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SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011
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SAP Community Network (SCN) overview - March 2011


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This is a foundational overview of the SAP Community Network (SCN), which is the social network for SAP professionals.

This is a foundational overview of the SAP Community Network (SCN), which is the social network for SAP professionals.

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  • 1. The SAP Community NetworkAccelerating SAP’s Leadership in Social Business<br />Mark Yolton | SAP Community Network<br />March 2011<br />
  • 2. Intro to SAPThe world’s leading supplier of business software … <br />VISION<br />Make the World Run Better<br />MISSION <br />Make Every Customer a Best-Run Business <br />STRONG FOUNDATION <br />100,000+ customers<br />25 industries<br />All market segments<br />~49,000 employees<br />38 years of business process experience<br />#1 business applications<br />#1 business intelligence<br />#1 in SME<br />
  • 3. Strategy & Key Technology ElementsDelivering Instant Value To One Billion People<br />On DEVICE<br /><ul><li>All devices
  • 4. All user experiences
  • 5. Easy to extend</li></ul>Mobile<br />Collaboration<br />Analytics<br />On DEMAND<br />SAP Business ByDesign<br /><ul><li>Instant value
  • 6. Line of business or suite
  • 7. Integrated to On Premise</li></ul>ORCHESTRATION<br />LoB on Demand<br />On PREMISE<br /><ul><li>SOA-enabled
  • 8. Best-practicespackages
  • 9. Non-disruptiveenhancements</li></ul>SAP Business Suite 7<br />Technology Foundation<br /><ul><li>Platform
  • 10. In-Memory</li></li></ul><li>The SAP Community NetworkWhat is it…? <br />SAP Community Network (SCN) is the <br />Social Networkfor SAP professionals<br />(covering developers, IT professionals, business process experts, <br />business users, business intelligence pro’s, professors and students)<br />delivering <br />to SAP customers, partners, employees,and independent experts<br />Social<br />Innovation<br />Social<br />Commerce<br />Social Intelligence<br />Social Insight<br />
  • 11. The SAP Community NetworkKey Elements of our Social Business <br />Social Insight<br />Social<br />Innovation<br />Social<br />Commerce<br />Social Intelligence<br /><ul><li>Enabling customer success through the active sharing of knowledge, solutions and best practices
  • 12. Extracting intelligence from customer behaviors and conversations to equip our field force with insight into customer hot topics, burning issues and new opportunities
  • 13. Using the wisdom of the crowd to drive higher quality solutions and innovations that better meet customer needs and therefore have greater market impact
  • 14. Leveraging the reach of our online channel and the unique tools of our platform to drive dramatically increased leads and revenues with a focus on big plays through targeted campaigns </li></li></ul><li>SCN: The Social Network for SAP Professionals <br />The Engine for Social Business Acceleration<br />Social insight<br />OUTCOMES<br />Social<br />Innovation<br />Social<br />Commerce<br />Social Intelligence<br />ORCHESTRATION <br />ENABLERS<br />SOCIAL PLATFORM <br />
  • 15. Social Media – Tim O’Reilly on Web 2.0 “…a set of technology, social, and economic trends...”<br />Leverage the power of crowds in a low-cost, high-leverage, extremely engaged model <br /><br />
  • 16. Business Challenges That Social Networking Could Address <br />Exponential rate of change: Cycle times compress and accelerate <br />Globalization: How to engage appropriately and effectively with inter-connected economies, societies, and cultures<br />a × 10b<br />101 0111<br />110 1011<br />110 1001<br />110 1001<br />Explosive growth: <br />Dissemination and management of high-volume information can overwhelm<br />Fewer resources: <br />Pressure to reduce costs for higher efficiency and productivity at scale <br />Fragmentation: Sources of information are generated by a multitude of formal and informal influencers <br />Proliferation of devices: Increasing need to access information on new form factors, anywhere, anytime <br />
  • 17. How Does Social Networking Address These Business Challenges? <br />Connect with others to find answers and insight<br />Exchange information in knowledge stores and via knowledge flows<br />Get just-in-time solutions to urgent business or tech challenges<br />Save time and $$ by re-using or adapting solutions built, proven, recommended by trusted others <br />Build and refresh skills in a dynamic peer learning environment for career growth <br />Increase success, quality, value by adopting shared best-practices<br />Discover, evaluate, and buy based on peer recommendations and with more info and knowledge <br />Gain insight and generate net-new knowledge thru innovations<br />
