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Dr. Maheu gives an introduction to responsible psychological product development and marketing, then illustrates three of her 7 paths to successful development and marketing.

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Maheu product development fast forward div 42 2012 1.5 hours

  1. 1. Creating Legal, Ethical SeIf—heIp Materials through Blogs, Podcasts, eBooks and APPS October 5, 2012 Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D.
  2. 2. ( ( Disclaimer WHO I AM: I am a licensed psychologist, not an attorney, physician, marketing or information technology (IT) professional. MY GOAL: My goal is educational only. I will outline the issues and alert you to what's happening in a way to help think through the issues, help you move forward, and protect yourselfas well as your clients or patients. I hope to inspire you to use technology in ways that help you, your clients and our profession. No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made as to the accuracy or sufficiency of the information contained in my presentation for your specific circumstance. I assume no responsibility in connection therewith your choices. YOUR PART: You are encouraged to seek specific advice from your specific legal, regulatory, ethical and malpractice bodies before offering any online services or programs to consumers. Get all such opinions in writing, and have your informed, trusted, local, legal counsel review them for their full significance. Copyright 2012 TeIeMentaI Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Learning Objectives - Program Development: identify at least 3 relatively quick and easy formulas to develop a research—based, se| f—he| p blog, eBook, podcast or smart device (iPhone, iPad, or Android) app - Ethical Standards: cite at least 3 ethical standards relevant to developing psycho—educationa| materials for the Internet- based consumer - Legal & Ethical Marketing: name at least 3 ethical and legal strategies to successfully market se| f—he| p materials worldwide through the Internet
  4. 4. I Home Articles » Blog Forums Features » Se| f—heIp Products >> A out » i-ii -»ii. .i. r mi ‘ml! imp unit ~= -.y. iminu, - ~, ii~. ri- lIi'i'. ‘I'Wbl‘I i. i. -ma How Not to Get F ed at Your Job: Top Ten Strategies that will help ion to show tour -: -mplois-ithat too are indeed fully engaged anotheiei-: ire a Keeper in the i: irgani: atii: in _ How to Repair the Damage Local Gwdes Ten Tips For Coping With Parkinson's Disease All Guides A _. Alabama —_— Aiaska P‘ Approxirnate| _i one-million people in North America are AFIIOIIB v sufiering from Parkinson's disease. When you have Parkinson 5 disease ior any other CiII’Ol1|C| IIfIeSSi ‘i0LI are probably struggling with symptoms that can be overwhelming Therefore the author ofthis article has Find a Therapist created the following "Ten Tips‘ Iistto help individuals with Parkinson 5 disease cope "' . .. . . Re ularl 14.95 Search by Zip or City with some ofthe DSyLilOlOQ| C8I simptoms ofthe disease 9 V S l Immediate Download SeIfheIpMagaziiie's ’ DIIECYOW PW“-" f‘<IV°<<‘“”9 i0’ Holiday Care for Yourself‘ Body Mind and Spirit ~ 5 5 Healthy Psychotherapy Practices Copvriciht 201 2 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All ritihts resen/ ed. /
  5. 5. iiirnlltter. rvEnlhlip , . r .4 Copyright 2012 TeIeMenta| Health Institute, Inc. A II . : . ... ... ... .. .l
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  14. 14. Start with your Current Expertise 1. Work with what you know 2. Keep it simple 3. Stay focused — go deep 4 Work at it regularly 5 Get feedback
  15. 15. Repurpose Your Material 1. Handouts 2. Concepts / Metaphors / Analogies You Use 3. Favorite Quotes, Books, Assays, YouTubes 4. Articles You May have Written 5. Audio Recordings 6. Video Recordings
  16. 16. When digitized, your specialty product(s) or service(s) will bring you alternative sources of income.
