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Power point draft

  1. 1. Nursing 408 Leading Change Aboriginal Health – Health link BC – Nursing Channel "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." Christopher ColumbusOverview: Power Point Presentation Daniel’s Story: • Canadian nurses are expected to: “be aware of broader health concerns such as http://www.nursingchannel.ca/programs/daniels environmental pollution, violation of human _story/index.html rights, world hunger, homelessness, violence, etc. and are encouraged to the extent possible Nursing Channel: in their personal circumstances to work individually as citizens or collectively for policies and procedures to bring about social change, keeping in mind the needs of futureReflection: generations “. (CNA, 2002 p.15). http://www.nursingchannel.ca/1. Professional Links:2. CRNBC BCNU3. NH Social Media: Facebook References: Twitter You Tube
  2. 2. Who Was Ethel Johns? Was she a nurse, teacher, pioneer, researcher, hospital administrator or magazine editor? Ethel Johns was every one of these things…IntroductionEthel Johns was born inEngland and grew up in How will youWinnipeg where her parentswere teachers on the Recent Recipients of the Ethel Johns be defined? AwardWabigoon Reserve in Ontarioand she quickly learned toteach and speak Ojibway. 2006- Diana Davidson Dick Do you setEthel graduated from Nursing 2007- Dr. Anita Molzahn goals?school in 1902 and in nine 2008- Marianne Lambshort years held theSuperintendent position at 2009- Madelaine Buck Once a goalChildrens Hospital inWinnipeg. By 1919 she was 2010- Gail Donner has beenworking at Vancouver GeneralHospital to create the first 5 achieved, doyear nursing graduate programin the entire British Empire. you setEthel was then invited by the Ethel Johns was an extraordinary woman.Rockefeller group to assist in She accomplished many tasks throughout another?establishing nursing schools in her life and also followed moral ethics likeEurope, but she sidelinedthrough the United States first no other. She once quit a job because the Do you help administration wouldn‟t allow someto write a controversial report „scruffy-looking‟ union workers to help with otherson the disallowance of black construction. Ethel Johns was a leader and achieve theirwomen to enter the nursingprograms. She finished her innovator in a time when strong womencareer as the editor and were frowned upon. She advocated for fair goals?business manager for the still treatment for all.current magazine “TheCanadian Nurse”.
  3. 3. “Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretchLeading Change and grow and reach new heights.” - Pauline R. KezerUnderstanding change is crucial toimplementing quality improvement (QI) KEY ELEMENTS OF CHANGE: The knowledge baseinitiatives. Widespread change will berequired to correct what many consider regarding successful change in health care organizationsto be outmoded and deficient systems ofcare. This article summarizes the current can be summarized in eight crucial strategies orliterature--within both health care andthe fields of business and management-- principles: (1) develop a vision for change, (2) focus on theregarding how change occurs at theindividual and organizational levels. change process, (3) analyze which individuals in the Part 1 focuses on changing clinicianbehavior, which is instrumental to any organization must respond to the proposed change andeffort directed in the health care setting.Part 2 examines the culture of change. what barriers exist, (4) build partnerships betweenPart 3 addresses issues of leadership,along with the necessary steps to guide physicians and the administration, (5) create a culture ofchange in an organization. Part 4summarizes key elements of change. continuous commitment to change, (6) ensure thatFinally, Part 5 provides three caseexamples of QI initiatives reported in the change begins with leadership, (7) ensure that change isrecent literature to illustrate how theapplication of the knowledge of change well communicated, and (8) build in accountability formanagement can assist in the successfulimplementation of QI programs. change. CONCLUSION: A knowledge of change CONCLUSION: A knowledge of change management can help leaders of QI programs in healthmanagement can help leaders of QI care organizations successfully apply these concepts toprograms in health care organizationssuccessfully apply these concepts tobring about much-needed bring about much-needed transformations in health care.transformations in health care
  4. 4. (1) Develop a vision forchange?Nurse leaders? Leadership styles
  5. 5. 2) Focus on the changeprocess
  6. 6. (3) Analyze which individuals inthe organization must respondto the proposed change andwhat barriers exist?barriers…governmentprocesses
  7. 7. 4) Build partnershipsbetween physiciansand the administrationExamples can be MoreOB andhow the whole hierarchyconcept is eliminated andnurses and physicians work onthe same levels.This concept can be attemptedfor all levels of hierarchy in thehealthcare system.
  8. 8. (5) Create a culture ofcontinuous commitmentto changeEducationGoing paperless andencouraging physicians andstaff to continue onTelehealth
  9. 9. (6) Ensure that changebegins with leadership?posters
  10. 10. (7) Ensure that changeis well communicatedEMR’sCAISCommunication systems
  11. 11. (8) Build inaccountability forchangePRF’s