  • 18. SAP Community Network (SCN) A Rich, Global Network of Communities and Assets <br />Customers<br />
  • 19. SAP Community Network: Snapshot Three Major Components <br />Community In-Person Events: <br /><ul><li> SAP TechEd
  • 20. SAP Tech Tour, Virtualization Week, Developer Challenges, Partner Pinnacle Awards …
  • 21. 35,000+ attendees annually
  • 22. Financially self-sustaining
  • 23. Satisfaction >95%
  • 24. Tremendous market influence
  • 25. Customer / partner technical education & enablement
  • 26. Best practice: beyond virtual </li></ul>Community Online Engagement: <br /><ul><li> SCN = SDN, BPX, BOC, UAC
  • 27. Forums, Blogs, Wiki, Articles, eLearning, Downloads, Newsletters, Code Exchange, Idea Place, InnoCentive, Career Center, Reputation Program, Mentors
  • 28. 2.3M members @ 200+ countries
  • 29. Rich, expansive, innovative, world-class programs / practices
  • 30. Long-term relationships + enablement + influence
  • 31. Recognized leadership position
  • 32. Strategic business value </li></ul>Community-Powered Marketplace: <br /><ul><li> SAP EcoHub
  • 33. SW, Services, Business Analytics, Sustainability, Micro-Apps, and ALM
  • 34. ~700 storefronts w/ >1000s of leads
  • 35. 2010 revenue 150% growth from 2009
  • 36. Partner Work Center, Online Ads, Referral Partners, Themes, iPad app, and Lead-Gen Campaigns
  • 37. Real leads / pipeline / revenue traction with significant partner & SAP benefit </li></li></ul><li>SAP Community NetworkLeadership in Social Innovation, Social Commerce and Social Intelligence <br />> 2.3 million members strong<br />> 200 countries and territories <br />~ 20,000 new members / month<br />Members<br />> 1.5 million unique visitors / month <br />> 4 million visits @ 20 million pages / month <br />Traffic<br />> 200,000 have contributed (ever) <br />> 100,000 last year w/ 2,000 top contributors <br />~ 6,000 bloggers … 100+ SAP Mentors … <br />Contributors<br />~ 4,000 posts / day in 350+ forums<br />~ 2 million topic threads @ 7M messages<br />~ 2 million monthly newsletter impressions <br />“SAP Community Network may be the most extensive use to date of social media by a corporation.”<br />Leveraging the Talent-Driven Organization The Aspen Institute - 2010 <br />Momentum<br />~ 700+ SAP ecosystem solutions <br /> Thousands of demos and trials delivered<br />Serving >200 countries @ all industries<br />Impact<br />
  • 38. SAP Communities Drive Value to…<br /><ul><li>Open access to subject matter experts for fast implementation + issue resolution
  • 39. Many support resources reduce customer operations costs (TCO)
  • 40. Increase knowledge and insight
  • 41. Connect with peers and partners; increase influence
  • 42. Co-innovate by connecting experts for surprising results
  • 43. Discover, evaluate, and buy partner and SAP solutions</li></ul>Customers<br /><ul><li>Subject matter experts for solutions, innovation, and market insight
  • 44. Many implementation and support resources reduce support costs
  • 45. Demonstrate expertise, generate leads to > 2M members globally
  • 46. Gain access to massive SAP installed base</li></ul>Partners<br /><ul><li>Quick product/service adoption and market ramp-up
  • 47. Speed, agility, better decision making, and risk reduction via rich insights
  • 48. Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty; better retention, up-sell, and cross-sell
  • 49. Improved product and information quality with outside-in feedback on our products, services, processes, and customer experiences </li></ul>SAP<br /><ul><li>Proof of strong commitment to ecosystem enablement and success
  • 50. Lead generation for the ecosystem – SAP and partners
  • 51. Co-innovation by connecting experts with others = leadership
  • 52. Gateway to solution certification, roll-out, ramp-up, and success </li></ul>Our Ecosystem<br />
  • 53. SAP Communities Deliver Value thru… <br /><ul><li>Skills Enhancement
  • 54. Member-Granted Points
  • 55. Awards Program
  • 56. Appreciation, Status, Awareness, Visibility
  • 57. Education, Development
  • 58. Skills Certification
  • 59. SAP Mentor Program
  • 60. Career Center Job Board
  • 61. Configuration & Optimization Examples
  • 62. Audio / Video Demos, eLearning
  • 63. Widgets, Wizards, Editors