  17. 17. Does Telehealth Include Psycho—education ? “ Absolutely I; I ‘ ' Anywhere, Anytime / Serve More People 7 Part—time , % Practice Generator an-; Lower Risk ‘ Non—therapeutic Relationship r Clearer Legal/ ethical Mandates Copyright 2012 TeIeMentaI Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Psychotherapy vs. Psychoeducation? F Psychotherapy defined: a method of working with patients and clients to assist them to modify, change, or reduce factors that interfere with effective living (Corsini, 1998). r Psychotherapy — 5 commonalities: — 1) the development ofa therapeutic contract in which the patient has an active role (including purpose, format, terms, and limits), — 2) therapeutic interventions (confrontation, immediacy of affective expression, etc. ), — 3) resulting emergence ofa therapeutic bond (also termed therapeutic alliance), — 4) the patient's se| f—re| atedness (lack of defensiveness), and — 5) therapeutic realizations and impacts in—session. (Or| insky and Howard (1986) Copyright 2012 Te| eMentaI Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. Benefits of Online Product or Service Development Spread Your Message Give Back Learn Very little competition Far fewer legal/ ethical mandates Connection / Community / Support Collegiality / Mentoring Low overhead Exposure -) Profits while you sleep . ‘°9°. ‘. °‘. U‘: '>. °"! ".—‘
  20. 20. All Legal & Ethical Rules Apply Copyright -LEI 2001 Randy Glasborgon. ~rww. gl: lsborgon. com 3% “I typed up my résumé on the computer. The spell-checker accidentally changed ‘Mid-State Junior College’ to ‘Harvard’. ”
  21. 21. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - What is an unfair ad? 0 When it is likely to cause substantial consumer injury (physical or economic). : - 0 It is not reasonably ’ K avoidable by consumers themselves. . . And it is not outweighed by benefits to consumers or competition. Copyright 2012 TeIeMentaI Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. FTC — When is an Ad Deceptive? 9 When a claim or omission would materially mislead consumers acting reasonably in the circumstances. 9 Strict Liability — - Intent to Deceive not required. Knowledge of Deception also not required except for moneyjudgments against principals, which require proof of knowledge or reckless indifference to truth or falsity ° -- Dean Graybill, Federal Trade Commission, Assistant Director, Western Region, San Francisco Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West
  23. 23. (_ K. Dot Com Disclosures: FTC Business Education/ Guidance Place disclosures close to the triggering claim. When using hyperlinks to disclosures, make the link uniform and obvious, label the type of information it leads to, and monitor c| ick—through rates for effectiveness. Disclose material purchase terms on order page, near order button, as well as in Terms & Conditions. Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West 12
  24. 24. Competent and Reliable Scientific Evidence 9960 What It lsn’t Anecdotal evidence from consumers Popular press articles Sales materials from manufacturer Low return rate Money-back guarantee 00000 Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West What It I_s Methodologically sound tests, studies, scientific research Based on expertise of professionals in field Objectively conducted by qualified people Using procedures accepted as accurate Yielding statistically significant results
  25. 25. ”New” FTC Substantiation Standard? <' Weight Loss Claims — at least 2 controlled clinical studies on advertised product by 1 separate, independent researchers Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West
  26. 26. Revised FTC Endorsement Guides §Testimonia| s still must represent what consumers ’’typically’’ will achieve 0 BUT: if they don't, ’’Results not typical” disclaimer no longer suffices, clear & conspicuous disclosure of”genera| |y expected results” now required, unless advertiser can prove consumers don't think the results are typical. No FTC enforcement of this yet but cases can be expected Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West 16 _
  27. 27. Revised FTC Endorsement Guides (cont. ) C Disclosure of material connections between advertisers and lay (non—expert) endorsers must be made. This now applies to bloggers endorsing roducts, who also can be held liable for making alse claims, and to celebrities endorsing products in unconventional formats (i. e., talk shows) or social media where consumer may not think celebrity is being paid. Advertiser principally liable for failure to disclose. Copyright 2011 Affiliate Summit West
  28. 28. Mobile Security 6) Mobile phone security and the rise of mobile malware Only a fraction of smartphones and tablets are protected by security software, despite a rise in the amount of malware targeted at mobile devices. Estimates for growth of mobile malware (includes viruses, worms and malicious software used by hackers, such as code inserted into compromised mobile apps) vary greatly, but all expects warn that it is growing very fast. - BulIGuard identified a staggering 2,500 different types of mobile malware in 2010. - IBM X-Force named 2011 the year of the security breach, predicting that ‘exploits targeting vulnerabilities that affect mobile operating systems will more than double from 2010'. Yet most smartphones and tablets have little security protection: - ana ys 0 oer 0 : n 1percen o sma p ones an a e comp ers s lppe In 0 I . - some nn 0 more security downloaded and installed. - Juniper Research (August 2011): Less than 1 in 20 smartphones and tablets have third-party security software installed in them, despite a steady increase in threats. This is expected to change, let by sales to business: - Canalys: US $759.8 million will be spent on security in 2011 alone, growing at 44 percent annually to be worth US $3 billion in 2015. - Juniper: By 2016, 277 million mobile devices will have some kind of protection installed, costing mobile users a collective US$3.6 billion. 69 percent of this investment will be made by corporations concerned about corporate data is stored on mobile devices. Further reading: ' The insider’s guide to mobile security - Mobile security — implications for your business
