Panic disorder and agoraphobia
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Panic disorder and agoraphobia



Introducing your answer to panic disorders, anxiety attacks and the crippling cause they can have on your life.

Introducing your answer to panic disorders, anxiety attacks and the crippling cause they can have on your life.



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Panic disorder and agoraphobia Panic disorder and agoraphobia Presentation Transcript

  • Key points about panic disorder and agoraphobia  Panic disorder involves frequent and often unexplained attacks of panic.  If you care about panic disorder, check with your family doctor who may suggest a psychiatrist or psychologist.  Effective treatments for panic disorder include psychological treatments as well as medications.  You need support groups to help you and your family to manage.
  • Why you need to learn!  Recognize symptoms of panic disorder and agoraphobia and how to manage .  Information in this guide is based on research on panic disorder.  Treatments in this guide have been described very effective.  Helpful therapy options that have been proven to be effective
  • What is panic disorder ?  Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that is recognized by the experience of abrupt attack of intense physical symptoms that seem to happen out.  Racing Heart Beat, Trouble Breathing, Lightheadedness, Tingling, Sweating and Fear of dying.  Exact causes of panic disorder are still unclear but there is some evidence of a family tendency to nervousness and a link with major life events and stressors.
  • What is Agoraphobia ?  Agoraphobia is often thought to mean a fear of ‘open spaces’. This is partly true.  Fear of being alone, in crowed place, loss of control in public, Fear of over-dependence are symptoms.  Medical science does not yet understand what causes of Agoraphobia.  person’s biological and genetic background, life experiences may be causes of Agoraphobia.
  • Medications for panic disorder Several different type of medication are used in panic disorder  Anti-depressants  Buspirone  Benzodiazepines
  • Self-help tips for panic disorder and agoraphobia  Learn about panic disorder  Avoid smoking and caffeine  Learn how to control your breathing  Practice relaxation techniques  Avoid Driving  Avoid going anywhere without the company of a “safe” person
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  • Extreme anxiety disorders – Self Improvement Guide By Tim O’Lawler