Whats new in F14?
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Whats new in F14?



What's new in F14? Slides for a talk at PenLUG about Fedora Linux by Mark Terranova

What's new in F14? Slides for a talk at PenLUG about Fedora Linux by Mark Terranova



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    Whats new in F14? Whats new in F14? Presentation Transcript

    • Who am I? Promoter of Creative Commons FOSS Advocate Tech teacher – do people need a lab for an event? --- Fedora Ambassador Co-Founder GidgetKitchen Community Manager- Zareason
    • Geeknic.org Mark Terranova PenLUG December 8, 2010
    • Fun Stuff
    • What's new in Fedora 14 ‘Laughlin’ Mark Terranova PenLUG December 8, 2010
    • Quick Facts
      • New release every six months
      • Free and open source applications only
      • Free and open source infrastructure
      • Red Hat is the primary sponsor
      • Maintained by volunteers largely (~70%)
      • Nearly 15,000 installable software packages
      • Rapid progress of free and open source software
    • Four Foundations of Fedora
      • Freedom
      • Friends
      • Features
      • First
    • Rapid Innovation
      • NetworkManager
      • SELinux
      • PulseAudio
      • PackageKit
      • Plymouth
      • DeviceKit
      • ABRT: Automatic Bug Reporting Tool
    • Fedora – Then and Now
      • Fedora - Then
        • Fedora Core
          • Red Hat Only
          • Internal infrastructure
          • Update system with announcements
          • Freezes
        • Fedora Extras
          • Anybody
          • Not on release media
          • No announcements for updates and no freezes
      • Fedora - Now
        • No Core/Extras
        • Just Fedora
        • Open infrastructure
        • Public participation
        • Subset of packages on install media
        • Over half a dozen official spins
    • Spins and Remixes
      • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      • OLPC XO / SoaS / Education Spin
      • Moblin
      • Fedora Design Suite
      • KDE / LXDE / Xfce
      • Fedora Security Lab
      • Fedora Electronics Lab
      • Roll your own: http://spins.fedoraproject.org
    • Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
      • Fedora
      • Community Project
      • Will always be free and open source
        • Rapid innovation
          • Community maintained and supported
        • Over 15,000 packages
        • New release every six months and each release maintained for about 13 months
        • Updates include new features frequently
        • Create value
      • RHEL
        • Commercial open source product sold under subscription
        • Red Hat maintained and supported
        • Small subset of Fedora – about 2,500 packages
        • New releases every 2 to 3 years and supported for 7 years
        • Updates focused on security and bug fixes only with selected backporting of new features
        • Derive value
    • What’s new in Fedora 14?
      • Spice: Provides a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktops and provides high-quality remote access to QEMU virtual machines.
      • Mobility options: Fedora 14 includes software from the MeeGo™ project which is designed to support platforms such as netbooks, nettops, and various embedded devices
      • Amazon EC2: For the first time since Fedora 8, Fedora will release on the EC2 cloud.
      • D Compiler: Support for D, a systems programming language. Its focus is on combining the power and high performance of C and C++ with the programmer productivity of modern languages like Ruby and Python
      • 3D improvements to free Nouveau driver
      • Perl updated to 5.12
      • Python updated to 2.7
      • KDE version 4.5
      • NetBeans updated to version 6.9
    • What’s new in Fedora 14 for system administrators/developers?
      • OpenSCAP security tool
      • Xen to KVM migration
      • NetBeans 6.9
      • Parallel-installable Python 3 stack (held over from Fedora 13)
      • Xen kernel support
      • Varnish update to 2.1.3
      • GNUStep support
      • Language-specific features for Ada, C, C++, Fortran and Java
      • Kernel – 2.6.35 at time of release Nov. 2
    • Fedora 14 architectures
      • x86: AMD, Cyrix, Intel and VIA (i686) 200 MHz Pentium Pro or better for text mode 400 MHz Pentium Pro or better for graphical mode
      • X86-64 requirements 256 MB RAM for text mode 512 MB RAM for graphical mode 512 MB or higher recommended
      • PowerPC Old and New World PowerPC (Old World with BootX) PlayStation 3 and Genesi Pegasos II
    • Questions? #fedora on FreeNode MarkDude on #fedora-ambassadors [email_address] Slides are available @ http://www.slideshare.net/markterranova/F14 Thanks to Larry Cafiero for the slides, and Zareason for the badges