  29. 29. HIPAA Privacy Rule Data are "individually identifiable” if they include any of the 18 types of identifiers, listed below, for an individual or for the individual’s employer or family member, or if the provider or researcher is aware that the information could be used, either alone or in combination with other information, to identify an individual: * Name * Address (all geographic subdivisions smaller than state, including street address, city, county, zip code) * All elements (except years) ofdates related to an individual (including birth date, admission date, discharge date, date of death and exact age if over 89) *Telephone numbers * Fax number * Email address * Social Security number * Medical record number * Health plan beneficiary number * Account number * Certificate/ license number * Any vehicle or other device serial number * Device identifiers or serial numbers *Web URL * Internet Protocol (IP) address numbers * Finger or voice prints * Photographic images * Any other characteristic that could uniquely identify the individual
  30. 30. Existing Te| eMenta| Health Guidelines - American Medical Association. (2000). Guidelines for Patient—Physician Electronic Mail - American Counseling Association. (1999) (2005). ACA Code of Ethics - American Mental Health Counselors Association. (2000). Code of Ethics of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, Principle 14, Internet On-Line Counseling - American Psychological Association. (1997). APA Statement on Services by Telephone, Teleconferencing, and Internet, A statement by the Ethics Committee of the American Psychological Association - American Psychological Association. (2010). Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct - American Telemedicine Association. (2009). Evidence—Based Practice forTe| ementa| Health - American Telemedicine Association. 2009 . Practice Guidelines forvideoconferencin —Based Telemental Health - Australian Psychological Society. (2004). Guidelines for Providing Psychological Services and Products on the Internet - British Psychological Society. (2009). The Provision of Psychological Services via the Internet and Other Non-direct Means - Canadian Psychological Association. (2006). Ethical Guidelines for Psychologists Providing Psychological Services via Electronic Media - Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, Inc. , Report of the Special Committee on Professional Conduct and Ethics. (2002) Model guidelines for the appropriate use of the Internet in medical practice - National Association of Social Workers. (1999) (2008). Code of Ethics - National Board forCertified Counselors and Centerfor Credentialing and Education, (2001). The Practice of Internet Counseling. (2001) - New Zealand Psychological Psychologists Board (2011). Draft Guidelines: Psychology services delivered via the Internet and other electronic media 0 Ohio Psychological Association. (2010). Te| epsycho| ogy Guidelines -Winkler, M. , Flanagin, A. , Chi-Lum, B. , White, J. , Andrews, K. , Kennett, R. , DeAnge| is, C. & Musacchio, R. (2000). Guidelines for medical and health information sites on the Internet. Journal of the American Medical Association, March 22/29, 283(12), pp. 1600-1606
  31. 31. APA Ethics Code — Standard 5 5.01 Avoidance of False or Deceptive Statements —— ads, endorsements, resumes, CV5, published materials 5.02 Statements by Others —— we remain responsible, do not compensate media, clearly identify paid ads — webmasters and plagiarism 5.03 Descriptions ofWorkshops and Non—Degree—Granting Educational Programs — accurate 5.04 Media Presentations — based on literature and practice 5.05 Testimonials — not from current clients 5.06 | n—Person Solicitation — protect others from our undue influence Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  32. 32. Paths to Multiple Streams of Income in Mental Health Start w/ specialty area Do market analysis . Boil down concept I if . Get best domain name . , / Outline Product Path - Q Organize Content I Re-purposed content — B| og/ Webinar — Newsletter/ Youtube — Other Social Media Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  33. 33. .4 I I -. 'l>: II Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights . .- e I " ~< ' [ ‘J 4 I~ - I I I I II I I « I V . I . L T I II. s 7‘— ' eh‘ . _g_ . t. I / . ’ 7 . (V I . :3. . ", ' . . _ 4/, ..
  34. 34. Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights . .-
  35. 35. path #3: interview an expert Interview on telephone — Have some one ask you questions, or you ask them questions related to your topic Record Make it a webinar (live or recorded) Transcribe / PDF — eBook Cover Sell from website Email list Copyright 2012 TeleMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  36. 36. Process tips for interviews, webinars and podcasts Content — Outline + Q&A Technology — WebEx, GotToMeeting, |nstantTeIeseminar Transcripts — Pay an expert — roughly $.50 a page Guests, Editors or Readers — Friends or family for 15‘ few times — Askfor feedback
  37. 37. Your weather location has not beenset . I _ l I ' °: 'I’C'Dl. :{iT7 LY] *‘*°' -“ E1‘-: li. := I_. Q.l, :Z'I: Jfi§ cf, c2.| l.EL-Aa«_»LI’A! _[Lf. _H_ * News Sports Radio TV My Region v More ' Sign Up I Log In cscradio White Coat, Black Art with Dr. Brian Goldman About the Team Past Eprsodes Dr. Brian's Sade ol the Gumey I Join Dr. Brian for Live Online Chat comaaus Special partnership with Live Right Now — 0' E13." I1~: Id"Ia1r ' -. Jr 5r is. I. I3r: :rI II t: getrIeI I-. Itr l_lV€ Right Now SE25 7l'. EilI. -3 “ ciar-ad : =I'i. ¢ er ‘II: arm -JEI ErIarIsI1I: ~:. Issv: I'ntn7.~I: e=: ecs 32C_ll'. '1-E "I El: :rl: ':‘[I. I‘: I". .7 5lIClll. ll': S .3:I: LI'. II: sIr; .-. =.I; II‘; nere.
