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2011 CBSi Overview


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Overview of CBSi business & technology network (with websites such as ZDNET, BNET and Tech Republic), Direct Marketing solutions, Events & Market Research offering.

Overview of CBSi business & technology network (with websites such as ZDNET, BNET and Tech Republic), Direct Marketing solutions, Events & Market Research offering.

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  • 1. Business Marketing SolutionsIntroductionFebruary 2011Mark van den Haak
  • 2. Agenda» CBS Interactive Portfolio» The CNET Direct Database» Our Services & Solutions ● Email Marketing ● Teleservices ● Interactive solutions ● Integrated Lead Generation Packages» Events & Market Research2
  • 4. CBSi Business Global and local community resources GLOBAL ZDNET - 12 MILLION GLOBAL TECH REPUBLIC - 3 MILLION MONTHLY UNIQUE BROWSERS* MONTHLY UNIQUE BROWSERS* .nl .de China Korea Japan Taiwan GLOBAL BNET - 8 MILLION MONTHLY UNIQUE BROWSERS* 4Source: * ZDNet Internal site data 2010Source: **Market Intelligence March 2010
  • 5. Online Media Portfolio Premium Content Experiences People Crave Business Games, Music Personal Tech Sports Entertainment & Biz Tech & LifestyleCBS Business & Biz Tech for business professionals who are passionateabout keeping informed, building knowledge and sharing insights5
  • 6. Where technology means business ZDNet has the largest online audience of business technology decision makers and influencers locally, regionally and globally. ZDNet delivers unparalleled access to global and local business technology content that is dynamically driven by the needs and interests of our audience. ZDNet leads the way in creating market first programs to achieve outstanding results for our clients. 77% of the ZDNET audience are involved in purchasing decisions (set budget/strategy, recommend, approve/make)6
  • 7. Real world. Real IT. Gives marketers access to an engaged IT audience actively seeking solutions to technology or business problems. Offers an ideal setting for marketers to align themselves with informative content on current technology topics. Time saving content for IT managers including presentations to educate end users, ready-to-use policies to enforce IT security, customizable forms, and checklist for work management. 83% of the TechRepublic audience are involved in purchasing decisions (set budget/strategy, recommend, approve/make)7
  • 8. The go-to-place for management BNET is the country’s largest online destination for practical, actionable management advice to drive business success and professional growth. BNET reaches action-oriented business leaders who proactively seek ideas and solutions – from the corporate executive to the small business owner. BNET delivers results through custom programs matched to your specific target audience across any company size, job function and industry vertical. 77% of the BNET audience are , involved in purchasing decisions (set budget/strategy, recommend, approve/make)8
  • 9. CBSi Business Network: key localstatistics• 1.26m page views per • 663,000 page views per • 840,000 page views per month1 month1 month1• 399,000 Australian • 200,000 Australian • 370,000 Australian monthly unique visitors3 unique visitors per monthly unique visitors3 month1• 15,000 video streams a month2 • Average time spent per • 17,000 registered visit: 2 ½ minutes1 newsletter subscribers2• Over 4,500 talkbacks per month2 • Over 120,000 • Over 400,000 search Downloadable assets engine referrals each• Over 60,000 whitepapers month2 viewed and 3,000 • Over 350,000 video downloaded each month2 streams a month • Over 3,000 subscribers to BTalk podcast2• Over 700,000 search • The world’s largest engine referrals every • 12 industry news and month2 technology whitepaper insights channels directory with over• Average time spent per 55,000 assets and 500,000 • Average time spent per visit: 3 minutes1 downloads per month visit: 3 minutes1 9
  • 10. CNET Direct: Overview of Direct Marketing solutions10
  • 11. The Database» 100% third party opt-in email» Real-time unsubscribes and purging of non-respondents Local CBS Global CBS Site Members Site Members» Frequency capping, refresh and enrichment Search &» Creative optimised for all site users, Telephone Social Acquisition email clients and smartphones Networks» Target by job function, industry, company size and state» Mining of interest categories and behaviors 162k ANZ 1.7m APAC 6.5m Global Contacts Contacts Contacts11
  • 12. Target Audience ANZ Small Mid Large Relevant roles across all Industries Business Market Enterprise TOTAL <49 emp 50-499 500> emp Senior IT/IS Execs, (CIO, CTO, CSO, MIS) IT 6,434 3,740 4,653 14,827 Director, Head of IT & IT Managers IT Infrastructure, Network, Security, Datacenter, Voice, Database & eBusiness Managers, 2,827 2,403 2,796 8,026 Architects, Analysts, Specialists & Administrators IT Service, Systems, Desktop, Hardware, Helpdesk & Technical Support Managers, 3,177 1,779 2,416 7,372 Supervisors & Engineers Development, Application, Software & Web 4,289 1,929 2,511 8,729 Managers, Architects, Developers & Testers Senior Corporate Execs, (Owner, Partner, CEO, 3,752 1,174 1,248 6,174 CFO, COO, CMO, SVP, VP, MD, GM & Directors) Line of Business Managers, Finance, Sales, 7,240 3,033 3,650 13,923 Marketing, Service, HR, Legal & Operations Other Business & IT Roles (inc Consulting, 8,720 4,745 4,498 17,963 Reseller, Education, Medical & Government Titles) TOTAL BUSINESS CONTACTS 36,439 18,803 21,772 77,014 Consumers, Home Office & Prosumers 85,699 85,69912
