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Webinar replay with audio (free) by registering at http://intronetworks.com/webinars.aspx - click on View Replay on the right of the page. …

Webinar replay with audio (free) by registering at http://intronetworks.com/webinars.aspx - click on View Replay on the right of the page.

-noun: 1. an agile approach to running an organization that takes into account the psychology of human interaction; 2. the only way to do business in today's economy

Even the best-intentioned team players can be more concerned with expressing their own ideas than with listening to others - and team dynamics suffer. ConnectAbility promotes a sophisticated yet simple method for developing superior partnerships by applying powerful lessons learned from emotional awareness and relationship dynamics.

In this conversation you will learn how to:

* Share your power with others
* Express yourself with authenticity
* Engage your audience with humor
* challenge yourself by taking charge
* Maintain awareness of emotional dynamics

More in: Technology , Education
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  • 1. introNetworks Webinar Series
    "8 Keys to Building Strong Partnerships with Your Colleagues and Your Customers"
    Conversation with
    David Nour, Author
    Friday, January 22, 9 am Pacific
    Sponsored by introNetworks
    ‘We transform businesses with smart social networks’
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    • David Nour, Author, Speaker
    • 7. CEO – The Nour Group, Inc.
    • 8. Social Networking Strategist
    • 9. Business Relationship Expert
    • 10. Author
    • 11. Relationship Economics
    • 12. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital
    • 13. ConnectAbility
    • 14. Mark Sylvester
    • 15. CEO and Co-Founder of introNetworks, creators of smart social networks for clients’ employees, customers, prospects and partners
    • 16. Built first network for TED Conference in 2003
    • 17. Original founder of Wavefront Technologies, creators of Maya
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 18.
  • 19. Influence Rather Than Persuade
    • Put your own needs aside – temporarily
    • 20. Focus clearly and intently on the other’s message
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 21. Awareness Factor
    • Awareness of influence
    • 22. Reading people
    • 23. Awareness of Context
    • 24. Seeing the Larger Truth
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 25. Performance Factor
    • Presentation Skills
    • 26. Listening Skills
    • 27. Agility Skills
    • 28. Accountability
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 29. Desired Outcomes
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 32. What Effective Leaders Know
    Honesty is not about “letting it all hang out.”
    It’s about expressing:
    • What is true for you,
    • 33. Relevant to the situation at hand, and
    • 34. Highly meaningful
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 35. Importance of Emotions in Decisions
    • Emotional Commitments
    • 36. Purchase Decisions
    • 37. Factual Evaluations
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 38. Creating Your Own Luck
    • Relax and be open to Opportunities
    • 39. Listen carefully to your hunches
    • 40. Persist, even in the face of failure
    • 41. Be open to the ‘silver lining’
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 42. Dealing with Stressful Situations
    • Acknowledge the impulse to react without thinking
    • 43. Understand the business & personal content
    • 44. Create a plan of action
    • 45. Move ahead with an action plan
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
  • 46. Thanks For Participating
    To connect with our guest
    David Nour @davidnour
    To connect with our host
    Mark Sylvester @marksylvester / @intronetworks
    Webinar Replay –
    available at intronetworks.com/webinars.aspx
    David Nour
    Mark Sylvester
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  • 48. Feb 18th
    9 am Pacific
    February Webinar
    Special GuestAmber Naslund
    “Social Media Starter Kit: Enterprise Edition
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