  38. 38. [lute 18 O siinizz lies- FY1333 l. lari: h J‘ 2011 Breaking Up Show All relationships have their ups and downs and not every doctor-patient relationship is a marnage made in heaven in medical school they teach us the proper technique for finng patients But there‘s nothing on the curnculum about what to do when patients fire us This week two GPS share painttul eizpenences of being given the pink slip by patients when they least expected it A patient advocate and social scientist dishes her techniques for giving doctors the heave-no We also show how patlyits and doctors can repair a health care relationship gone wrong A doctor from the States tells how he took a bad online review from a patient to make his practice better Our show airs Saturday at 11 am l1‘l 30 am NT; and again on Monday at 11 30 am i3 30 pm MT; on CBC Radio One Clltk below I0 llSl€n T0 the snow Of download the podcast Categories: Btog Archives. Communication, Family Medicine, Health Protessionals. Past Episodes Comments Cl 10 ? :e: :=r**‘. =erl: /5 Pl’EViOUS P0515 Stay connected 1 A Tutu RS
  39. 39. Webinar/ Podcast Formulas ° Music clips — It is pirating tojust take a clip from any album — Must buy a commercial podcast license — Some record labels allow you to obtain free music for non-commercial podcasts (educational) — Use music that is roya| ty—free ° Breaking Up Show W Copyright 201 2 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  40. 40. Webinar / Podcast Formulas * Clear sound ‘W * Music in background that surfaces to create transitions * Ask questions for audience to consider * Then transition music * Then answer the questions you posed earlier
  41. 41. Webinar / Podcast Formulas r Voice Tone ‘ I , ,.e‘ »’f — Modulate 3?. r sound alive , ._. ‘i‘ Z — Google ”voiceover” — Go to fiverr and buy”voice over” professional Copyright 2012 TeIeMentaI Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  42. 42. Webinar / Podcast Formulas r Recording Behaviors to Avoid — Sniffling — ”Ahhhh”s — Scratching — Shiftingin chair — Anything rubbing microphone — sleeve — Tapping fingers — Shuffling papers - Typing — Pen chewing — Filing nails Copyright 2012 Te| eMentaI Health Institute, Inc, All rights reserved.
  43. 43. Webinar / Podcast Formulas r Equipment Issues: Audio Clarity & Continuity — Equipment Quality r Type of Microphone — Headsets vs. Free Standing r Microphone Placement r Speaker Location Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  44. 44. Webinar / Podcast Formulas “ Reverberation —) Sound Absorbers: — Carpeting — Plush couches — Drapes/ Pillows r Noise pollution —) Sign on Door — Overhead Planes — Traffic — Barking dog — Phone ringing, tea kettle Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  45. 45. Webinar / Podcast Formulas * Make duplicate recordings — Your own hard drive, iTunes, Amazon S3 — Online Radio Stations r UStream * Edit — Sony Soundforge, Audacity, Goldwave — Get transcript first — then pay someone to make edits
  46. 46. l N ' I l . . ,5 II ‘.4 7.‘ W4 _ '. . . - . I / ' y _, _ ’. 2V . . 2 V I' I 0 Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights . .-
  47. 47. «- ~ 4. —- 3? ¢ t_‘ ~ T- ’ <2 ' ‘ - ’. ‘‘ _ _ Q, ‘ A: _ , , u—f‘_— Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  48. 48. ‘ L Iuii~1t= r-Iliir-iniizlit-ii-raiii-Iirzim . iLII.1«; !iI-i=1I-iuliiaalliii. tatair= nliiii~li-: iii»iramiiiv2IiiiI(>lt= -iiir: iél't-l'lii= , About Us Articles Blog Books Calendar Discussion Glossary Interviews 'A'l_'u' If ‘ ‘file: ' 'A'£_I_[l i)_Il! )n , .§II, li‘ - hilt-at II)‘_J. l;-: ’I_I Ll_I_3l%Pgfl! _i_Iii5 '. ='£«l9l! o_'h! ),v m. .:: .7h), IlA: .-uumunun. iVllIl'i‘lI'I! =,iI= ,l= ‘|'i'§‘J, ‘, 'l= |tt<‘--il! l=i. -u: i-iIi, laiii- Reimbursement: Recent Legal and Marketplace Changes by Dr Llaheu on i1.i‘12i'11 at1 00 am Increasingly Technical lylarlretplace Changes Standard Therapy lylodels Hlk 1-hourTraining Webinar iL| ’vEi Wrap up this year with an essential discussion of current events to predict next year's focus on telemental health and online therapy This months guestwill be Tania S ltlalii: J D , Founder and President ofCOPEtodai 54.5 Dr l. laheu‘s guest, she will discuss : ] Full Sm Suicide Preparedness: 7' Strategies for Telemental Health or Online Therapy by Dr Llaheu on O4i“l2/‘l‘l 3t2 29 pm Potentially suicidal clients and patients pose one ofthe most rigorous challenges faced by telemental health professionals This orief article will give a glimpse ofthe advance preparation you might consider Institutional Telemental Health Practice l. lany institutional work settings already have emergency response systems in place Examples ofsuch 0l'g3Tl|13l|0flS include the military. the ; l Full Story IVI. ‘-XNDATED CHILD ABUSE REPORTING IN ONLINE THERAPY —— A sobering Reality? by Dr Llaheu on 2‘li“l1i"l‘l at 4 45 am Copyright 20‘|2TeleMental Health | nstitute, |nc. All rights reserved. The. mr-. :.nvDnnn mam Fhilri cmiiai amigo tmmsi-ii. nnintc on ': iiinrvamnnvai nmhimnthao cam-ni: on he. rminn ~‘1!lIl€h| ‘[, ‘Ell =1*. IruZn Training Programs Ii-; iiiiii: ;iii. ~ Featured Tags Dr Llaheu They are the same, exceptyciu put —GT as a qualih »‘¥| ii: ia Cantor What wcitild be the CPT code for teIehea| th7‘ The Online Counselling Service lnterestingl Thank youfor sharing this article Camluder Im impressedl very useful information specially Port-“answer Caller Solutions Thanks forthe information‘ Free Reimbursement Handbook With TeIeMentaIHeaIthNews Signup! Full Name Primary Email Free Access 'Hl’: li'Jl': liI Want to Practice 0nline? _. .. ilugiliii _'. li~’_1'I'[_l" J um-A Datizmk
