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The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web
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The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web


Published on

introNetworks Webinar Series with author Tamar Weinberg - watch entire webinar at

introNetworks Webinar Series with author Tamar Weinberg - watch entire webinar at

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. introNetworks Webinar Series ” The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web” Conversation with author Tamar Weinberg Thursday, September 17 th , 9 am Pacific Sponsored by intro Networks ‘ We transform businesses With smart social networks’
  • 2. Chat Live with us on Twitter
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    • If not, create one at, it takes 2 minutes, we’ll wait…
    • Login using your Twitter account
    • Join the #introchat room
    • Ask Questions
    • Chat with others
    • We will monitor this room live during the webinar
  • 3.
    • Many people say that they find trying to listen, watch and keep up with the Twitterstream during the webinar is ‘too hard’ and ‘distracting’
    • Tony Robbins says, “When you are in a state of confusion it means you are about to learn something.”
    • If this is the first time you have tried advanced multitasking – relax and make it fun!
    • Hashtag for this webinar is #introchat
    Take the Twitter Challenge
  • 4. Today’s Conversation
    • Tamar Weinberg
      • Freelance writer specializing in social media consulting and strategy, blogger outreach, reputation management, and search engine marketing (SEO, link building, and Pay Per Click Marketing).
      • She has been involved in the Internet since the early 90s and has dabbled in social online interactions for more than fifteen years.
      • Tamar has been working nearly exclusively with Internet Marketing since 2006
      • Tamar’s website is
    • Mark Sylvester
      • CEO and Co-Founder of introNetworks, creators of smart social networks for clients’ employees, customers, prospects and partners
      • Built first network for TED Conference in 2003
      • Original founder of Wavefront Technologies, creators of Maya
    Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 6. What is social media marketing and what makes it different? Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 7. Asking the right questions. Setting goals (and measuring them). Hint: It’s all about the strategy. Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 8. Participation Is Marketing: Getting into the Game Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 9. How to achieve your business goals through Blogging and Twitter Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 10. Getting Social: Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and informational social networks – how do they all fit in? Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 11. The pros and cons of Social Bookmarking and Social News Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 12. The Social Media Workflow: Return on Investment Mark Sylvester @marksylvester Tamar Weinberg @tamar
  • 13. Thanks For Participating
    • To connect with our panelists
    • Tamar Weinberg @tamar
    • Mark Sylvester @marksylvester
    • Webinar Replay – in 24 hours
  • 14.
    • Special Guest Jono Bacon
    • The Art of Community Building the New Age of Participation
    October Webinar Sponsored by