Present perfect related words

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Present perfect related words exercise

Present perfect related words exercise

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  • 1. PresentPerfectRelatedWords FOR "durante" I've slept here for two weeks SINCE "desde" I've lived here since I was born ALREADY afirmativa I'vealreadyseenit YET ainda Didn’t you done your homework yet? JUST "acabar de..." She'sjust gone EVER "alguma vez" Have you ever seen a flying saucer? NEVER "nunca" I've never seen a flying saucer 1. Have you swum under the moon? 2. She hasn't arrived ? 3. I have baked the cake. It's warm and delicious. 4. I have travelled to Asia. I haven't got the money. 5. We have stayed here Christmas. We wanted to see my parents. 6. We have paid for everything, you don't need to pay. 7. Jenny is back, but she has stayed in bed a couple of days. 8. Have you finished your shower ? I want to brush my teeth. 9. Margaret has been the leader she arrived. 10. He has loved he he has met her.already, just, yet 11. "Would you like something to eat?" "No thanks, I've _________ had lunch." 12. "Have you finished your homework _________?" 13. "What time is Pilar leaving?" "She's ____________ left." 14. Are you going to make dinner?" "No, I've ___________ made it. It's in the oven!" 15. "Are we too late to see the film?". "No, it hasn't started ________." 16. I need to take the Intermediate exam because I've ____________ taken the Elementary. 17. "Do you know where Mauricio is?" "Yes, I've _________ seen him in the Library." 18. "Why isn't Simone coming to the cinema with us?" "She's __________ seen the film." 19. "Have you tidied your room _____?" "No, not ______. I'll do it in a minute." 20. You have ________ completed the first nine questions.