  49. 49. Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. Linkedmo Go to Linlecln Ads n V Marlene M Maheu, Ph I3 Add Connections Home Profile Contacts Groups Jobs lnhox ‘WI Companies News More TeleMenta| Health Institute (TMHI) Discussions Members Promotions Jobs Search Manage More Share group l Group rul-as Manager's Choice Take a minute to set up your open group for success Modify write permissions in Group Settings ‘it Edit your Group Rules » How Accessible FREE replay of today's webinar “Psychological Assessment Telemental Health Strategies Using Video" , . i"3rie i"3heo in: Seeali. Latest Updates Kristina Welker, PsyD commented in the group on Hi Everyone‘ I am a i’ I '2 Doctor ofPsycho| ogy and a Licensed Professional Counselor in private ractice in Phoenix l also trite Suicide Preparedness 7 Strategies for Telemental Health or Online Therapy gmwcai adme 3.-mes rmyou, mar Potentially suicidal clients and patients pose one of the most rigorous challenges faced by Ahwamkeg Foothmg i. i,3., ,-5 7 Hi Dean telemental health professionals. This brief . . we do have good an museums’ : ) And our winter weather is absolutely incredible. I think an online advice site could work well. .. Like Cornmentil lhiur agc Medical sensors could phone for help rr1ultibrIefs. cclm 4 people have]-oined the gum Aman struggling with drug addiction feels a craving coming on, but his nexttherapy appointment is including cheme Momson P'h D notfor another week. Right away, his cellphone bunes, ofienng a breathing exercise, a motivational Niamh Maher and Sm“ S2)" ' " message, or even Just a distra F r: urs 3;: * WT li:3:: ;?. :‘i, :W; ;ii: :iiEi: *“ [ ; Hi' I'm a clinical psychologist in Los ‘ Using telephone field notes in qualitative research analysis Angeles County i am looking mm ‘ Hey. i'm in a bit ofa pickle. l'm currently conducting research and I received fantastic using technology to reach client ~ unexpected phone calls and am planning on _ populations In rural areas , Like (1) ‘l mm; 3;: l- .4 . $55 (“UTE )4 See all updates Hi All I am wondering what are the most commonly used services for online 9kIrrnIi I hm". kn. ..‘ nrfiirrdimn v-rurn: -rr/ r mrirwn rlruin/ s nwm PHRTFOI I0 PFRFHPMANCF
  50. 50. /< In this ISSUE . Suicide Preparedness Strategies . FREE Webinar: Reimbursement 7 Strategies for Working with Suicide in Telemental Health or Online Therapy Potentially suicidal clients and patients pose one of the most rigorous challenges faced by telemental health professionals, This brief article will give a glimpse of the advance preparation you might consider Institutional Telemental Health Practice May institutional work settings already have emergency TELEMENTAL HEALTH N E V S What our colleagues are saying ‘Dr. Maheu is psychology's teleheatth visionary, leading our colteagues through professional training in ethics and innovative technologies since the mid—90's.
  51. 51. acebook Search "V http: //awebencom/ t/QFefL‘i Access to training 8. teletonsults in exchange for work in developing our training facility. Send your name, degree, specific skills for barter to: < irifo@te| ementalhealth.> Telenlelnizlflealzlllllslitlntie (« a waeHne| euanizIneaIuinewsnrid, oaoemberzi), zo11 1 Person Reached l. Like ’ Cornmerit December 20. 2011 at Z: -Jam via Atiieber Email Marlceong Tdernultalflulflilllstitute SIii: ‘ilePrepai't(hss75t: rat: e9‘sfor1'e| emuni Haiti: or Olin: Then-aw Teleflemal Health liens . http: //aweber. ccm/ t/Sfsva 5 People Reached I. Like ' Comment ' December 10. 2011a! 1:19am via Aweber Emad Marketnng Yelemental IIHIHI Institute fick filthy Teleflanfi Health & Electronic Shopping Guide _ http: //aweber. i:om/ t/KNVQO Need CE training anyhme in the next 5 years? Get it online. from the comfort of your home/ office. and all from the fidds leaders in helementd health training. You'll find the most comprehensrve, resource-filled, and cutting edge mformatmn anywhere. Use the coupon code below in our shopping car 5 People Reached l“ Like 'Cominent ' November 25, 20!! at 10:1-Sam via Aweber Email Marlreting Telellnelvlalllultillllstihme | 77' OIflAll| seRqIorI: 'IIgwiiI()| iI| e1he| -apvanll I? " relenuauniiieaitlunaiuneus -. htlp: //avt-eber. :om/ IJQ lady 6 People Reached l. Like ‘Comment - l‘la= ;emlJei 24, 2011 at 3:02pm via Aweber Email lflaikeong Tdelllclltnllleaflllllsfihllle FRE£It£PlAVoI'| |oIItnDevelopITlIriv‘ng Te| eInentalHealt: lIPractioeflonIVoIrtIIune'THIl1 Webinar
  52. 52. A Home Copyright 2012 TeleMental Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved. ((9 Cciriiiecl W P ilk-‘BEE Q Search Kevin Pho. M. D. The Confrontation (A Les Miserables Parody) youtu be/ G7BCDQFr_w5o Thanks tzdoggmd Marlene Maheu Suicide Preparedness 7 Strategies for Telemental Health or Online Therapy inkd invic ? .—Gn evin ‘ 0. . . " ‘W What you need to know about popular diets is gdl‘7JpC6S Kevin Pho. M. D. Why the family meeting is important is gd/ aWmTCz ESPN Syracuse just sent a message to everyone watching “You do not want to play us in March " Jennifer Barbour 30-1 Best regular season record in Syracuseu basketball history Not too shabby raise Jennifer Barbour Thanks to kr: sio32 and wscoopiardine for4 years rcuse ‘seniorday Jennifer Barbour Lets go —'Cuse "~Deal| OLllSVlll€ Kevin Pho, M. D. Doctors Don't be ashamed about going bankrupt is gdilmgO4q APAHeIpCenter The Psychologists Daily is out! on lyrdygVgT > Top stories today via voabyshnnk I drsnepp "DlZDSyCl‘l Kevin Pho. M. D.