  • 13. Target Audience APAC Relevant IT & Biz roles across INDIA SG MY TH PH INDO VT HK CH TW KR all co sizes and industriesSenior IT/IS Execs, (CIO, CTO,CSO, MIS) IT Director, Head of IT 29,709 8,954 7,367 3,133 5,169 4,938 1,212 3,918 16,490 6,851 8,560& IT ManagersIT Infrastructure, Network,Security, Datacentre, Voice, Data 28,621 4,961 4,581 2,115 5,417 4,267 1,217 2,072 18,321 5,295 8,422& eBusiness Managers, AnalystsArchitects, Specialists & AdminIT Service, Systems, Desktop,Helpdesk & Technical Support 15,272 4,647 4,230 1,483 5,461 2,675 652 1,397 13,639 5,443 20,630Managers, Supervisors & AdminDevelopment, Application,Software & Web Managers, 36,576 5,734 4,943 2,135 5,066 3,741 1,091 2,212 15,163 4,839 5,817Architects, Developers &TestersSenior Corporate Execs (Owner,Partner, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, 9,117 5,710 3,794 1,352 2,523 1,786 453 1,903 15,688 9,208 4,555SVP, VP, MD, GM & Directors)Line of Business Managers,Finance, Sales, Marketing, 21,738 7,904 6,037 1,986 4,598 2,797 1,143 2,590 50,408 6,469 2,553Service, HR, Legal, Purchasing &OperationsOther Business & IT Roles (incConsulting, Reseller, Education, 19,647 3,250 4,076 1,848 3,388 2,483 1,342 1,721 46,542 6,144 7,550Medical & Government Titles)TOTAL CONTACTS 160,680 41,160 35,028 14,052 31,622 22,687 7,110 15,813 176,251 44,249 58,087Consumers & Home Office 212,604 42,823 75,959 41,574 92,327 56,197 42,747 20,996 84,778 30,399 62,31113
  • 14. Services & SolutionsPremium Content Experiences People Crave» Lead Generation, Qualification and Management» Online Community Engagement List Rental & Integrated and Development Email Delivery Telemarketing» Branding, Education and Product Launch Campaign Campaign» Event Audience Generation Design Reporting» Customer Profiling and Opt-in Acquisition Interactive Campaign» Market Research and Analysis Production Management» Video, Podcast and Whitepaper Production14
  • 15. Email Marketing » Analyst Reports and Whitepapers » eBooks & eSurveys » Business and Best Practice Guides » Resource Centers and Toolkits » Video, Podcasts and Webcasts » Events, Demos and Trials » Offers, Games and Competitions15
  • 16. Teleservices » 250 seats across 8 key APAC and EMEA locations » 100% dedicated to the IT industry with professional tech savvy operators » Comprehensive scripts, FAQ’s and training by dedicated campaign managers » Latest call technology, tracking and management systems » Delivery of high volume engagements to high end leads » Leverage incremental response from primed email contacts » Generate highly qualified and nurtured sales leads » Event audience generation » Database refresh and contact acquisition16
  • 17. Interactive Solutions Resource & Community Sites eSurveys Video & Webcasts eBooks17
  • 18. Integrated Lead Generation18
  • 19. Campaign Workflow eDM Registration Resource Campaign Microsite Microsite CNET DatabaseList Washing Client Database Tracking To monitor the resources registrants viewed Telemarketing To verify registrants and QC & Data Transfer further qualify leads Email and Telemarketing registration data quality checked, leads graded Telemarketing Follow up Email and data transferred To non email respondents To telemarketing to client or partners to generate registrations respondents with link to for follow up & qualified leads resources19
  • 20. Lead Types Nurtured Opportunity CPO A nurtured sales opportunity or appointment scheduled (POR & Pilot) Qualified Lead CPL BANT (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeframe) or Screened Leads (POR) Profiled Engagement CPP Includes 2 to 4 questions to uncover projects, challenges and needs Basic Engagement CPE Standard contact details data capture, co size or industry & opt-in/out20
  • 21. Lead Data CapturePremium Content Experiences People CraveBasic engagements (contact details only):» Full name, job title, company name, full address, telephone number and email address» No of employees or industry vertical» Opt-in or opt out for further client emailsProfiled engagements (max 3-4 questions):» Number of network users, PCs, servers, branches, mobile workers or volume of data» Name, vendor or type of current infrastructure or solution» Timeframe to upgrade, replace, purchase, project or evaluate» Current challenges, pain points, issues, priorities, areas of interest or objectives» Role in the decision making, influence, purchase, evaluation or implementation21
  • 22. Extended Campaign Workflow Email Viral Resource Site CNETDatabase Client InteractiveDatabase Registration Telemarketing to primed non respondents Follow up Online Search & Social Emails Newsletter Opportunities to placement and leverage campaign targeted ads QC, Reports & Data Transfer22
  • 23. Events & Market Research opportunities23
  • 24. Event programs such as TechLines as Event programs such Techlines » ZDNet Australia delivered a live broadcast panel event called TechLines, which revolved around the theme "Email is Dead". » Bring events online and extend events shelf life and reach under your target audience. » Peak live audience of 2,000 , 7,000+ total views with an average stream length of 31 minutes. » Strong social media integration: Over 750 tweets from the #tlines hash tag on event day » 342% increase in unique visitors to sponsor website » Event coverage in IT Journo, mUmBRELLA, Stilgherrian, Mediaweek, 4 screenings on CNBC,24
  • 25. IT Priorities 2010 » The largest survey of business technology decision makers in 2010 » 1310 respondents, nearly half of which influence IT purchases (58.1%) and over a third are the final IT decision makers (33.9%) » Nearly half (45.4%) of respondents say that their IT budget has increased over the last year. » The lowest priority for 2010 was Green initiatives with the highest priority being Meeting Customer/Partner Expectations. » Top IT challenges for 2010: ● Protecting and securing the network ● Business continuity ● Improving service responsiveness25
  • 26. Mark van den HaakSenior Account Manager02-8514 Thank you!26 Copyright © 2009 CBS Interactive, All Rights Reserved