Skype, Healthcare & More Than 60 HIPAA-Compliant Video Platforms


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Skype, Healthcare & More Than 60 HIPAA-Compliant Video Platforms

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Skype, Healthcare & More Than 60 HIPAA-Compliant Video Platforms

  1. 1. To Skype or Not to Skype? Free and Low—Cost Video Alternatives by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. July 2, 2013
  2. 2. ((( "“: "_i’_‘~“f ‘EH : eler. ear: Disclaimer The content of any TeleMental Health Institute training covers a number of developing areas where legal and ethical issues are in still solidifying. Our goal is educational only. Our legal advisors insist that we inform you that No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by the TeleMental Health Institute, its trainers, guests or independent consultants as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained in our training. Therefore, the Institute, trainers, guests and consultants assume no responsibility in connection therewith. We aim to outline the issues and alert you to what's happening, including legal, ethical and other risk management issues, but we cannot and are not attempting to provide definitive advice for your specific situation. We assume you are licensed or otherwise credentialed are responsible for your own decisions and actions. You are encouraged to seek such specific advice from your legal, regulatory, ethical and malpractice bodies.
  3. 3. Housekeeping * 4 different webinar handouts — (PDF, WORD & WORD 97, text) * Questions — Q&A Box * Support —www. support. te| ehea| th. org
  4. 4. Train Mental Health Professionals in Best Practices CEUs & CMEs _ 100% Online Training ‘‘ www. Te| ehea| th. org
  5. 5. Why use video as a tool to deliver mental health care?
  6. 6. if/ _l'5"%= _-'l'F‘ '-_-M Hm U u ‘I 50+ years of an evidence base A: Power of visual cues — Eye contact 9 telepresence — Window into the home — Aided by yet more functionality than visuals Audio signal is more important than video Reimbursement
  7. 7. lllll: Page s; i: onnection, either by mobile at U. S. Psychiatric ""f’ Mental Health Congress “"' 3.“-“' T” DD can make it all feel ovenmhelming. Telepsychiatry: The Perils of Using Skype First released in 2003, Skype offers free. worldwide video access to any patient with an Internet » ns of communication clearly suitable for clinical services—especially in mental health. : I— rgt" an im: Tar‘ Sa'er, .u—. icm= :.m Jl'1lI’IDlI: E‘. ‘El'i evice or desktop computer What it does not offer. however. is a The ' ~ ' ility and Accountability Act Ordinarily. neitherfederal nor state law is designedto regulate specific proprietary entities such as Skype and its competitors Video-chat platforms were developed for marketing to the general consumer, and not for health care The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) holds professionals responsible for conducting their own internal risk assessments regarding their chosen technologies. Before using any equipment. the professional should require documentation that explicitly promises 'Hll-“AA compliance‘ or ‘HI’-‘AA compatibility" One couldtake fi. irther comfort in a designation of Federal Information Processing Standard iFlPS) certification. a standard that may meet and exceed HPAA standards? ‘ HIPAA requires the use of equipmentthat allows for audit trails According to the American Health Information Management Association. audit trails allow preaches to be traced. ‘ Like other proprietary platforms. Skype makes it impossible to conduct approved security audits via audit trails Skype itself is not WARNING: SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS Antidepressants increased the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children. adolescents. and young adults in short-term studies. These studies did not show an can make it all feel :1 I '2: - Pius. scroll dawn for Imporllnt snmy inromuiion Ind inaimion Int E1 Inlomuthn Presnrllzln Iifntmaflnn WARNING: SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS Antidepressants increased the risk of suicidal thoughts and behavior in children. adolescents, and young :4 ults in short-term studies. These studies did not show an SEARCHMEDICA RX Browse drugs oyname: Search for drugs: Ll
  8. 8. <(( T: ”%l"E“_‘TLf‘hE: :l'>H telet: -ealt: ti. org W /7 Illlf ill ‘IIKTI/ /‘l‘: .’—l l. iI~r: ‘/ :1 5/ . ‘rj/ I1‘/ hlil lid I c ? .‘'J 'eeVe'J —-. -.-~ —--~ ‘.2 --
  9. 9. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) vs. Video Chat
  10. 10. /5 Skype a video platform or a social networking platform?
  11. 11. ° Default: automatic notification when ”contacts” sign on ° Alter settings for exit notification 9 Do you want your clients/ patients knowing when you sign on and off your computer?
  12. 12. <(( T: ”%l"E“_‘TLf‘. E:: l'>H telett-ealdnorg C Z’. "J 'eeVe*J -. -J" ““
  13. 13. V‘ telet>ealttx. org 1. Skype is rated by many groups as the best at what is claims to be 2. Health care is not Skype’s purview, it is ours as health care providers 3. Tools vs. Services
  14. 14. Video-based telemental health companies “ Clinical training vs technical training X»: -rt (_ (_ Going to the home is not just about access Scientific evidence base to the home is much thinner, less reliable than traditional telehealth Risk management is a serious concern ‘”7_""7' 4"; -'