  53. 53. DE E OP A WEBINAR I INSTITUTE Blog Partners Resources Services Store Tra ng About Us TMHI webinars Skype Update 2012: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly -- and Affordable Alternatives by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D FREE 1-hour Training webinar (LIVE) Have yes; or you colleagues been using Skype? Do yC~. J fully Lin-: }:—rstand the platform so as to property exzplam nsxs and benefits to your ct-ens or patients? Dc you knots your cost . cient altematwes For HEPAA compliant {or HIPAA certified) piatforms ayaiacée today? Do you lcioiu what else you need to be doirg to meet both privacy and security laws on both the federal (HIPAA in the US", and state levels? Join Dr‘ Marlene Maheu as she dlS: l.l5SES nsks and benefits cf usmg Skype. what a put in yet: informed consent docunierit and how to evaluate the range of piatfcrrns that are nova available as alternatwas to Skype. Why use video as a platform Tc! psychotherapy‘ 0 Skype codate: what is Nlscrosoft o-orig to improve Skyp-2'5 HIPAA ccrrpoarsce’ What | l'YIpllCal]Ol'lS do Microsoft's recent acbons have for mental health professionals using Skype now? what is the difference between . -ITP-1A compliance and HIPAA ceroicabon? which features do mental heaidi professionals need in a video platform for cmeling, drierapy or supervision? which aiterriative piatfoms are available for realthcare pro-’ess>: mals7 What else do healthcare professionals need to know to be compiant with HIPAA regulations today’ Free Webinar Date: March 27, 2012 FREE Ileiubursemeal HaodbooOrlI'¢IellenIaI Mealfi ueusieuev Regnsbatiou News. Ev: -war. El-lill View My Cart What others are saying "Dr. Maheu is psychology’: tekhealth visionary. leading our miiesgnes through prorecssonai <1 training in Efllits and innovative technologies since we rnid—90's. Yeleosvchologv is the 21st century and our practitioners in particular must become knowledgeable. ' Bat Deleon. Pi-. D.. mm, 10, r: «~——e« 2» eat, 5"ie'i: e'I is-. i:"oii: n_: -;a - ‘av. Vateu IS a lea: -r. ;i «aims —. zr twe aacsice-'_i: ri of «croi: -;v I‘! :ee~I'ea’. .*, chine seruices and use c‘ we. 1E-L‘ll'D>3; eS 2: s. -p: :—_ ar-:1 ecienzt your Vacflce. variene nus : e"fic ; .c~is>-. :;»s—: o-i‘: miss then’ If . v—. - ~. a>. . a race -.9 see ‘is’ if 5: »n. mi I ‘I l'. l : :"= :!J: a| seeps t: e>Je'i: wt: wact-2 aw: rrpri: -E you’ sen IIES . IS"‘i; ms laces ta; ti*: Q.: ; es Ih gt reccrrrrecd Dr. iiarieo. ’ Jatnes Bray. mu. 5&5: Dre dent I-. 'iefi: e'i rem-slag-:3 sscc stow mare r-‘—r: —'esscv 2: Ee, io' Csilege r: ‘ Véiiar-E ‘Marlene has Iorked at the *5 forefront ol telehealtll for many years and has substantial >1 elven-tise in the area. I strongly recommend her as a speaker and collsullant in this arena. ‘ , G”‘
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  56. 56. DEVELOP A COURSE OR PROGRAM Course Catalog Contact Us M‘, 'Ho"1e » My Courses » smc An, TeleF‘lal: > 7 Erttergerrci-: -5 and Terwtlnatlirg Contents Managing Crises & Emergencies Munagmgcrisesa Emergencies ESSENTML POINTS 0 Proper screening will eliminate many of the problems associated with emergencies o solo prolessionals operating online may be less able than Ur- Call On ‘/ atiilltin and Dir! of Llln: prolessionals who work in institutions to gather crucial -e, "._, ,,mg mi p, W55,m, information or act with sufficient speed to address a client in F-‘elaircnsh crisis ‘ivnen 'errn-ratlng lsr» : the Em Definitions course co ts Crises and emergencies lead to U Navlgatlng thls Course heightened (but not novel) risks It's all a matter ot degree. There is no v Lessons: standard definition of an H Lesson One emergency or a Crisis. In practice, a LESSW Two labeling a situation an emergency is a Lesson Three a mechanism torjustifying a course = Lesson Four of