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Mark Suter - Warcraft et al:A Cross-CurricularApproach to MMO’s
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Mark Suter - Warcraft et al: A Cross-Curricular Approach to MMO’s


Published on

Presented by Mark Suter at eTech Ohio in 2011.

Presented by Mark Suter at eTech Ohio in 2011.

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  • According to Edutopia: Students are more likely to retain(it's experiential, not observing/reading. They can effect the results, alter for NEW results. Economy)
  • Machinima – 3rd person as a cameraman. Simulate Events. Learn about a character and be able to understand what that character would do if a certain variable changed.Simulated game drama (“The Guild” style)
  • Machinima – 3rd person as a cameraman. Simulate Events. Learn about a character and be able to understand what that character would do if a certain variable changed.Simulated game drama (“The Guild” style)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Warcraft et al: A Cross-Curricular Approach to MMO’sBy Mark Image (Waters, 2007) Suter
    • 2. Overview• + and – of using VW/MMOs• My Projects• Others Projects• Implement your cross-curricular project – Choices of VWs and MMO’s – Getting Funded – Project Central (Keeping it together!)
    • 3. The +’s• Student Motivation – As part of a reward system (Pavlovian) – Appeals to existing interests – hard to reach students (The “Go ahead and fail me” students)• Alternative Assessment (definition) – Performance – Observing the student – Authentic – Connecting to the real world, real meetings – Portfolio – Pick the best, could be done in the VW
    • 4. The +’s (cont’d)• Project Based Learning (George Lucas Education Foundation-Edutopia) – Real-World Problems (using VW) – Small Collaborative Groups…or independant – Edutopia: “Students more likely to retain info”
    • 5. The –’s• Restrictions – EULAs (teen-SL gone, WoW 13+ with parent)• Student Safety- – “...the worst ethical stance we could take is to turn our heads away as if these environments didn’t exist. It appears we better get busy in schools figuring out how to educate kids on safe and appropriate use, and learn how to use them to our advantage for educational purposes.”
    • 6. The –’s (cont’d)• Cost – WoW $15/mo per account – Initial Software purchase only (Everquest2, Lord of the Rings)• Learning Curves• Supplemental project or full time? All students or some? – Student to student jealousy
    • 7. World of Warcraft: 1st Try, 2007• student funded• exploratory – Cross-Cultural? Article 2 (forum attempts) – Machinima -built in to Mac WoW (w/ 3 players, one as cameraman)• Student discontent at level caps (they paid for it) – Unbalanced experiences in- game
    • 8. World of Warcraft: 2nd Try, 2008
    • 9. World of Warcraft: 2nd Try, 2008• Grant Funded (Martha Holden Jennings Foundation) $900 for 12 students• ½ Traditional students, ½ IEP students• Getting other teachers involved (with little extra work for them) – motivated students = receptive teachers – Language arts (Blog, Story writing for machinima) – Math (individual tutoring, “I want to know my average DPS with different weapons and armor.”
    • 10. World of Warcraft (cont’d)• Potpourri of Topics: – Govt (Money experience) – Machinima,-acting out a story they wrote, narrated. – Economy • Inflation? Farmers… • Cornering a market 10 • Resellers…
    • 11. World of Warcraft (cont’d)• Catherine Parsons Article – Cognitive Dissonance Guild • K-12 + Higher Ed – Asst. Superintendent for curriculum for Pine Plains Central School District, NY
    • 12. Second Life:Boise StateUniversity Part of theEdTech Master’s Program
    • 13. Second Life: Boise State Class • Learning Curve • Physical distance mitigated • Real relationships • meta-communication during “class”. • In-world simulations vary in quality – Health students on an15 arterial roller coaster
    • 14. Second Life Alternative: OpenSim
    • 15. Lord of The Rings Online • Machinima, International Players • LOTRO: Music Composition – GREAT supplemental/cross-curricular – Now Free! – Player Music System (manual in-game play: – ABC music notation:(in ASCII format)20
    • 16. LoTRO M Syste
    • 17. Avatar Storytellers (site)• Pay only• Create custom characters to use in machinima-like storytelling• Geared for 5th - 7th grades. Can be adapted up or down.
    • 18. SecretBuilders (ages 5-14)• Interact with historical figures (AG Bell, Thomas Edison, visit their house, chat with figures by choosing questions, character profiles. Simulates talking to a friend in a VW)• Write Newspaper articles (reflections)• Safe for kids• Free, option of pay subscription to be a builder• Teacher console to create student accounts (geared for education)• Interview with teacher using it here on Chris Haskell’s blog (Boise State University)
    • 19. How to implement your own • Unlimited $$$ and the best graphics will still fail without a comprehensive plan. – Plan your objectives FIRST. – Start looking at worlds SECOND. • Commercial off-the-shelf vs. Education • Places to start looking…28
    • 20. Choosing a VW/MMO• Youth-oriented MMOs matrix by cost, target age, and dev status: link (2008)
    • 21. Choosing a VW/MMO• Kzero -Virtual Worlds Statistics (2010) – Chart of VWs by age (Q2, 2010) – Ideas for Worlds to check out
    • 22. Choosing a VW/MMO• gamelist – reviews any/all MMOs, sort by cost, release year, etc.
    • 23. Project Central: What to Include• About the project/Security Measures• Objectives• Timeline (1 week? 3 months?)• Opportunity for constant feedback, documented – Blog? Wiki? Written? Podcast Friday Summary show?
    • 24. Project Central: Getting Permission • From Administration – Align to standards – Letter to present at a board meeting pointing out motivation, cross- curricular projects, PBL35
    • 25. Project Central: Getting Permission• From Parents: Letter sent home
    • 26. Questions?• If Time Permits... – WoW Auction House Demo – WoW Machinima Demo• This PPT and other files available at
    • 27. Works Cited1. Waters, J. K. (2007). On a quest for english. Technological Horizons in Education, 10(07),