  • 64. Previews, Trials, Add-On Downloads
  • 65. Tools, Analyzers, Development Kits
  • 66. Solution Composer
  • 67. InnoCentive for Open Innovation
  • 68. Partner and SAP Solutions + Services
  • 69. Peer Networking
  • 70. Major Conferences & Local Events
  • 71. Industry & Solution Forums
  • 72. Thought Leader Blogs
  • 73. Collaborative Wikis
  • 74. Expert Discussion Forums
  • 75. Access to Influencers + Execs
  • 76. Partner to Partner
  • 77. Leading Practices and Solutions
  • 78. “How-to” Guides, Whitepapers, Articles
  • 79. Newsletters and eLearning
  • 80. Enterprise Services Definitions, Business Maps, and Implementation Documents
  • 81. SAP EcoHub Partner Solutions & Services Marketplace
  • 82. Solution Demos and Specs</li></ul>Exclusive Content<br />Rich Assets<br />Connectivity<br />Career Enhancement<br />
  • 83. Gain More Value from SAP Via the SAP Community Network<br />Efficiencies – reduce wasted resources, cycles, and money, by re-using existing experiences and solutions<br />Impact – drive higher quality and better business results by leveraging the community and known best practices<br />Speed – accelerate execution through access to technologies, models, and a network of experts <br />Insight – innovate and differentiate with the benefit of collective wisdom and a broad perspective <br />
  • 84. Customers Gain Insight with CommunitiesDirect Access to Best Practices<br />Colgate Palmolive saved 10% to 20% of project time using the SAP Communities as a resource. <br />“SCN has been a very helpful resource for many questions that we encountered during the development phase of our SAP implementation; easily saving us 10-20% of overall project time. Finding a similar solution ourselves might have taken an extra 2-3 weeks, in some cases.”<br />Faisal MehmoodBusiness Process Analyst Colgate Palmolive<br />Standard Bank is using SDN enterprise service use cases to ensure accuracy and shorten cycles.<br /> “Project resources together with the SAP Community Network are proving paramount to us realizing our vision. We were able to capitalize on the content and lessons learned on SCN to significantly shorten our learning curve and development lifecycles.”<br />Phillip ParkinsonIntegration Developer Standard Bank<br />Hamelin learned from trusted sources what worked and didn’t, leading to informed decisions and successful implementation.<br />“ We wanted technical information, step-by-step instructions on how to get [SAP BusinessObjects solutions and SAP ERP] to work together. The SAP BusinessObjects community gave us what we needed to implement the software successfully.” <br /> Jean-Marc ViallatteManaging Director Hamelin<br />
  • 85. SCN Delivers Value across ConstituenciesCustomers, Partners, Individuals, SAP, Influencers…<br />“There are many instances when my clients have read my blogs and articles in SCN and as a result, it was much easier to convince them or make them listen to my proposal. …It actually creates a brand for you in the SAP community.”<br />Dipankar SahaSAP MentorIBM India<br />“Siemens resolves NetWeaver-related technical problems using SDN 50% faster than through other channels.”<br />Richard Hirsch<br />Senior Portal/SAP NetWeaver® Consultant<br />“[My customers] hear directly from peers about the solution, and get comfortable that they’ll have a vast network to tap into once they’ve deployed. I’m glad Chevron has over 1,000 members in the communities - it speeds up sales cycles, improves customer satisfaction and ultimately increases revenue for SAP.”<br />Jen CampbellSAP AE for Chevron<br />“SAP EcoHub is an easy to use single source that will streamline the process for identifying trusted, relevant solutions that meet our business needs and work within our existing SAP installations. This is something that I have been searching for a long time” <br />Matt StultzVice President, Global Information Technology<br />“SCN offers SAP partners like us the opportunity to get connected with 2 million members of the SAP ecosystem, who live and breathe SAP, to exchange know how and to demonstrate our thought leadership. It’s a great way to connect directly with SAP customers, partners and SAP employees.” <br />Ross MorisDirector of Alliance Sales<br />SAP Community Network… may be the most extensive use to date of social media by a corporation.”<br />Leveraging the Talent-Driven Organization, <br />The Aspen Institute, March 2010<br />
  • 86.<br />The Social Network for SAP Professionals<br /><br />
  • 87. Thank You!<br />Contact information:<br />Mark Yolton | Senior Vice President<br />SAP Community Network<br /><br />