action selected on the basis of a Lesson Fwe numerous considerations, many of = Lesson Sn which may be subject to dispute or =1 Lesson Seven hard to describe uLesson Eight a Lesson Mme unless there is widespread abuse of the concept, society prefers to avert its gaze and rely on the responsible judgment of the people on the front lines Cit course, there are occasional gross MISJUGQIDEMS, people who exploit the looseness of the definition. cases of negligence, or simply bad results, any of which can lead to a lawsuit and an adverse outcome for the defendant Thus. practitioners are forced to weigh the benefits of professional freedom (which speaks to their strengths) against the benefits of constnctive standards (which may protect against their weaknesses). “Sneak Peeks “Learning Lounge Community FOFUFH “Post~Test “Course Evaluation Icourse Certlficate
  57. 57. Ebooks vs Print Books: Titles, Images, Keywords & Colors nu Ir _H; j1,1si1l mm C, . i"RL‘v'F'h‘~' l ‘r . .‘DTll'11 A Q . ‘ m_‘11M>1M-1%-“ _ ; : (Ea 7 <§, .2 3 ‘I 2“ I 2» K 777 '*"°. %“«. .~«§; r:: .a: ‘ i x t V Z 9-*' Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  63. 63. OFFER FREE INFORMATION-PACKED VIDEOS . . ,4 ’L‘c ltlihrll e g / Yalnnnan? uI5IM’»3f‘, ‘ nearing uni 4.: :|l¢-i|9.iL': tlvcugti ptcfiusziorial lrsvlmg 7| ul'llE 2 am inm. ai~«-- iacrnnlnqas since Ute Ind '10: leleosy-. hiiIo1_}, v I: in nu term, am: cu yui-munov-. l'I giamcitiz mun he-: :imu IM>v4l'Pl1I_1('BU? ' -. -u. L.s« i--. _ v. I~v< _ . ,.. .. : A. ... ;.. an AA‘: apt»)- T-: f. laI‘e. i IE a It-3-Sfiu nan-: r.aI men rin inc ; IFC<: .I. ttur- :4 as zuml‘ In Trlersillfl uiiim-: - zsmm ar1.i: s : >‘nn| - ls-m wait-e mm Dridlrll Jun»: -n am 4--para . .~. .. 5-. Fr r nut Pvvhfil . t.. .«a-v~. . e. .. Ll: flD! :r- -. »». .s. r—«-. «.. ..~. I -M et. : 3-. March: ha: P¢“. >TI ed A H‘( . iovsvcm It l: l!lle.1lI'I lul "IBM 5il’- 4 J A It}: Sutrzllflflal . that I! ‘ live sled ur _p, .- . -r. an1 mu as a :98.-pr an-1 . ;'l: uYA’tl1lVI-S arena
  64. 64. Apps will not produce an alternative salary as a book or product might. It is best to think of apps as advertising spaces, OR access points for consumers to reach you.
  65. 65. Usage and Population Statistics ’-‘I ‘4_r‘‘'_C‘ 1.) I. New Facebook Statistics . ‘i‘1'1a: -J 1:-IL: A! l1LE. tfl! .t’= .lJ his .1592‘ -IJ 1:-in itix-J-t= ..: t“ - his 303 tile: i'iI1-_l‘3‘; ;E-iI'. .~2i}: -its Ixetetcr -till: -I. ~2.iic-tr 2011 Industg Trends What's in store for 2011? Access predictions. interviews & analyses. J-al: it: -3 em -3 Intelligence Trends Study qobal Market Intelligence Trends 2015 - Download free white paper! . ;I: :sI. ~.eIIIge- Unified Telecommunications Unlimited Voice. IM. Neb Meeting Fax. Email. Presence. Mobility ea-te~e~er. -.- 5 Ads by Google INTERN ET USAGE STATISTICS The Internet Big Picture Vorld Internet Users and Population Stats VORLD INTERNET USAGE AND POPULATION STATISTICS World Regions I Population Internet Users Internet Users Penetration Growth Users % ( 2010 Est. ) Dec. 31, 2000 Latest Data (% Population) 2000-2010 of Table S | 1.013.779.o50| 4.514.400 11o,931,70o| 10.9 %| 2357.3 % 5.6 % E I 3834.792852] 114,304,000 825,094,396I 21.5 %| 621.8 % 42.0 % Europe I 313319.511] 105096.093 475,069,448I 58.4 %| 352.0 % 24.2 % Middle East I 212.336.924I 3.234.300 63,240,946I 29.8 %| 1.8253 % 3.2 % North America 344124.450 108096.800 266,224,500 774 % 146.3 % 13.5 % Latin America/ Caribbean I 592.556.972I 18.068919 204,689,836] 34.5 %| 1032.3 % 10.4 % OceaniaIAustralia | 34.700.201| 7.620.480 21,2e3,99o| 61.3 %| 179.0 % 1.1 % WORLD TOTAL | e.345.e09.9e0| 360,985,492 1,966,514,816 | 28.7 %| 444.3 % 100.0 %
  66. 66. ? 49.7% ofall Americans have a smartphone (Nei| son, Feb.2012) Copyright 2012 Te| eMenta| Health Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.
