Mark Stuenkel | NMDL Final Presentation


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Presentation for new digital marketing plan for Chiquita. Explores the idea of a viral new product to emphasize the amazing attributes of fresh fruit.

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Mark Stuenkel | NMDL Final Presentation

  1. 1. CHIQUITA® DIGITAL MARKETING PROPOSALmark stuenkeladvertising 420april 14, 2012
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONBRAND OVERVIEW- Healthy and fresh products- Large active social media presence- High brand association with produceGOAL- Increase Chiquita brand products to target markets as healthy, cheap andportable snacks that offer all the benefits of expensive alternatives.- Use social media and other digital marketing tactics to reach specificconsumers 2
  3. 3. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEWTARGET MARKET- Young Adults: aged 15-21. Always busy, active and generally consumingrather unhealthy food. Generally with irregular eating habits with smallsnacks. Concerned more with the price and less with nutrition and health.- Parents: aged 30-50. Busy with work and parenting. Spend a lot of timeand attention worrying about the nutrition and wellbeing of their children.Searching for healthy and quick ways to eat on the run for themselves andtheir children.CREATIVE BRIEF- Create interesting and new look at banana’s to re-introduce Chiquitabanana’s through a primarily digital campaign. 3
  4. 4. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEWBUDGET- Entire advertising budget: 20% of annual revenue.- Chiquita is 3.24 billion therefore 638 million spent on advertising aworldwide.- 319 million will be spent digitally.ELEMENTS & ALLOCATION- Mobile (80M) - Application - Point Of Sales applications- SEM (110M) traditional - Google Adwords mobile - SEO SEM- Social Media (80M) social media - Twitter - Facebook website - Pinterest- Website (49M) - SEO - Update Content 4
  5. 5. CAMPAIGNTHEME- Re-introduce the Chiquita banana as a healthy, versitile and “green” snack.Create a campaign that showcases the banana’s features as a new healthsnack called ANABARS.CHIQUITA BANANA FACTS- FREE OF - Fat - Cholesterol - Sodium- GOOD SOURCE OF - Vitimins B6 and C - Potassium - Fiber- BENEFITS - Helps immune system - Useful in weight management - Lowers blood pressure - Full of energy with no calories 5
  6. 6. CAMPAIGNMOBILE- PHONE APPLICATION - Sponsor Bananagrams application - Offer free download of game - Coupons will be available on screen - Grand Prize winner gets cruise - Promote second app - Chiquita App - App scans banana ripeness and suggests recipes - Users can add own recipes, generate content like pics and vids - Tell how long the banana will be good for- QR CODES - At point of sales to download apps - Offers coupons that will be downloaded to phone - Nutritional facts 6
  7. 7. CAMPAIGNSEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM)- KEYWORDS - Nutrition, Healthy Snack, Healthy Eating, Anabars, Chiquita- SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION - Use keywords listed above to gain organic searches, webdevelopment is necessary for this.- GOOGLE ADWORDS - Large Adwords campaign tointroduce new web and Anabars to thetarget market Chiquita Anabars | Healthiest Snack Around. Try our new Healthy Eating Tips NOW!- FACEBOOK MARKETING - Ads specifically tailored for targetmarket Chiquita Anabars Healthiest Snack Around. Try our new Healthy Eating - Visuals of Anabars to spark Tips NOW!intrigue 7
  8. 8. CAMPAIGNSOCIAL MEDIA- TWITTER - @Anabars - introduce #ANABARS to trend launch of “new” product- FACEBOOK - PHOTO COMPETITION: winner gets free cruise, best pictures seenwith new ANABARS will win. - Judged on facebook by peers. - Promote new content pertaining to Anabars and eating healthy- PINTEREST - Add recipes, photographs of banana and other plants used to createprocucts. - Photo competition high voters will also get promoted on pinterest. 8
  9. 9. CAMPAIGNWEBSITE- NEW CONTENT - Link to new social media outlets. - More recipes, interesting nutritional facts. - Play Bananagrams online (daily prizes). - Enter to win free cruise contest. - Add keywords discussed on slide 7. - Overall more user interactivity.- BLOG - Healthy living blog. - Promotes exercise and healthy eating habits. - How to get a balanced amount of nutrients. 9
  10. 10. RESOURCES- THANKS 10