  15. 15. / . I A. ,; l.__ _ l_ _ A ; l.. .l, _ y_, ,I l V, _ _, Wiiil W. Inez‘ ‘ell rel «ii ILI I . I, I ; g_I I re'iiifi~
  16. 16. ((( 7=_= "-= _.“: rLi. ~: T-t / T l l , _I I l I telehealth . crg
  17. 17. if/ _*'5"%= _.'l'r‘, '_ _‘ I _ ‘H I u SKYPE & NASW * Social Workers and Skype—Part I https: //www. socia| workers. org/ ldf/ lega| _issue/ 2011/112011.asp? back= yes ~ Social Workers and Skype—Part ll, Telemental Health Law * https: //www. socia| workers. org/ ldf/ lega| _issue/ 2012/Apr2012.asp? back= yes#. T7uWbkOTOEg. e mail
  18. 18. I’? ‘/ —/’ In 5"}! Zen . .«/ I 7? l l i''l ‘’ Skype 8:. HIPAA I’ Security (is not just about encryption) I‘ Privacy “ Transactions I I ute Inc. All ‘ctr‘F; "IT 4"_f-'
  19. 19. What are "audit trails" and why are they important?
  20. 20. Skype does not provide an ”audit trai basic HIPAA requirement _ ; _, ..— | II I which is a
  21. 21. Does insurance reimburse for Skype-based therapy?
  22. 22. <(( T: ”Ti"'i’fTLfPE: :iTfi telett-ealdnorg e ? .‘'_i ‘e even -. -4-~ —--~. -_v. ~;
  23. 23. What are the names and links to more than 50 video teleconferencing companies who clearly claim to be HIPAA- compliant?
  24. 24. .org/ video um Ha e h e M w. W W
  25. 25. Which technology features do mental health professionals need to deliver effective care?
  26. 26. General Adult — PIP — Red Light _ — Recording , _ — Notes ffllfilljll Low bandwidth I I aw‘ ’ I Lost Connection ” Emergency Re-start Pediatrics (room, table top) —. ,. _ Gerontology (adaptive 7‘tr. ?T ' devices) Correctional facilities (no Internet connection) Copyright 2D12Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  27. 27. What else do healthcare professionals need to know to be compliant with HIPAA regulations I today?
  28. 28. - We are mandated to use HIPAA compliant technologies and processes — Document policies - Security & privacy policies — Repairs — Stafftraining — Breaches, etc. Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  29. 29. I TMHl’s “Public” Service I Announcement I _j , V.. rIN. l _ _ _ xwuwt , _. itt. .InmIII»I . ._ . r.yoI. uh. ..lhWIr. tt _. ._ . , : _ _ - I . ,. _ _. e. _ _ _ wfle. .. _, , , w W . I , : ; _ e
  30. 30. ((( ": _E~. L'vE-‘V-TL: telebeannorg Want More? Join Our Master Study Group ° A spreadsheet with many more details about VTC companies ° 6 LIVE and interactive group consultation calls ° 2 online course with 4 CEs at the Te| eMenta| Health Institute - Full access to the password protected TMH Learning Lounge Community Forum for 1 year ° Downloadable ethical guidelines for VTC http: //store. telehealth. org/ pages/801MTW php
  31. 31. ((( 7:“i_"? f7‘f fly” : eier. eama. org What Else Will You Get with the Master Study Group? - Discussion of legal requirements for video by state licensing boards ° Position papers by leading professional associations that have issued public statements about VTC and SKYPE ° FREE access to 10 hours of cutting—edge legal and ethical "How to Get Started" Telehealth Summit 2012 conference ° $295 discount to the TMH Institute Certificate program Look for: Professional Video Teleconferencing for Pros http: //store. telehealth. org/ pages/ 801 M TW php
  32. 32. ' J "H telenealtruorg Master Study Group ° 30 day money—back, iron—c| ad guarantee ° $495 or payments of S295 ° Only valid until July 10 at midnight http: //store. telehealth. or g/ pages/801MTWphp
  33. 33. How does email fit into the picture ?
  34. 34. ' Q: H ieteruealifxlorg Email ° Important ingredient — Must be secure at both ends ° Many HIPAA compliant companies now — Run a search for "HIPAA-compliant Email”
  35. 35. What does it mean to have a company sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with you?
  36. 36. How do you get a company to sign a ”Business Associate” agreement?
  37. 37. How does video interface with Electronic Health Record (EHB) ?
  38. 38. r’5’_{g‘{: _.'v'r[ ; >5.'_-=2: '_ _‘ | _ M I Soon Will all be the same interface Lower cost More efficient Virtual office Direct result of innovation + Affordable Care Act
  39. 39. What is the price range for HIPAA-comp/ iant video platforms ?
  40. 40. FREE to several hundred dollars per month for unlimited use
  41. 41. r’5’_{g‘{: _.'i'r[ ; >5.'_-=2: '_ _‘ | _ M I TMHI & HIPAA—Comp| iant Companies ° With respect to any technology companies, we do not check on them everyday. We have done our best to bring you up—to—date information, but we cannot promise you they haven't changed their policies, services, fees or technology since we checked on them ° Please proceed at your own risk to our list of HIPAA-compliant video companies htt: te| ehea| th. or VIDEO
  42. 42. How To Purchase CE for this Program Download Transcript 1 Live Webinar CE ‘ $32.50 http: //store. te| ehea| th. org/ cata| og. p hp? item=191
  43. 43. Master Study Group 6 LIVE and interactive group consultation calls 2 online course with 4 CEs at the Te| eMenta| Health Institute Full access to the password protected TMH Learning Lounge Community Center for 1 full year Downloadable ethical guidelines for VTC http: //store. telehealth. org/ pages/801 M TVI/ . php “"l; '_""“' 4"; -'
  44. 44. “ teieneaimarg About TMH Institute Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. We do the research so that you can do your work with confidence! — 40—Unit Certificate Program In Te| eMenta| Health www. te| ehea| th. org — Special Master Study Group: Professional Video Teleconferencing for Pros