  67. 67. ’ Tweet 47 C| oiidConne it September 10-13, 2012 I Chicago I Hvatt l? .egenr: v‘53'Hare fluke 20 msiiare ll 80% Of Doctors Use Mobile Devices At Work Tablets, smartphones become standard medical equipment due to their affordability, convenience. Ev Nicole Lewis LJ lniormationweek Girtose-r2i. :Ei11111UL. l.i Four out offive practicing physicians use smartphones. computer tablets. various mobile devices. and numerous apps in their customary medical practices. according to a Jackson & Coker report. Several factors have contributed to the popularity of mobile devices, including that they are alfordable. easy to use. and can be easily carried between patient exams to access digitized patient information. which is increasingly being transferred from paper charts. More Healthcare Insights Webcasts - How Healtncare Payers are using Customer Communications to Improve Productivity and Elfectiveness - Strategies forManaging Distributed IT Environments More >> White Papers - Prescription for Change Using Predictive Analytics to improve Patient Satisfaction . LYNXeon Cyber Analytics More >> Reports _ rs. .- . ..t. . mun I i. .,. m.. ... ... run an The report, Aggs Doctors and Digital Devices, relied on research from several studies that investigated the use of smartphones, mobile computing devices such as Apple‘s iPhone and iPad. and a wide variety of software apps by physicians in diflerent specialties. ic= ‘.CK mag Slideshow: 12 Innovative Mobile Healthcare Apps rge: -. rem [Are your electronic health records as secure as they need to be? Find out how Int Health IT Data Breai: hes. ] r ted Sec ri Reduces ‘The common thread is that physicians in all specia| ties~ especially more recent graduates»-are relying more and more on modern technology to advance their concern to provide medical care more efiiciently. cost efiectively. and 'creatively' through digital instruments that are readily available, " Edward McEachem. .| q4-kenn R. Cnknfe VP nf mnrkntinn tnlrl Irifnnrinfinnwntalr Don't miss each day's honest technology news, sent directly to your inbox, inciuding occasional breaking news alerts. FEATURED WEBCASTS What‘s this? - How Healthcare Payers are using Customer Communications to Improve Productivity and Effectiveness o Strategies for Managing Distributed IT Environments - Forrester Total Economic Impact study of Midrange Storage o Health Insurance Billing Strategies: Preparing for an Uncertain Future I oarn rimu Knttnnnri Health Nniwnrlr mzximnnd
  68. 68. Today's teens use media an average of: * 10 hours and 45 minutes 6 every day s 7 days per week* i "I - Most teens access the Internet through their cell phones and not desktops *Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010
  69. 69. 15 Categories of Health Apps* Mental Health / Behavior Diet Smoking Cessation Stress Sleep 9 Q 0 Women's Health Medication Adherence Mental Health Apps — Anger Management — PTSD Brian Dolan, July, 201 2, 13,600 iPhone Health & Fitness Apps Me 5 dical & Other Health Cardio Fitness Emergency Care Chronic Condition Management Calculator Apps Strength Training Physical Therapy Allergy Professional Office Appointment
  70. 70. Where are we going? - By 2025, when most of today's psychology undergraduates will be in their mid—30s, more than 5 billion people on our planet will be using u| tra—broadband, sensor—rich smartphones - Smartphones can collect vast amounts of ecologically valid data, easily and quickly, from large global samples. — can record where they are, what they are doing, and what they can see and hear — interactive surveys, tests, and experiments through touch screens and wireless connections to nearby screens, headsets, biosensors, and other peripherals. - studying ovulatory cycle effects on women's sexuality), - smartphones could transform psychology even more profoundly than PCs and brain imaging did. Geoffrey Miller, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, Geoffrey Miller, Psychology Department, University of New Mexico, Logan Hall, MSCO3 2220, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1161, USA E—mai| : wu
  71. 71. "It would be strange, and embarrassing, if clinical psychologists, supposedly sophisticated methodologically and quantitatively trained, were to lag behind internal medicine, investment analysis, and factory operations control in accepting the computer revolution. " - Paul Meehl, 1987 Please sign our petition: mnmmstpeapanetl SOCIETY FOR .0, [ )* TECHNOLOGYAND f PSYCHOLOGY B
  72. 72. Learning Objectives - Program Development: identify at least 3 relatively quick and easy formulas to develop a research—based, se| f—he| p blog, eBook, podcast or smart device (iPhone, iPad, or Android) app - Ethical Standards: cite at least 3 ethical standards relevant to developing psycho—educationa| materials for the Internet- based consumer - Legal & Ethical Marketing: name at least 3 ethical and legal strategies to successfully market se| f—he| p materials worldwide through the Internet
  73. 73. Questions? Thorxllzl uou Marlene M. Maheu, Ph. D. Te| eMental Health Institute, Inc. Phone: 619-255-2788 Email: mmaheu@te| ehea| th. ORG