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A presentation about 'Using Myst in the Classroom' for primary teachers.

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  • Myst for Teachers

    1. 1. USING MYST IN THE CLASSROOM Make your own Simpsons avatar at
    2. 2. Tim Rylands
    3. 3. Do you own one of these? Do the children in your class?
    4. 4. BBC News - 5th November 2008
    5. 5. Benefits of using games (e.g. Myst) in the classroom: • Children are already familiar with them, • Amazing worlds which we can use, • Increase children’s motivation, • Children’s engagement within lessons rises, • Improvements in writing standards, • Huge cross-curricular potential, • Great fun!
    6. 6. Class homework - Online survey Why did you enjoy our Myst lessons? • quot;Because it turns lessons into fun and improves my imagination at the same time.quot; (Charlie) • quot;The Myst lessons have been really fun and exciting. The reason I think I liked it most was because it was full of surprises and everyone liked Saavedro!quot; (Natalia) • quot;Because it's been an adventure all the way through.quot; (Freya)
    7. 7. How has your writing improved during our Myst lessons? • quot;The Myst game helped me because I seemed to just enjoy it, so amazing words just came up. I found the landscapes wonderful, so boring words were not enough. The words I normally use are like sad and pretty but the game helped me too use exciting words such as: Miserable, caution. I put wonderful sentences together: 'Beautiful emerald windows with a chrome outline'.quot; (Robyn)
    8. 8. Examples of our work... Recount Persuasive Writing Poetry Find more on our website -
    9. 9. Examples of our work... Recount Persuasive Writing Poetry Find more on our website -
    10. 10. Examples of our work... Recount Persuasive Writing Poetry Find more on our website -
    11. 11. Examples of our work... Recount Persuasive Writing Poetry Find more on our website -
    12. 12. Tips for Teachers: Before the lessons: • Play the game yourself! • Use a walkthrough if you get stuck. • Save the game at interesting points. In class: • Soak up the atmosphere! • Use a wireless mouse to explore with the children. • Explore together... “Where should we go next?” • Ask the children to give commentaries. • Children can notes as you travel. • Take your time. • Play through the ‘Ages’, or just dip in to sections?
    13. 13. Art: Music: Use the amazing landscapes and • Listen to the in-game creatures as stimuli for art work. music... use the soundtrack / sound effects in class. • Compose your own music A few ideas for using to accompany the ages? Maths: Myst in the classroom Tackle the puzzles and Literacy: problems • Descriptive work - vocabulary, similes, metaphors... based within the on the settings / characters / storyline game... great • Inference / deduction / prediction for thinking • Poetry - senses poetry skills / logic! • Instruction writing - write your own walkthrough • Recounts - write a postcard home based on your journeys Science: • Reports - write a report about the landscapes / creatures Use the creatures encountered to discuss • Persuasive writing - create an advert for the game... make a habitats, life travel agent’s promotion for one of the Ages. processes, food • Comprehension - using the journals within the game chains etc.
    14. 14. Find more information:
    15. 15. DEMOs Myst III - Tomahna Myst IV - Mangree Tree House