and transaction services in new markets. 2008. grown three fold, with to generate incremental growth attributed to IDT Beyond’s platform.u Contents u Contents
  5. 5. Meet Jonathan Nierenberg, SVP - Global Services Jonathan Nierenberg “IDT Beyond helps satellite, Jonathan lives in Long Island has two decades of cable and government together with his wife and experience in leading sectors as well as telco’s their four children. As well business development uncover new revenues from as being involved in several teams across the globe. new and existing markets,” charities and a guest During that time, he has says Jonathan. “By working lecturer at the Syms School established a track record together with customers, of Business, he’s an avid of developing winning we can generate increased mountain bike cyclist and relationships across a value for them in domestic certified fitness Spinning number of sectors, including and international markets”. instructor. Unfortunately mobile, technology and for Jonathan, his golf government. Recently, handicap has suffered due he has taken over to his passion, drive and responsibility for IDTs Global commitment to IDT. Services Group, with IDT Beyond his key focus.u Contents u Contents Designed and produced by Wrights 9945.003