Data integrity, testing dio walkthrough
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  • 1. Data Integrity and testingLearning Objective: I can create input masks on my forms and testing
  • 2. Keeping Data Integrity- Dirty Records- Password the database- Testing- Input Masks- Checking data input
  • 3. TestingWhat? How? When? Results Implications Done
  • 4. Check Data InputDouble check all details when entering themCheck details before you put them in
  • 5. Input MasksWhy?Input masks ensure that data entered willalways be in the correct format
  • 6. SIR WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???Well mobile numbers look like this022 302 2312And you don’t want it to look like these- 299 429 9233- 21431mklnawsmn2- Your Mum- 021 233I have stopped caring232
  • 7. Watch sir again• help/control-data-entry-formats-with-input- masks-HA010096452.aspx
  • 8. Your TaskTo create an input mask for a Barcode numberthat looks like this:0 71649 39350 2Make sure that the user can only put spaces inand that the first number is always 0
  • 9. DIO Work through Learning Objective:
  • 10. Database Conceptual DesignSuzanne runs a gym and runs various cardio groupseach week. (Step, Tai bo, Body Jam etc)She has all her clients recorded in a text file,However she doesn’t have any records of hersession coordinator.She wants a database to record the differentsessions and which members/ coordinators belongto the groups
  • 11. Database Conceptual DesignMembers can attend multiple sessions and co-ordinators and take multiple sessions.She wants to record the information about thesessions too, such as what room, time etc.She to create letters to go to each memberreminding them of session times
  • 12. Lets Design